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Harry Reid’s Son Avoids Using Last Name

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Rory Reid stays positive with new ad

By Anjeanette Damon · June 23, 2010

Democrat Rory Reid’s first ad of the general election campaign for governor, as expected, focused on education. But the campaign decided for now to stay positive, working on pumping up Reid’s flagging approval rating rather than trying to dig at Republican Brian Sandoval.

The ad features Nevada students talking about the importance of selecting a governor who has a plan for Nevada.

The Republican National Committee was quick with a response. Again, the Sandoval campaign has so far stayed quiet.

"While Rory Reid tries to run away from Harry Reid, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree," RNC spokesman Jahan Wilcox said in release. "Nevada’s schools are suffering, because Harry Reid’s education record is so woeful that Nevada ranks dead last in federal education dollars. If Nevadans are happy with Harry Reid’s failed record then they will be in for a real treat if Rory Reid takes hold of Carson City.”

The statement telegraphs the message Nevadans will likely see from national Republicans throughout this campaign: Both Reids are bad.

Meanwhile, as Jon Ralston pointed out in an email Flash this morning, Rory Reid is doing his best to distance himself from his father. He wants voters to know him simply as: Rory.

Yes, you see staying “positive” for Rory Reid means running a campaign ad and printing bumper stickers that do not mention your last name.

That’s the kind of ‘Honest Leadership And Open Government’ his father Harry Reid prides himself on as well.

And it’s not like Rory Reid is so well known he can get by on one name, like Madonna. He is currently the commissioner of the Las Vegas area Clark County.

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4 Responses to “Harry Reid’s Son Avoids Using Last Name”

  1. proreason says:

    He should change his name using the same philosophy Democrats use for naming their legislations.

    Something like “Rory ThemosthonestmaninNevada” or “Rory Chickenineverypot” or “Rory Iwilltakefromtherichandgiveittoyou”

    Or he could go the Obamy route: “Rory Godman” or “Rory Iamagenius” or “Rory Myshitdontstink” or “Rory Ihatewhitepeople”

    • JohnMG says:

      …..“Rory Ihatewhitepeople”…..”

      Perhaps something that would cadge a vote from everybody…….like, “Rory—don’t-mistake-me-for-Calhoun-but-if-you-do-I’ll-take your-vote–Ried-riguez-Jones-Chong-Stein?

  2. Chuckk says:

    I wonder if he will use his last name when he signs contracts for sleazy land deals like his dad.

  3. AmericanIPA says:

    Harry Reid is a dead man walking, so not using that damaged last name is a smart move. To borrow a phrase his dad used on the last real president we had, “he’s a loser”.

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