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Relatives Of New Saddam Judge Gunned Down

From Saddam's fans at the DNC's Associated Press:

Judge Mohammed Oreibi al-Khalifa

Brother-in-law of new Saddam judge slain

BAGHDAD, Iraq – The brother-in-law of the new judge presiding over Saddam Hussein's genocide trial was killed and his nephew was wounded in a shooting Friday in Baghdad, the latest deadly violence linked to proceedings against the former Iraqi leader.

Kadhim Abdul-Hussein was fatally shot, and his son, Karrar, was wounded in the capital's western Ghazaliyah neighborhood by unidentified assailants, police 1st Lt. Thaer Mahmoud said.

It was not immediately clear whether they were targeted because they were related to Judge Mohammed Oreibi al-Khalifa, a Shiite Muslim who took over the Saddam trial last week, or if it was another of the sectarian attacks that have been plaguing Baghdad.

During Saddam's first trial, three defense lawyers were killed, and in July, Saddam and three other defendants refused food to protest lack of security for lawyers and conduct of the trial…

So the question is whether these people were attacked because of being relatives of the new judge or merely for being of the wrong brand of Muslim.

But this brings up a question the media has never explained. If an unidentified person is driving along in their car or just walking on the street, how can anyone tell which Islamic sect he belongs to?

Could it be that so many of these deaths are just the victims of blood-thirsty savages who are addicted to killing?

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