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Remember When You Gas Up: Citgo = Hugo

When you are at the intersection of life and you have to choose, just remember:

Let’s stop funding our enemies.

And if you have any doubt that Hugo Chavez is our enemy, see the people who are urging us to buy his petroleum products with their "buy-cott." A simple Google search of "buy Citgo" reveals all.

Of course everyone’s favorite America-hater, Cindy Sheehan, is one of the buy-cott’s foremost proponents.

But that’s what Chavez has paid her to do. And he has also paid Mother Sheehan’s boss, Medea Benjamin (far right in above photo) of Global Exchange/Codepink.

From the Center for Public Integrity:

Venezuela Head Polishes Image With Oil Dollars

President Hugo Chavez takes his case to America’s streets

By Kevin Bogardus

Chavez has spent more than $1.6 million from mid-2003 through June 2004 on lobbying the federal government in Washington. The country also created its own Washington mouthpiece called the Venezuela Information Office in July 2003 and soon after hired a top U.S. protest organizer as its executive director.

The VIO tapped into a major U.S. activist network by contacting Global Exchange in early September 2003. The group has helped organize some of the world’s largest protests, including demonstrations against Seattle’s 1999 World Trade Organization summit and the 2004 Republican National Convention….

And you thought lefty lunatics hated "big oil"? — Nope. Just America.

Let’s stop helping them.

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