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185 Cancellations For Every 1 O-Care Sign-up

From the Daily Caller:

Congressman: 185 times more health plans canceled than selected on federal exchange

By Caroline May | November 15, 2013

Republicans are continuing to hammer the point that vastly more people have lost their health care than gained new health insurance coverage under Obamacare.

In a Friday memo, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp emphasized that the number of people who have had their individual health insurance plans canceled due to Obamacare is 185 times the number of people who have selected an insurance plan on the federal Obamacare exchange.

Camp’s memo — released a day after President Obama announced his “fix” to allow people to retain their current coverage until after the midterms — pointed out the 5 million Americans who have had their plans canceled due to Obamacare and the mere 106,185 people who have actually signed up for the exchange, with just 26,794 people enrolling through the federal exchange.

Which is almost twice what we have been saying. We have been saying it was (only) 100 to 1. Assuming that half of the 106,000 signups would buy insurance. And 50,000 is 1/100th of 5 million cancellations. So even we under-estimated the numbers.

“What they didn’t say was that the data represents not just those who purchased a plan, but also those who have selected a plan – aka placed in their ‘shopping cart,’” the memo explains of the enrollment data. “This inflated number (what the Administration calls pre-effectuated enrollment) still falls well below the Administration’s month-by-month projections included in a memo obtained by the Ways and Means Committee.” …

Of course, we are shocked that anyone in the Obama administration would lie like that.

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One Response to “185 Cancellations For Every 1 O-Care Sign-up”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Gosh golly what a cowinky-dink that you can keep your present plan at least until the mid-term elections.

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