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Rep Made To Apologize Over BP Apology

From Fox News:

Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas

Rep. Barton Came "Within a Centimeter" of Losing His Position Over "Shakedown" Comment

By Chad Pergram,

June 17, 2010

The House Republican leadership brass gave Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) an option: either apologize immediately or lose his post as the top GOPer on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

"(Boehner and Cantor) are in agreement that he was within a centimeter of losing his position," said a senior GOP aide. "He could could apologize immediately or lose his position."

At a high-profile hearing Thursday, Barton apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward for the government’s treatment of the firm.

He also accused the Obama administration of executing a "shakedown" to force the company to create a $20 billion escrow account to cover damages.

By late Thursday, Barton withdrew his his comments.

"I retract my apology to BP," Barton said.

Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), who represents parts of the Florida panhandle, called for Republican leaders to strip Barton of his post on the committee.

After Barton apologized, the House Republican leadership team issued a rare joint statement saying that Barton was "wrong."

"He’s on thin ice," said another senior House GOP leadership aide of Barton’s future.

Republican sources indicated that they will be watching to see how Barton comports himself the next few days and also monitor potential furor among rank-and-file Republicans at Barton.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took advantage of Barton’s misstep to criticize Republicans at-large:

"I think that Mr. Barton’s comments fit comfortably among the leadership of the Republicans in the House of Representatives," said the speaker. "But he is not alone in his association with sympathy for the oil companies."

Leave to the GOP to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

They truly are the stupid party.

(Thanks to Jambon for the heads up.)

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16 Responses to “Rep Made To Apologize Over BP Apology”

  1. proreason says:

    It’s possible to be correct and stupid at the same time.

    When ms. proreason asks me if she looks fat today, accuracy and data are the last things I consider when answering.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Contact Rep. Barton here: http://joebarton.house.gov/ContactJoe.aspx?Type=Contact

    Or call: 202-225-2002

    Contact the idiot Rep Jeff Miller here: http://jeffmiller.house.gov/Contact/

  3. fallingpianos says:

    The House Republican leadership brass gave Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) an option: either apologize immediately or lose his post…

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took advantage of Barton’s misstep to criticize Republicans at-large:

    “I think that Mr. Barton’s comments fit comfortably among the leadership of the Republicans in the House of Representatives

    There’s stupid, then there’s Botox stupid, which is on a whole ‘nother level.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Very conflicted with this. Part of me applauds Barton – there needs to be a narrative challenge and I’m not afraid of taking an unpopular stand for truth (of course I say that because I weild no political power). But it’s true that while Rush was gone Bam and the regime went floor-to-the-mat and were able to establish a strong populist stride against BP. Now that’s working against the soft-spoken Republicans who like little girls are frightened of losing the newfound popularity we brought them.

    It’s instructive: give this politically impotent kinglette any opportunity and he will devote his entire machine to manipulating populist rage into a way that he can continue his criminal destruction of the country.

    There’s been a lot of lines that we’ve thought Captain Kickass wouldn’t cross and he did without blinking. To some, his actions were recognizable for their petulant tyranny from day one. We’ve debated how far he’d take it, how far he’d make it. Two times I’ve counted this man out as having reached the end of the road (Mass. Election and post-ObamaCare). Each time a path emerged enabling the continuance of this unholy crusade. I’ll be fooled no more.

    He is not going to stop until November, nor after it. This is a one way road with two distinguished sides to it now. The only variables left up for grabs until then are which set of dominos the Deceiver will choose to push over next, how the regime will try to capitalize more power from it, and how we will desperately try to explain it to people in the hopes that it can be stopped in time.

  5. JohnMG says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Barton hit the nail on the head, and should have taken the hit just to show what a bunch of pussies really are running the show. Since when is calling a shakedown a shakedown poor form? Every one here knows the “escrow” fund is a slush fund for the criminal in the White House and his associates. Barton just called him out.

    So far, we have Joe Wilson (you lie) and Joe Barton (you extort) as the only two who will stand and vocalize what the rest of them are, (or at least should be) thinking.

    If you folks think playing nice with this assemblage of sons-a-bitches is going to effect change, you’ve been out in the sun too long. Why is it that Obama can say “Get in their faces.” and no one expresses outrage, but when somebody calls a spade a spade, we’ve got to trot out the muzzle.

    Well, guys and dolls, since the country is going into the tank anyway, what difference does it make if we get the red-ass for telling the truth? At least we could say we participated in the last great act of defiance by flipping these bums off whenever they deserve it. I’M TIRED OF BEING THIS [MAN’S] WHIPPING BOY. AREN’T THERE ANY MEN LEFT IN THIS COUNTRY??!!!!!!!

    (End of rant.)

    • bobbys says:

      Very good rant!!!.

      I give you a 9 cause the words were good and i could dance to it!!!!.

      You Rock John!!!

    • Petronius says:

      John MG : “calling a shakedown a shakedown …. the ‘escrow’ fund is a slush fund for the criminal in the White House….” Good rant.

      We don’t have all the facts yet, but “shakedown” would appear to be the correct term if BP surrendered the $20B to the White House under duress (threats and menaces, including especially threats of illegal actions), and without any consideration (such as a release from liability) flowing to BP in exchange for the money.

      Moreover, the amount of money to be surrendered is indefinite. The $20B has been described as a down payment or a deposit, with Nerobama (or his czar) given virtually unlimited access to BP’s treasury, assets, and future earnings.

      In other words, BP will turn over money without a contract or a settlement agreement that the courts would enforce.

      To describe this arrangement as “escrow” is wholly improper. Escrow involves a holding by a neutral third party pending a contingency.

      Under escrow, the first party (grantor, promisor, obligor) delivers something of value (a deed, money, document) to a third party, who holds it until the happening of an event or performance of a condition, when he then delivers it to the second party (grantee, promisee, obligee).

      Here, on the other hand, the money is delivered by one party (BP) to the second party –– i.e., to one of Nerobama’s czars in the White House, who purportedly acts as a collection agent for the second party (injured American citizens, corporations, and States) or as a principal (on behalf of the US Government for environmental damage to US public waters and coastal lands) –– without any contingency, intervening event, or return performance. Or, as you call it, “a slush fund for the criminal in the White House,” since there are no enforceable terms governing use of BP’s money or for accounting and auditing the money.

      In effect, BP’s management has passed ownership of BP from the shareholders to Nerobama and his czar. I am surprised that the price of BP’s stock hasn’t collapsed. I can’t imagine how the officers and directors of BP will be able to sell this giveaway to BP’s shareholders and bondholders. It appears to be an ultra vires act (an act beyond the authority of the corporation or its management). I would anticipate a lawsuit on behalf of the shareholders against BP’s management.

    • JohnMG says:

      The ignorance of the public is breathtaking, but once again, he who controls the language controls the argument. All they need do is to convince the public that what they’ve devised constitutes an escrow account.

      Next, they start selectively paying damage awards to pliant individuals–those who vote “correctly”.

      Obama, the criminal, (department of redundancy department) has set up the ultimate in ‘pay-to-play scams, right before our very eyes, and those in positions of authority are cheering him on.

      We are sooooo screwed!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      In plainest terms, it’s extortion.

      When a mobster and his capos come to a business and tell the owner that they “like the place” and “wouldn’t want nuttin’ bad to happen to it” and demand “protection money”, “so dat, youse knows, nobuddy can come aroun’ and mess tings up”. Then it’s racketeering and strongarming a citizens to cough up money to “keep the peace”.

      What the private meeting in the white house was, is known as a “sit-down” and the stronger party gets their way. “Udderwize, tings could get, youse knows….ugly. Now, we wouldn’t want DAT to happen, would we? I’m sure youse unnerstandz”.

      When Biden said, “You have no choice” it was making BP an “offer it can’t refuse”. Who knows what dirty, rotten underhanded thing they suggested but any American who thinks it’s more like a parent being stern and roping in a teenager, is sadly mistaken. And any American who thinks this is the way big business should be dealt with is an ignorant SOB who needs to study up on laws and how they are enforced.

      I am outraged. Making BP the bad guy here is so typical, so utterly childish and so completely within the framework of the radical left’s agenda that it needs to be called out; It demands to be called out.

      When did we, as citizens lose the ability to state the obvious? or are we so saddled with the mental chewing gum of TV and the internet that we have to wait for another entity to tell us what it is?

      My god…..A republican calls a spade a spade and all of a sudden, he’s chastised by his own party and THEN….it dawns on me that they are ALL somehow in the game together. There are bad guys inside the republican camp. Not a revelation, to be sure but apparently they are so deeply entrenched with the liberals that they now can tell another member WHAT TO SAY? Even when he is absolutely 100%, undeniably, unquestioningly CORRECT?

      Makes me want to go up to the mountains and go live in a cave and woe to anyone who tries to root me out.

      Watching freedom die is the hardest thing I have ever witnessed; Without question.

    • proreason says:

      It’s the normal fascist modus operendi, as well as the standard practice of every dictator forever.

      The only rule is that the most powerful party gets to do whatever it sees fit.

      Since the Obama Cabal has the ability to completely destroy BP at will, and since the government has the military and police power to back it up, BP is in the position of a child trying to survive in the home of an abusinve alchoholic parent. It is irrelevant whether the child has done wrong or not. It is irrelevant what lies the parent tells to hide the abuse. The more dangerous party by far is the alchoholic parent, and in a just world, that parent would be punished severely for his cruelty.

      Raw power and chaos is the way the world worked until England established Contract Law and the United States created a Constitution, and other countries in the West followed as best they could without the brilliant document itself.

      For a few short centuries, the rule of law was enforced in English speaking countries and the standards of living of every citizen in those countries and billions of others grew to levels never before seen by humanity.

      But now an unprecedented con artist who claims to be non-white has been trained by international criminals, and since the criminals have spent the last 60 years indoctinating the western world that white people are the root of all evil, the cabal has preyed upon the guilt they hammered into Americans for those 60 years and are feverishly unravelling the most brilliant edifice for improving the lives of man ever created……English common law and the American Constitution.

      We are in nohting less than the early days of a descent into chaos the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Rome fell. Billions of people will die if the criminal enterprise isn’t stopped. It is already late to resist.

      The most dangerous attack of all on the United States and the world by these perverted sadists isn’t the assault on the financial system, or the social mores, or political framework, or the religious traditions….it’s the daily unraveling of the legal system on which rests the stability of the entire world. The war on the greatest legal framework of all time escalates every day in some new way. The Cabal must have thousands of criminals who are dedicating thier lives to it.

      But Bill O’Reilly, of course, and John Boehner are quite pleased with the way things are going and are looking forward to maintaining their luxurious lives, which they will no doubt be able to do.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Some real straight talk, and I’m glad it’s coming from wiser elders who aren’t encumbered by my naive hyper-fatalism. I know alot of us have feared these coming days going all the way back to Operation Chaos, and we’ve watched in helpless horror with each progressive step of a regime gleeful to be managing America’s decline. I know we’re optimistic about November and we should be comforted as well by the fact that we have undeniably won this debate in the public arena of ideas on practically all fronts, as well as by how we were able to effectively corner the very powerful cabal into idle until they definitively had to shred the rule of law and isolate themselves from mainstream America.

      Back to the issue, in which I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate for a second: Krauthammer – who in all his brilliance sometimes gets lost inside the beltway on some matters – was very quick to point out the political reality of Barton’s statements. His point was that even despite the truth in the apology, the comments were still stark and incendiary enough to feed the Left’s NEED to relieve pressure off a very vulnerable Barry and provide some semblance of substance to their defensive narrative (i.e. Republicans = BigOil/Big Business). This “don’t get stuck on stupid” lesson has been playing out for us a lot lately as the Chicago machine continues spinning its massive web around a transparently incompetent, impulsive and now increasingly volatile regime.

      But do these same circumstances really apply in this case, Charles? Or let’s ask it this way: Should Republicans give show trials & corporate shakedowns a silent pass simply because the results are mildly justifiable and have popular support? The answer of course is no, and there are many examples of Conservatives matching fact against story and ultimately having public vindication. 4 words spoken over 18 months ago now: “I hope he fails.”

      I’ve proposed the theory before and I think it’s proving itself more true over time, but it’s my belief that we were destined for this showdown to happen sooner than later.

      – In the age of the internet and the free exchange of ideas, a lad such as myself is able to educate himself with the timeless wisdom and unadulterated truth of my elder’s and history from the comfort of bed.
      – For reasons that are clear now, this was a fatal development for the traditional Statist coalition that’d been trying to get a toehold in American politics since its founding, only succeeding in incremental steps starting through the late 60’s by infecting our institutions.
      – By 2001-02, the Democrats were on the cusp of being a regional permanent minority party even with the impressive monopolies they still had on so much of the American way.

      From there on out the rest is clear. The Pelosi wing took command and high-lighted their “bold differences” to Bush and the war-mongering right. Brain-dead reality television, apocalyptic intrigue, and anything anti-corporate/capitalist was pushed on the masses, science became religion, schools brainwashing gulags, and then there’s the crowning achievement of fostering the environment for American youths to become mindless MeMes addicted to sex and drugs. Heck, they even revived the anti-war movement and were careful to lace it with a “We support the troops but not the war” mantra that was to spare them the isolation incurred by the actions of anti-military 60’s radicals.

      Once you’ve studied the history of liberty verse tyranny in broader detail then obviously it’s easier to see how we got to this point. I’ve come to understand that the vast, vast majority here in the country are not sheep; but they are busy with their lives, not politically minded, and perhaps a little detached from the bigger issues (and are therefore manipulated by a very powerful and far-reaching lie machine). But once upon a time America stood for a world where ordinary people didn’t have to think about their government everyday. Once properly articulated, it does not take long for people of this country to remember our forefather’s deep, deep tradition of selfless sacrifice for the liberty and goodness inherent in our rule of law.

      Point is, Barack Obama is neither an outcropping nor a symptom. He is literally a perceived messiah; a man who was chosen to save a set of ideas and a way of life destined for the ash-heap of history.

      Now is the perfect time to tell it exactly how it is. Sing it again, Rep. Barton, once more and with feeling.

  6. JohnMG says:

    …..”Watching freedom die is the hardest thing I have ever witnessed….”

    I must agree, Rusty. I am overcome with anger, anxiety, grief, sadness, and a feeling of helplessness. It’s like watching a fish that’s been thrown up on the bank, gasping for survival and weakening by the minute. The longer it is out of water, the less likely it is to survive should someone eventually place him back in the water.

    I’m not a defeatist, but I fear we’re near the tipping point beyond which we won’t recover. I am past being alarmed. At what point did Americans become such sheep?

  7. BillK says:

    I can’t begin to count how many times in the past few years I’ve been forced to say “This is the reason I no longer donate to the GOP.”

    I can’t, I just can’t.

    Individual candidates, sure. The GOP? Never again, sorry. Because of #$@! like this.

  8. wardmama4 says:

    What keeps me going is – I do not believe that the majority of Americans buy into this crap at all. I think that indeed (as I’ve said repeatedly) that the majority of Americans are in the middle – conservative on some things (fiscal & gov bureaucracies) and more liberal on other things (some social issues), who just want to go to work, pay a few taxes and play hard.

    We are not being beaten, we are not dying – this is being done against the will of We The People by lies, deception, and a Thug Administration – and that can be beaten back, beaten down and out of power.

    The real sad thing is – that indeed the GOP is in this go along to get along mode – and selling us – We The People out – for their own petty reasons (sounding more and more like Dems every day). I’ve always thought that Boehner was only a fiscal conservative – his rebuke of Barton is proof. McAmnesty is so much more than Demlite – he might as well change the R as Specter did (look where that got him).

    Add it all up – This ineligible, inept, inexperience empty suit who is posing as POTUS – has done nothing but shoved by hook and by crook un-Constitutional and American destroying ‘legislation’ through Congress by way of threats, bribes, back room deals and slush funds – thus the entire 18 months have been illegal.

    I just wish that someone in power would stand up and Take Back America. Let us just hope that in November – We The People will do it and show the World that the majority of Americans are not stuck on stupid.

  9. proreason says:

    Barton’s comment was a bad tactical error. Krauthammer is right about that aspect of it. CK’s remarks didn’t address the underlying trurth in any way – only the poor timing and choice of words.

    What Barton should have said is that in this country, we don’t believe in Kangaroo Courts, and although much of the country has been convinced BP is solely at fault, even guilty parties deserve a fair hearing. We appreciate that BP wants to fund the cleanup but abhor jack-boot methods by the administration. Moreover, the administration bears much of the blame. There is a strong case that they did not enforce existing safeguards, and have failed miserably, perhaps criminally, to organize an effective response, even though it is their LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to do so. By focusing on the problem, it is clear that the administration is attempting to dodge IT’S culpability in the problem. And we also must recognize that the root cause of the problem is at least partially the fault of policies that forced BP and other companies to drill in the most dangerous of all environments. A serious accident was virtually inevitable at some point, and for the government to have not been prepared, despite it’s FORCING of the problem, is criminal.

    BP’s culpability is probable. The government’s culpability is certain….they induced the accident and it’s massive failure at organizing a containment effort is proof positive that the administration is overwhelmingly incompetant.

    When the well is capped, investigations have to proceed on two fronts. BP and the administration.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Thanks Pro, I re-watched CK’s comments and you’re right in that he wasn’t disagreeing with the need to publicize the real truth or stand against show trials – just the timing and manner in which it was conveyed was politically foolish given the circumstances. Surely, Boehner/Cantor reacted with such vehemency because they don’t want anyone going off the reservation and potentially damaging the brand like that right now; but I find it a little alarming that they too carried out their own small shakedown to force the apology. It was the same old walking-on-eggshells “Oh gosh, our bad, so sorry we didn’t mean that don’t hate us” Republican damage control that adds to the list of doubts I have of Boehner’s ability as upcoming Majority Leader (he’s a great populist rallyman with an enviable fake-tan, but a poor intellectual leader – it’d solve problems if he went to whip and Cantor took majority).

      “When the well is capped, investigations have to proceed on two fronts. BP and the administration.”

      Absolutely. The left is so awfully desperate to frame this in a traditionall right/left Government verse Business narrative but nobody can seriously buy it at this point. Clearly both entities have epicly failed and are now protecting themselves. I like your analogy of the Government as the “drunken parent” however; clearly the more dangerous and volatile villain in this case.

      Instapundit said it well too: “The story of BP vs. the White House is a story of crooks being shaken down by thugs, with a liberal dose of incompetence on both sides. Barton was only pointing out the shakedown aspect, but he was certainly dead-on with regard to that.”

      But again, putting it in the form of an apology to an embattled company with some clearly shady practices was not savvy. The Proreason way of asserting it is much better.

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