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Report: Mullah Omar Rushed To Hospital

From a concerned (for his health) Washington Post:

Report: Pakistani spy agency rushed Mullah Omar to hospital

By Jeff Stein

Mullah Omar, the elusive, one-eyed leader of the Afghan Taliban, had a heart attack Jan. 7 and was treated for several days in a Karachi hospital with the help of Pakistan’s spy agency, according to a private intelligence network run by former CIA, State Department and military officers.

The intelligence network, operating under the auspices of a private company, “The Eclipse Group,” said its source was a physician in the Karachi hospital, which was not identified in the report, who said he saw Omar struggling to recover from an operation to put a stent in his heart.

“While I was not personally in the operating theater,” the physician reported, “my evaluation based on what I have heard and seeing the patient in the hospital is that Mullah Omar had a cardiac catheter complication resulting in either bleeding or a small cerebral vascular incident, or both.”

U.S. officials said they could not immediately verify the report.

"No one on this end has heard this," said a U.S. official from Kabul. "It doesn’t mean it’s not true — we just have no information to confirm or dispute these facts." …

UPDATE: On Tuesday afternoon Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani, said the report "had no basis whatsoever."

“Sometimes intelligence tips received by professionals turn out to be wrong. The story about Mullah Omar falls under that category. You might recall a similar story from 2001 about Osama bin Laden receiving dialysis treatment that turned out to be incorrect, and the fabrication of those who wanted to give Pakistan a bad name."

Haqqani added,  "Pakistani intelligence, military and law enforcement personnel continue to hunt down wanted Al-Qaeda and Taliban figures and will apprehend anyone if and when we have hard intelligence, which is very different from speculation circulated by contractors.” …

It should go without saying by now that almost every ‘intelligence’ report of out Pakistan is highly speculative, downright false, or as the Pakistan Ambassador noted, artfully crafted ‘disinformation.’

And speaking of disinformation, this article does remind us how all during the endless presidential campaign Mr. Obama repeatedly criticized Mr. Bush for going about the war against terror all wrong.

As you will recall, Mr. Obama helpfully pointed out that all we needed to do was find Mr. Bin Laden – and take him into custody, after properly Mirandizing him, of course. And then we would no longer face the threat of Muslim terrorism man-caused disasters.

In fact, Mr. Obama even made it sound like this would be a pretty easy thing to do. Apparently, it was just that no one had ever thought of it before.

So we have to wonder, two years later now – what happened? Where’s Osama, Mr. Obama?

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2 Responses to “Report: Mullah Omar Rushed To Hospital”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    From Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country

    Kirk: They’re animals!!
    Spock: Jim, there is a historic opportunity here.
    Spock: They are dying…
    Kirk: LET THEM DIE!


    • JohnMG says:

      Only one. Which one of these scenarios is fantasy and which is reality?

      In a sane world………..(slap!) I know, I know. I just couldn’t help myself.

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