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Rangel Didn’t Disclose $830K In Assets

From Long Island’s Newsday:

Report: NY’s Rep. Rangel didn’t disclose assets

February 5, 2009

NEW YORK – A new report says that Rep. Charles B. Rangel failed to disclose what became of thousands of dollars in assets over the past three decades.

The report identifies 28 separate instances within the past 30 years where he failed to report in congressionally-mandated filings on personal assets. The report from the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation was based on a review of Rangel’s filings from 1978 to the present.

The researchers write, "Assets worth between $239,026 and $831,000 appear or disappear with no disclosure of when they were acquired, how long they were held, or when they were sold."

Rangel spokesman Emil Milne says the congressman had already acknowledged errors in reporting his finances.

A House ethics committee is investigating the Democrat’s personal finances and fundraising.

If this report is true, and it would

The researchers write, "Assets worth between $239,026 and $831,000 appear or disappear with no disclosure of when they were acquired, how long they were held, or when they were sold."

Or whether the man who writes the tax laws for the country bothered to pay any taxes on them.

Obviously he did not.

But so what? He is a Democrat.

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14 Responses to “Rangel Didn’t Disclose $830K In Assets”

  1. Odie44 says:

    Let me guess Charlie, it was the “dumb wife again” runnning the finances.

    Its one thing to lie – its a whole new ball game of stupid when this failure of a Representative lies, yet people don’t seem to have a problem.

  2. Colonel1961 says:

    This is pure racism! Stop trying to keep the black man down!

  3. wardmama4 says:

    Of course not Odie – the people voting for Rangel don’t have the faintest clue what an asset is nor what disclosure means. Besides, because of his color, he’s historic.

    Someone (hint, SG, hint) needs to publish the fines & penalties for these infractions – I doubt anywhere in this piece would the actual consequences of this schmucks actions be recorded for the masses to even have a glimmer of what would happen to them and should happen to Rangel.

    • Odie44 says:

      Ward –

      I posted a few weeks ago concerning Rangel’s area – namely the “resurgance of Harlem”.

      All was going well until people started seeing non black faces buying property, businesses, updating the infrastructure, etc Then, as you guessed it – every black mouthpiece was in every NYC paper, holding rallies concerning “thier right to own” and basically keep a $500/month rat hole over a new $850/month apartment.

      Then Bubba came to town – which was supposed to be a boon for the area, but again the skin color of those people weren’t “cozy” and the fact he has 8 SS agents rushing him to and from his office, when he actually does go there.

      Misery loves company – and his constituents love to keep a miserable, tax cheat, lying elitist in power.

      Now Harlem is the same ole shit hole it has been for years, properties are outright abandoned, written off and left to sit for “certain people” to snatch up – which they haven’t. Crime is back to pre Guiliani days, including several historic shop owners gunned down in the last 2 years alone, property values are in the tank, higher default rate, dwindling tax revenue base and a huge liability to the police and fire department’s.

    • proreason says:

      “Now Harlem is the same ole shit hole it has been for years”

      Coming soon to a town near you.

      Oh wait, the property values, default rate, dwindling tax revenue parts are already here!!

      Soon, America will be fair.

      Except of course for the few who sacrifice so much to rule us. It’s only right that they continue to live in the luxury they deserve. Like Charley, you know.

  4. proreason says:

    It’s tempting to blame this on Rangel’s obvious corruption.

    But it more likely results from sheer stupidity.

    Other than Pelosi and Reid, he appears to be the stupidest person in Congress.

    Now that The Moron has moved on up.

  5. rocketman says:

    And “Duke” Cunningham is in jail ???

  6. Consilience says:

    He is criminally stupid, that’s for sure….Duke was a republican, so it’s only right that he be held accountable…any stupidity or malefesance by old Charley is due to Bush and Karl Rove and the wrascally republicans holding him and Harlem down so long. It’s not his fault, for goodness sake! And secondly it only fair that if the thug president get’s a tax cheat at treasury, and the guy writing tax law in the big house be one as well…

  7. TickTock says:

    Is it just me, or are all dems crooked?

    Urge your Reps and Senators to vote down this ROBBERY thinly disguised as a “stimulus bill”.

    If their lips are moving, they’re lyin’ out their collective azz.

  8. chestnutt says:

    “I writes ’em, I don’t have to pay ’em!”

    (When asked about paying his “Little People Taxes”)

    • take_no_prisoners says:

      I’m sure he views not being prosecuted for tax evasion as a professional courtesy that he has every right to claim. So why isn’t he being prosecuted in the same spirit as Ted Stevens? Where is the constitutional carve-out in the equal protection clause for crooked dimmocrats?

  9. proreason says:

    “Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) has introduced a resolution that would remove Rangel from his post as chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, pending completion of the ethics committee investigation.

    “If Mr. Rangel is cleared of wrongdoing, I will be the first to congratulate him back to the Chairmanship,” Carter said in a press release. “But we must show we are serious about enforcing the ethics rules of this House, instead of using stall tactics to thwart the process.”


    gig em

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