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Reporter Says Emanuel Physically Assaulted Him

From the Daily Caller:

BuzzFeed reporter alleges Rahm Emanuel physically assaulted him

By Jeff Poor | January 18, 2013

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is known for his hard-charging persona when it comes to getting what he wants politically. But Buzzfeed’s Michael Hastings is now alleging that the former White House chief of staff “crossed the line” by physically assaulting him during an interview.

On Thursday’s broadcast of Cenk Uygur’s “The Young Turks” on Current TV, Hastings played an audio recording of a verbal exchange he had with Emanuel that came on the heels of his 2010 Rolling Stone article “The Runway General,” which resulted in the termination of then- Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

“I’m not going to let you do to me what you did to Stanley McChrystal,” Emanuel said at one point during the interview, which appears to have gone off the rails immediately after Hastings said “we’ll see” in reference to President Barack Obama’s re-election.

Notice that the reporter who was working for Rolling Stone at the time.

Emanuel also apparently did not want to be videotaped for the interview.

“I never experienced anything like this in my career from an American public official,” Hastings said. “He grabbed me — right before that exchange, he grabbed me by the arm and wouldn’t let go while his bodyguards approached me, clearly trying to intimidate me with a threat of physical violence. And look, it was abusive. I don’t mind being yelled at, like verbally abusive, fine. But I think the mayor — and I made this point in an email later to his staff, clearly crossed the line by grabbing me.”

Just imagine the outrage if a top Republican attacked someone in the news media like this? It would be the top story of the day for weeks, if not months.

In his recently released book, “Panic 2012: The Sublime and Terrifying Inside Story of Obama’s Final Campaign,” Hastings described Emanuel’s aggressive tactics during the exchange.

“Look, I’ve interviewed terrorist leaders, I’ve interviewed dictators,” he continued. “I’ve interviewed politicians. I’ve interviewed a lot of angry people, but none have [sic] ever laid a hand on me. Security forces, bodyguards — yeah, that comes with the territory. They’re going to knock you out of the way. But I was really surprised and, to be quite honest, shocked that he would do that. What I saw in his eyes — he did not look like a gentleman who was in full of control of what he was doing.”

Hastings said he considered filing assault charges, but didn’t want to get bogged down, noting that the case would have been tried in “his city.” …

It’s clear that Mr. Hastings has dealt with terrorists and dictators before.

And bear in mind that this isn’t the first report of Emanuel’s violent behavior. Back in March 2010, Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) claimed he was showering in the Congressional locker room, when a naked Rahm Emanuel approached him angrily and started poking his finger in Massa’s chest and yelling at him.

And long before that, there is the famous Emanuel incident in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the days after Bill Clinton was first elected President. According to witnesses, while celebrating their victory, Emanuel suddenly grabbed a steak knife and, shouted out the name of another enemy, lifted the knife, then brought it down with full force into the table. ”Dead!” he screamed. The group immediately joined in the cathartic release: ”Nat Landow! Dead! Cliff Jackson! Dead! Bill Schaefer! Dead!”

So should Rahm Emanuel be allowed around guns? Shouldn’t his doctor have to report him to some person in authority?

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2 Responses to “Reporter Says Emanuel Physically Assaulted Him”

  1. canary says:

    Just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Democrats strong arming and threatening the media.
    I’m sure the reporter had to worry if he pressed charges the henchmen would have turned it around.
    And the reporter has probably lived looking behind his back. All those political followers returning to Chicago and setting up camp well in advance was for a reason they all admit too. Re-election and power.

  2. USSFreedom says:

    So, the ballerina is a tough guy. Must have pushed a lot of the wussy boys around at the baths.

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