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Pelosi On Waterboarding – 10/8/2007

[Please note: this is a repost of an article that we posted back on December 10, 2007.]

From Fox News Sunday:

Transcript: Speaker Nancy Pelosi on ‘FNS’

Monday, October 08, 2007

WASHINGTON —  This is a rush transcript from "FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace," October 7, 2007. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

CHRIS WALLACE, HOST: It’s been nine months since Nancy Pelosi became the first woman speaker of the House and opened a new combative relationship between Congress and the president. On Friday in the Capitol, we had a chance to talk with the speaker about that and why public approval of Congress is now at historic lows. Our interview took place in the speaker’s ceremonial office.


WALLACE: Speaker Pelosi, welcome back to Fox News Sunday.


WALLACE: It’s been disclosed this week that the Justice Department, after publicly declaring torture abhorrent in 2004, secretly, a few months later, approved the — in combination — the use of head slapping, water boarding and exposure to extreme temperatures.

The president now says that the leadership, the Congress, was fully informed, and that this is not torture.

First question: Were you ever briefed about this policy or the secret Justice Department memos?

PELOSI: Well, in order to know if I’m briefed about it, I’d have to be briefed about it now. What exactly is the president talking about? Yes, let me get my credentials right out there. I’m the longest-serving member of Congress on the intelligence committee, both on the committee and ex officio as a leader. So we have been briefed on some tactics used by the administration.

But I’d have to see what we’re talking about here, because this is — all I know is what I’ve read in the New York Times.

WALLACE: You were never briefed about these secret memos in 2005?

PELOSI: No, not about the secret memos.

But let me say also, again, as one who appreciates the value of intelligence to protect the American people, I think it’s very important that we have the best possible intelligence. And there’s international cooperation on this, and there are international standards on it. And I think that protecting the American people being our top priority, we should do so in a way that is within the law, and experts agree that you do not obtain reliable intelligence through using these tactics.

WALLACE: So let me ask you directly…

PELOSI: … and you diminish our reputation in the world, which hurts the cooperation we need to collect the intelligence we need to protect the American people.

WALLACE: So let me ask you directly. Do you think that the interrogation techniques that have been reported — let’s not talk about what’s in the memo, but what’s been reported — in combination, head slapping, water boarding, exposure to extreme temperatures. Torture?

PELOSI: There is a legal definition of torture that I believe this would fit. The president says it is not. Again, we have to see the degree and what he is talking about, because again, to answer on the basis of something that’s been reported in the press that the president has deemed is not torture, it’s just not — I just can’t give you an informative answer on that.

By the way, this is the same interview in which Ms. Pelosi claimed she prayed for George Bush and for victory for our soldiers in Iraq.

What a liar this woman is.

[Funny how the rest of our watchdog media are only discovering this briefing now.]

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46 Responses to “Pelosi On Waterboarding – 10/8/2007”

  1. jobeth says:

    “Well, in order to know if I’m briefed about it, I’d have to be briefed about it now. What exactly is the president talking about?”


    What in the h*** are YOU talking about?

    Talk about double talk!

    If she wasn’t briefed about it she is the worst ” longest-serving member of Congress on the intelligence committee, both on the committee and ex officio as a leader” there ever was….oh wait…we ARE talking about Nancy the Pill aren’t we….

    As for praying for the troops, she is so foreign to the word prayer that she would have to look up the word in a dictionary before she could use that word.

    This must be a dumbocrap thing…Clinton…” It depends on what the definition of the word “is” is.

  2. proreason says:

    This woman is simply, profoundly, stupid. Dumb as a post. A dodo.

    It is simply stunning that she has risen to such a position of power.

    And it’s only explainable in terms of Affirmative Action. This time, it’s for women, not blacks.

    And this is not an insult to women. The Hildabeast is certainly smart enough, just evil and misguided. Conadleeza Rice is very smart. Sarah Palin is smart.

    Frankly, I doubt whether she can remember if she was briefed or not. The tiny part of her brain that isn’t dedicated to her costume and mask is filled to the brim with ultra-lib talking points…..and it’s unlikely she can separate what she thinks she is supposed to say from reality. She probably believes what she says

    Utterly, utterly stupid.

  3. Marine brat says:

    Based on the memo’s and the realization that waterboarding generates results, maybe we have discovered a new method to make politicians honest and accountable.

  4. Trogdor says:

    This is truly unbelievable. I guess getting your head cut off with a dull blade is not torture, because you die. I guess jumping out of burning skyscraper is not torture because you die. Maybe the solution is to waterboard these guys, and if they don’t talk, they should drowned.

    Pusillanimous liberal lawyers (who also run congress) are destroying America.

    • jobeth says:

      I heard someone on TV (sorry I can’t for the life of me remember where) say that the troops will have to just kill them all outright in the future.

      If we can’t make them uncomfortable enough to spill the beans on their plans then I say kill’em!

      I would take the same viewpoint myself if someone broke into my home…shoot to kill. NEVER leave a so called witness to lie about what happened.

    • proreason says:

      jobeth: “the troops will have to just kill them all outright in the future.”

      You probably jest, jobeth, but I believe that what you say is the logical result. Not all of them, but many many more will die on the battlefield.

      And that will make this like almost any other liberal policy. Since the policies fly in the face of common sense, the results are far worse than the “problem” that the lunatics are attempting to solve. Welfare, TARP, Universal Health Care, Loans to Deadbeats, lax border security, and on and on and on and on and on and on.

    • jobeth says:

      Thanks Pro for your comment.

      I actually am only half jesting. We all would rather take prisoners. That’s where the intel info comes from. And as a people we usually try to take a humane position, even in war.

      However we are not fighting a war with sane people. These muslim extremist don’t operate with the same play book.

      And “harsh” interrogations are about the only thing these muslim extremist understand…That’s how THEY operate. They don’t understand decency and interpret it as weakness.

      So this is where we get to the point of the matter. As long as we have these namby pamby libs around who want to have this pie in the sky “kindness” to murderous thugs, what else do our guys (and gals) have as an option?

      If they bring them home they will be accused of torture when they recieve “harsh” treatment and possibly be brought up on charges of torture by these so called Americans who care more about being able to avoid the harsh realities of war than their fellow American’s lives both here at home and on the battlefield. Although if it was their own blood relative getting hit I would put money on it that they would make exceptions…for themselves.

      These people never want to face the fact that there are good decent American people about to lose their lives…just so they can feel superior.

      So yes, I agree with you, this will be the end result. Not the “official” result, but the one the front line soldiers will need to take, more often than any of us will want.

      I used the analogy of someone breaking into my home. That is something that I feel is now needed to protect oneself against this liberal bunch, including the courts. If I only wound someone, this person would lie, lie, lie, to get ME…the victim of his crime…into legal difficulties. Dead men can’t lie. A harsh reality.

      This is the same type of situation I feel our soldiers are in. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. I just hope they take the path that protects themselves. This world and they way people are behaving is so upside down.

      Back in the 80s one of my pastors said, in the end times “right will be called wrong, and wrong will be called right” We are there. Sad.

      I’m curious of what others think ‘torture” is.

      In my book torture happens when you leave a person permanently physically or mentally injured. Merely making someone uncomforable or temporarily frightened is NOT torture. And if we use these acts in training our own soldiers, that just underscores it is NOT torture.

      What about your own Definition? I’m really interested to see if I’m off base or not.

      BTW I always enjoy your posts…they make me think. Don’t always agree, but nearly always. :-)

    • proreason says:

      jobeth: “What about your own Definition?”

      I haven’t had too much to say on the torture topic, mostly because the reflexive snorting when I think about it has a tendency to gag me…..but I did post the following the other day. As you can see, and probably would guess, I don’t even think the “torture” discussion is about morality. It’s just another excuse to demonize the libwits’ opponents.


    • jobeth says:


      “Even forcing someone to listen to an Obama speech isn’t torture.”

      Have to agree with Minn. Rush on this one.

      That IS torture! LOL

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    If I was God…….. I would cancel her CO2 exhaust chit and send this pathetic liar where she belongs!!
    She is a huge waste of time and space. What a gas bag!!

    • JohnMG says:

      It’s true what you say, LD. She is breathing air, to little positive effect, that somebody worthwhile could be using.

      But you’ve proved my point–“stretch” Pelosi=ignoranus=dumb-ass.

  6. Petronius says:

    Whenever there is conflict between Liberal doctrine and reality, then reality must always be swept aside. This is a characteristic of ideological thinking in general, and of Liberalism in particular. There is no conceivable amount of evidence or logical analysis, no observation, no experiment, no quantity of facts, that will shake a Liberal from his or her doctrine. When the evidence of reality is so overwhelming that it cannot be refuted by a sane mind, the Liberal simply closes his/her eyes and tunes out. Hence the oft observed tendency of Liberals to detach from reality, and to engage in flights of fantasy and propaganda. When in power, they always prefer to campaign against Bush or the conservative party (or to vote “present’) because they simply don’t know how to govern in a businesslike way, and the only thing they are ever any good at is criticizing, complaining, tearing down, and destroying.

    • proreason says:

      Liberal followers are children.

      The leaders are criminals of the worst kind because they choose power above everything else, and ignore and obfuscate the death and destruction that they cause.

      The classic case is Vietnam and Cambodia, where 3 million people were slaughtered after the U.S. pulled out of Nam with no lifeline for the people of the region, including people who were our staunch allies. In a liberal’s mind, that slaughter is simply irrelevant, since the U.S. was wrong in the first place to take military action. 3 million people dead, and they couldn’t care less. And that isn’t unusual for liberalism. Did Stalin care that he killed tens of milliions? There is no difference. None.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      But……let one detainee suffer the indignation of waterboarding and they soil their panties over “THEIR” rights!!

    • Odie44 says:

      “Many a man is incapable of original thought, for their memory is too good”


      The liberal memory, supported by Marx, Mao, Stalin, Alinsky, etc is far too appealing when opposed to reality. It is much easier to read a fantasy novel than deal with reality, because the reality may expose truth. Truth is hard, difficult to understand and truly tests a persons ability to think. Liberals believe their bogus pedigree and so-called “diplomas” , like “basket weaving of cultures and sexual studies” are in fact reality to truth and “thought provoking”, for their memory tells them so.

      Honesty, integrity, truth and reality are furthest from a deranged liberal mind.

  7. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The devil could take lessons on lying from this woman.

  8. Colonel1961 says:

    There has been a lot of liberal hand-wringing over alleged torture. Alleged, because the definition is by no means set in stone. I find it hard to believe that any of the methods discussed rise to the level of torture.

    As has been mentioned elsewhere (and perhaps here), what happened to these terrorists is equal or less than the survival prep that our own pilots endure during their training. I’ll guarantee you it’s a lot less than my father endured as a plebe at West Point. And it’s also a hell of a lot less than most 17 year olds go through to get initiated into a fraternity. For the love of Pete…

    The left needs to get serious and do so quickly. Their actions are providing aid and comfort to our enemies.

    • Odie44 says:

      Col –

      My open water lifeguard test years ago was more intensive than these methods.

      Bambi is playing a dangerous game with everything he does. He is far too dangerous to play this game and no where near as smart as to calculate a net benefit, for it doesnt exist.

      The problem, of course – is the majority of America loath true intelligence and will sacrifice convienence and apathy in order to “feel good” for the moment. Like buying a house today you can’t afford tomorrow, a credit card purchase you can neither afford nor intend on paying back, “magic diets” that eat up billions in America, including gym memberships – as the country gets fatter, etc etc.

      Kids are brainwashed in most school systems today to avoid failure, due to hurt feelings; both intellectually and physically – and we are now reaping the results. They are voters. They are the kids who got out of P.E. because it was “unfair and torturous”, piled up the fat on their bodies, to mimic mommy and daddy – and hope something changes for the better, based on fantasy. They are taught to hate strong, in shape people, by ad nauseum “metabolism” arguments and bogus “genetic fat ailments”, instead of taking control of their lives. They never had to and worse – were told someone will take care of it for them.

      Lowest common denominator is the “in phrase” for Americans today. Even the POTUS…

    • Howard Roark says:

      Their actions are providing aid and comfort to our enemies.

      So true, Colonel. Our enemies are laughing at us right now. They view the US as too weak to mount a sustained fight against them as they: take over Pakistan; eradicate Israel; fire nuclear missiles at S Korea, Japan, and the US west coast.

      If the Japanese are a smart people, and I believe they are, we need to draw a lesson from why they attacked us in WW II: they thought we were too soft to fight back, plain and simple. If these advanced people can perceive us to be a “paper tiger”, then imagine what the crude Islamofascists are capable of believing about us, given our utter weakness since this man-boy has pranced onto the world stage.

      Barry’s divulgence of our secrets of interrogation are only part of the suicide he is performing right now. By putting colossal frauds like Napolitano in charge of DHS and Eric Holder as Atty General, he is signaling the world that we want to lay down our arms and turn swords into plowshares. Welcome all you evildoers who want to bring us down. You’ll find NO resistance from this administration.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Good point about the open-water lifeguard exam. And, what about Ranger training, SEAL Hell Week – heck, what about the Crucible for the Marines?

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Agreed, Howard. We don’t need a touchy-feely image around the world. I don’t give a flying-fart who does and doesn’t like us – I just could not care less. We are the one and only Superpower because we are superior. Period. No quibbling. Leftists and other assorted bed-wetters just can’t wrap their alleged brains around that concept. Now, Yobama wants to apologize all of that away. Cowards.

    • Howard Roark says:

      It’s because Barry is a class-A pussy who never had his ass kicked, and never had to fight to survive, Colonel. He doesn’t know what a good fight is, and is too scared to learn.

      Add to that: he is a self-loathing boy who never grew up. He hates his mixed-race origins, therefore hates America, and finds nothing worth defending about her.

      Isn’t it curious how this boy picks a man who called him a “clean, articulate, black” as his VP, and then makes nicey-nice with a barbarian thug who called him an “ignoramous”? It’s as if Barry sees nothing worth fighting for.

    • proreason says:

      Howard: “he is signaling the world that we want to lay down our arms and turn swords into plowshares”

      This is by design.

      1. He is punishing Americans for “holding down” the people he has empathy for, which include blacks, muslims and apparently most foreigners.

      2. He is tilling the soil with the expectation of expanding his power beyond America.

      He and his backers genuinely believe in one-world government, and Obama, at his age, envisions himself as the leader that will make it happen. (and thus, he shows no respect for our Constitution. It is an obstacle to be overcome, not the framework for our prosperity and power.)

      Keep those two things in mind (punishment and one-world leadership), and you can explain all of the otherwise totally illogical things that are being done.

      It isn’t about the country. It’s all about him, and unlimitted power.

    • Howard Roark says:

      Honestly, PR, I never thought about the aspect of Barry being groomed for world leader. I am still wrapped up in thinking of my USA as a soveriegn nation, and admittedly, it is hard for me to wrap my mind around the possibility of a one-government world. Of course I’ve been aware of the creeping New World Order idea since the 1980’s, but being a student of politics all of my life, I have found these 200 nations too fractured to allow cohesion.

      Given the facts you lay out: his young age, his “world citizen” mentality, Soros money to fund it, etc…I can see it more clearly, now, for the first time in my 41 years.

    • proreason says:

      “Given the facts you lay out”

      As you say, there is plenty of evidence for it. A short list:

      – trashes America, praises other countries. Builds his brand, doesn’t it?
      – commits $1T to Europe, when we haven’t enough to get ourselves out. Only makes sense if he has ambitions beyond the US
      – makes an expensive political trip to Europe BEFORE the US election.
      – won’t criticize even the most outrageous dictators in the world.
      – sits idly by as the Taliban conquers Pakistan
      – gives a billion in aid to Hamaa?!$#?
      – no action on Iranian nukes
      – no action on Korean nukes
      – talks about dramatically increasing US foreign aid. Why? It all goes into dictators pockets.
      – in the face of an arming world, he proudly disarms. How can that protect America.
      – in the face of an arming world, cuts the US military budget

      and on and on and on.

      Protecting America isn’t even a minor concern of this regime.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      ‘He and his backers genuinely believe in one-world government, and Obama, at his age, envisions himself as the leader that will make it happen.’ PR, I told my wife that several days ago and she said I was nuts. (Imagine that!) Then, the other day, she caming running in to my office saying ‘Can you believe they may prosecute people from the Bush Administration – maybe even George?!’ Of course, I told her that nothing – and I mean nothing – surprises me anymore.

      Still stocking up on wine and ammo…

    • jobeth says:

      Pro, your comments and point are so plain to see, it’s hard to see how we can be so blind.

      I think this idea is so far out of the realm of most good Americans it’s almost unthinkable as a posibility. It’s so easy to see how people try to avoid the reality of O’s game plan. Even though, and especially among, those of us that have common sense and dearly love America. The old America.

      But it’s true. Very true.

      The other day you and I discussed someone saying they were ashamed of American now. I had a hard time admitting to myself that we are at that point. But we are.

      Our love for our (old) country and way of thinking is hard to give up. We all better start trying to see the proverbial “hand writing on the wall.

      Times, they are achangin’.

      Time to fight like we have never fought before. We are about to lose a jewel in this (old) America.

    • pdsand says:

      I never understand the idea that bloodthirsty animals in third world countries have an opinion of the U.S. that will be affected one way or another by either military aggression or torture of prisoners. Liberals always say things like, ‘the terrorists have used this as a recruiting tool’, or ‘we need to take the moral high ground’. The animals who are our enemies, the terrorists or dictators and mass murderers don’t lose respect or get moral outrage if America attacks Iraq, or bombs in Pakistan. They live a life made possible by violence and torturing political prisoners is their bread and butter. If anything our attack on poor little innocent Iraq or the waterboarding probably helped us out from a national security standpoint because it made our enemies fear us. Ask Qaddafi about that.

      The only people these actions affect are civilized countries like the Europeans who are our sworn allies, and needn’t fear that we will turn on them. Our interests at this point are so intertwined that they may wag a finger, but they won’t divest themselves from us, or boycott, and they damn sure won’t dare attack us.

      And these actions are of course not un-constitutional either, because these were our enemies during a time of war, in a place where U.S. law did not apply. So our founders would not frown on us either. I think George Washington had to endure worse just getting dressed in the morning.

      I just keep thinking back to the Democrat Convention in Denver and that crazy man who followed Michelle Malkin around yelling ‘you supported torture! you supported torture!’. These people just get stuck on something, there really is something wrong with their heads.

    • Odie44 says:

      psand –

      Post of the day.

      Col –

      Did I tell you I joined the IRS club? Received my notice of deficiency for revenue claim that has already been made… dated April 13th for 2007 tax year. Interesting, eh??? I look forward to the countless hours and paperwork to prove what is already been proven and paid. Good fun!

    • proreason says:

      Odie: “Received my notice of deficiency for revenue claim “.

      Don’t panic.

      I’ve received at least a dozen IRS letters through the years. In more than 50% of the situations, they were wrong, and I wrote a rebuttal and/or filed the forms requested. I’ve never been questioned about the replies, knock on wood.

      For the other 50%, I had made some kind of a mistake, some of which actually went my way.

      Some of the deltas were substantial by most measures.

      Back up what you filed, and you will be fine. Reply calmly and thoroughly. If you made a mistake, suck it up and pay it. You can also request payment terms if you don’t have the money at the moment.

      Good luck.

  9. Fuzzlenutter says:

    I would like to express the exact same sentiment that Mz. Perez Hilton had for the classy Miss California Carrie Prejean after the Miss USA Pageant the other night. Not the first one, but the second one after his “apology”…

  10. Barbie says:

    Pelosi is just plain pathetic. She knew. But her ‘out’ is she wasn’t told word for word this technique was being used. Liars always incorporate a piece of the truth into their schtick. As a leader, and at that time she was on the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE, what does it say about her mental acuity, her leadership?, her competency, that she didn’t even question this (if she was so concerned at the time)?

    She’s a liar, she’s dumb (every time she opens her mouth she proves it), and she’s willing to sell out America for a little vengence; in other words, she’s a perfect representative of the left wing.

    • Odie44 says:

      Barbie –

      Great points all around. She is a moron and is in a dangerous position. She is too dumb to know anything, like the fact she is either culpable for everything (she is) or she is a moron who doesnt pay attention to national security by being on the Intelligence Committee in the first place (she is). A lose/lose for the dummy.

      And you are dead on about liars, I worked for a great one. His favorite saying “Lying is easy as long as it has some truth to it and serves your purpose”

  11. JohnMG says:

    …….”As a leader, and at that time she was on the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE, what does it say about her mental acuity……”

    It tells me that intelligence isn’t a prerequisite for serving on ANY government committee. Or for holding public office for that matter.

  12. Yarddog1 says:

    There is not doubt left – the inmates have certainly taken over the asylum and are indeed in charge. God have mercy on our country.

  13. K1r0ft says:

    Teats on a boar hog seems to come to mind while watching this.

  14. proreason says:

    Puzzler of the day: Who is the stupidest member of Congress? Stretch, Maxime Waters, or Charlie Rangle?

    Don’t forget, Joe Biden and The Moron have moved uptown and can no longer be contestants

    • JohnMG says:

      Is this a trick question??!!!

    • Odie44 says:

      Stretch by a stretch…

    • proreason says:

      JohnMG: not a trick!

      But if you have someone you believe has been overlooked, feel free to add a contestant (must be in Congress…obvious entrants like UberDumkoff, Garafalowhatever, AlToad, the Treasury TaxCheat and Al Frankenstein aren’t in Congress).

      I will give my choice and the reasoning later today.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      All of the above as current members would be my choice but I’m a Right Wing Radical Veteran Extremest, so what do I know other than violence taught to me by ungrateful government rat bastards!

    • Howard Roark says:

      I vote Stretch. [barely edging out Waters who is in second place. Rangle is a fellow paratrooper, so I can’t let him be “the stupidest” next to those two airheads. I credit Rangle as more of a liar than stupid.]

    • proreason says:

      Stretch, Maxime and Charlie are all worthy recipients of the stupidest member of Congress, but the rules of the puzzler were to pick just one.

      I pick Charlie. How can you not give the prize to a brazen multi-decade tax cheat whose primary function in Congress is to write the tax code? If he did it on purpose, he’s a dolt. If he didn’t know about it he’s a moron. He has all the stupidity bases covered.

      In stupidity circles, he’s a legend.

    • JohnMG says:

      Got to give it to Maxine, Pro, but remember, picking the stupidest is purely one’s opinion. It’s also like trying to prove a negative. I was jesting with my “trick question” post, and I have to admit you selected quite the triumvirate from which to select. My choice of Maxine is based on the fact that she’s so dumb she thinks she’s smarter than the other two in the pool. I mean, that’s DUMB!!

  15. Howard Roark says:

    Did anyone see our Ann on Geraldo Saturday night, as she addressed this issue? She looked great, and I thought it was particularly brave of her to do an appearance so soon after her loss. She is a strong woman. How ironic it is that ALL of the modern women on television try to vilify Ann on camera, behind her back, etc, yet Ann is the epitome of a strong woman.

    Remember throughout the 90’s, where we would voice our concerns about Hillary’s health care, “children defense” advocacy, etc…only to be met with a barrage of “You just hate a strong woman, blah, blah, blah”? How quickly those same banshees turn on an exceedingly strong, brilliant and beautiful example of womanhood in their midst.

    Stupid broads.

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