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Republican Apologizes For Saying Obama Lied

From the Politico:

State of the Union 2013: Bill Shuster apologizes for saying Obama lied

By ADAM SNIDER and KATHRYN A. WOLFE | February 13, 2013

House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster apologized Wednesday for calling President Barack Obama a liar after the State of the Union speech.

Shuster (R-Pa.), speaking to POLITICO from Statuary Hall minutes after the speech, said the president "is lying" when he claimed that businesses want to invest in countries with high-speed rail.

“I think he’s lying about CEOs — they want to invest in a country that has high-speed rail? Really? Tell me what CEO said that, that cares about high-speed rail,” Shuster said when asked for his thoughts on the speech. “Manufacturers want to invest in a country that has roads that are built, they want the infrastructure to be right for the transportation system, but to say one of the reasons they’re going to invest in America and manufacturing plants is because of high-speed rail is crazy.”

But less than 10 hours later, Shuster had dramatically changed his tone.

“This type of incendiary rhetoric is not my style," Shuster said at a Chamber of Commerce infrastructure summit after apologizing for his remarks. "I do not think the president is a liar."

Later, when asked what he thought of the "fix it first" portion of the speech, Shuster threw his hands up and said, "I started off saying what I shouldn’t have said."

"It’s a retread," he continued. "There wasn’t much there, and I’ll leave it at that."

Maybe this is a small thing. But it is telling. — Especially after all of the outrageous things Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and the Obama administration have said about Republicans over the last five years, and especially during the last campaign. Which none of them ever apologized for.

But a Republican can’t even point out an obvious lie from Obama without being taken to the woodshed. — This is the power the news media has over our politics. They have effectively muzzled any and all criticism of Obama.

You can’t even point out when he states an obvious lie. There are no more Joe Wilsons.

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7 Responses to “Republican Apologizes For Saying Obama Lied”

  1. untrainable says:

    There are no more Joe Wilsons. Actually he did exactly what Joe Wilson did. He spoke truth to power, and then he said he was sorry. Butchery of the language is complete. No more talk of taxes, we speak of “revenue”. No more talk of spending, we speak only of “investment”. No more talk of socialism, it’s now called “fairness”. There aren’t successful people in America, only the greedy rich and those who have been stolen from. Capitulation is now called compromise. No more talk of liars, we’ll just go back to, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. With this president in office, warm up the crickets.

  2. canary says:

    Obama’s henchmen probably do a lot of black mailing people. Obama has shown to be a pathological liar when he was a younger man, and admits being a real liar as a young boy, and we know darn well he lies all the time.

    He gave a cheer to his wife and Biden’s wife for serving the troops and there is no evidence other than their commercial.

  3. canary says:

    Panetta said “We can’t just sit here and BITCH.” and did not apologize.

    Obama has not apologized for endangering US Troops announcing he’s 35,000 are leaving
    Afghanistan. Obama’s announcement breached National Security….

    Yet, both these men are prosecuting the Seal 6 who wrote a book.

    I don’t see where saying VP Joe Biden acted like a drunk Uncle at a family Christmas party jeopardized National Security.

    Joe Biden showed himself to be a national security problem when he asked people if they lost anyone in the “Iran War”.

    What an example for our youth.


    • untrainable says:

      The leftys don’t NEED to apologize. Because they care and they are reeeeeeely trying to help the little guy.

      Being a democrat means never having to take responsibility, or say you’re sorry, or do your job, or think for yourself, or show respect for others, or tiptoe around the racebaiters, or believe in anything, or have a clue, or read legislation you’re voting for, or listen to your constituents, or even say you’re sorry. Theirs is but to preach the party line, and fall in line with your betters (Obama or his minions).

    • canary says:

      Bitching Panetta said “We can’t just sit here and BITCH.” and did not apologize.

      Where is the outrage of women libbers and feminists.

      Obama needs to demand an apology for this labeling and discrimination.

  4. Petronius says:

    Accusing Nerobama of a single lie seems almost ridiculous, like handing out a speeding ticket at the Indy 500.

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