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Republican PACs Suffering Out Of Fear Of Being ‘Koch-ed’

From the Washington Examiner:

Is a fear of ‘getting Koch’ed’ hurting Republican super PACs?

By David M. Drucker | July 16, 2014

Democratic super PACs have outraised their Republican counterparts by millions, a factor attributed in part to GOP donors’ fear of being targeted by the Internal Revenue Service — or “getting Koch’ed.” …

Let’s hope this headline is a rhetorical question. Because that was the whole idea behind demonizing the Koch Brothers. And that is exactly why Obama and the IRS have been so relentless in trying to find out the name of the donors to conservative PACS, in order to demonize them as well.

[The] concern has arisen in the wake of revelations that the IRS has targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny and leaked confidential information about their contributors. The latter is tied to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s relentless attacks on Charles and David Koch…

Not to mention the IRS audits of anyone foolish enough to announce they have donated to conservative causes or Republican candidates. (Cf. Mitt Romney donor, Frank VanderSloot.)

“Certainly, there is some abiding sense of distrust that people who give to these super PACs will be looked at more closely by federal authorities,” said Fred Malek, the finance chairman at the Republican Governors Association and a longtime major donor to GOP causes and candidates.

Added Charlie Spies, a Republican attorney who has run various super PACs, including the main outside group that supported Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential bid: "With some donors, Sen. Reid’s concerted effort to demonize political giving as made an impact." …

The Wall Street Journal reported this month that the largest Democratic-aligned super PACs had raised $82 million so far this election cycle, compared to just $47 million for the largest Republican-affiliated super PACs…

Lest we forget, we have been recently told that Tea Party and other conservative PACs have raised three times the money that PACs aligned with the conventional GOP have raised. So there might be some dissatisfaction with the Republican base here, as well.

But still, the fear of being attacked by the IRS and other Democrat operatives has got to be a major factor.

But politically oriented nonprofit organizations that support Republican policies have had no problem raising money this cycle, and are in fact doing better than their Democratic counterparts. Republican operatives say that’s because, unlike super PACs, these nonprofits, classified as 501(c)(4) organizations by the IRS, don’t have to disclose their donors.

Consequently, GOP donors who have been apprehensive about giving to super PACs because they might face some sort of public or federal retribution have focused their giving on conservative nonprofits…

Hugo Chavez would be proud.

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