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Republican Wins By ‘Pretending To Be Black’

From the Houston, Texas CBS affiliate, KHOU:

White Republican Wins ‘Long Shot’ Election After Leading Voters To Believe He’s Black

November 10, 2013

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – A white Republican unseated a 24-year African-American incumbent from office in a surprise election victory that some are saying was racially tinged and deceptive.

Dave Wilson, who [sic] KHOU reports is an “anti-gay activist and former fringe candidate for mayor,” is being criticized by his opposition for his campaign that reportedly lead the overwhelmingly African-American, Democratic district to believe he was black.

Saying he was fed up with “all the shenanigans” at the Houston Community College System, Wilson said he came up with the strategy because he knew his chances of winning the election against 24-year Democratic incumbent Bruce Austin were quite thin.

Why the outrage? Doesn’t almost every Democrat run as a conservative?

“I’d always said it was a long shot,” Wilson told Houston’s KHOU. “No, I didn’t expect to win.”

Austin described Wilson’s campaign as “disgusting,” referring to Wilson’s use of fliers showing African-American faces and a caption of: “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.” 

That is deceptive. A Republican couldn’t have any black friends or neighbors.

Wilson admitted simply using images found on the Internet.

Wow! More deception.

One of the mailers used said that Dave Wilson was “Endorsed by Ron Wilson – a longtime African-American, Democratic state legislator. However, the fine print below the slogan states, “Ron Wilson and Dave Wilson are cousins,” a reference to Wilson’s non-politically affiliated cousin who lives in Iowa.  “He’s a nice cousin,” Wilson told KHOU, suppressing a laugh. “We played baseball in high school together. And he’s endorsed me.”

This Republican claims to have a black cousin? Where is the outrage?

In response to losing the election by 26 votes, Austin said he was seeking a recount.

Whew. We were worried for a moment that this travesty would be allowed to stand. But, fortunately, Democrats always win whenever there is a recount.

“I don’t think it’s good,” he said. “I don’t think it’s good for both democracy and the whole concept of fair play. But that was not his intent, apparently.”

Really. Where is the fairness in getting people to vote for you for being black when you aren’t black?

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7 Responses to “Republican Wins By ‘Pretending To Be Black’”

  1. canary says:

    “They know to much, we have all seen too much, to take my parents’ brief union–a black man and white woman, an African and an American–at face value. As a result, some people have a hard time taking me at face value. when people who don’t know me well, black or white, discover my background (and it it usually a discovery, for I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to the whites), I see the split-second adjustments they have to make, the searching of my eyes for some telltale sign. They no longer know who I am.” – Barack Obama 1994

    His pretense of any resemblance to having white blood would be ingratiating himself to “the whites” is destroyed later in his writings, when he tells of the age of twelve or thirteen, that it was reading the Muslim Malcolm X’s biography and explaining he identified with the leader for the most, in wishing he could purge the white blood from his veins. And he clearly writes that he will keep his new religion of Islam a secret after his friends made fun of him angering him.

    Still, how prophetic that such a fake person who now claims his biography he promoted and sold to the entire country is full of falsehoods, fake people, and things that never happened.

    Dare Oprah to do a show correcting her promoting the autobiography full of b.s.?

    And I think we have it on record now that the whites and blacks don’t have to be capitalized
    because he writes this preface in the book was written a approx a decade later before he decided to run for president. Surely, at about 2004 he of all people would be using more politically correct grammar in the political arena.

    I sure hope the Republicans watch the vote count as closely as the winning candidate did nothing wrong by today’s standards.

  2. mr_bill says:

    What does this say about people who would vote for a guy just because they thought he was black?

    • Mithrandir says:

      To cover-up their racism, they always use misdirection, fake outrage, or muddy the waters with some distraction, ANYTHING OTHER THAN SHINING A FLASHLIGHT on the clear knowledge the blacks who thought they were voting for a black guy were exposed as RACISTS. And then you can mouth-along with the traditional talking points that blacks cannot possibly be racist because they have no power (black president, black caucus, black A.G. etc)
      Or the REAL tragedy was that a white person was less than honest, not that blacks were so racist, they got duped by their own racism.

      Remember Howard Stern exposing the god-awful racists in New York about Obama? They just agreed with anything they thought would make Obama look better:

      Nancy Pelosi’s daughter showing the black racism of New Yorkers:
      1:43, Who you gonna vote for in this election?
      2:30 Why should I help you, why should my tax dollars be going to you?
      6:06 When I see the toothless guy, I want to help you get teeth. (you gave $1,000,000 to Obama, Bill, I’m sure you could get him teeth if you wanted to)

      –All distractions from the fact that perhaps black people are too lazy to get a job, or too prone to criminal activity to be hireable, or maybe they are just too darn racist to be working for white people. Who knows, but the liberals will find every which way from discussing it, same as with this article.

  3. canary says:

    Why did CBS intentionally leave out the incumbent Trustee was Black? Oops, I mean a black?

    Golly. Google this Bruce Austin guy to see what race or ethnic he is and get more pictures of Dave Wilson. Got KHOU11 reporting. They have a white and a black anchor reporting, and the black
    anchor referred to the winner as a white guy. How politically incorrect.

    KHOU reports they used a new accurate high tech electronic voting system and most likely he would be the officially winner.

    Here is the news piece.


    I think Dave Wilson better watch his back as he may have riled the adult youths.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Apparently the swing vote in Houston is blind.

  5. Mithrandir says:

    Hasn’t it been established before, that democrats have been trying to run as Tea Party members, to fake-out the voters?

    And besides, JOHN MCCAIN, MITT ROMNEY, COLIN POWELL, THE BUSH FAMILY, have been dishonest about who they are, for DECADES! No liberals seem too upset about those “uncle-tom sell-outs” masquerading as something they are not.

  6. The Redneck says:

    Strange. Wasn’t the Left telling us that we were all racists who didn’t like black candidates…

    And that anybody who pointed out that Obama’s skin color helped him get elected (other than the liberals telling us Al Qaeda would back down if we elected a president who looked somewhat, vaguely, at least non-white like them), was obviously a racist?

    And yet, pretending to be black wins someone an election… In Texas, no less!

    On a serious note–yes, this was an overwhelmingly back district. So what do you call someone who votes for a candidate solely because of that candidate’s skin color…..?

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