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Republicans Agree To Neuter The Sequester

From an approving Associated Press:

GOP, Obama line up behind modest budget deal

By ANDREW TAYLOR | December 11, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top Republicans and President Barack Obama are lining up behind a modest but hard-won [sic] bipartisan [sic] budget agreement that seeks to replace a portion of tough spending cuts [sic] facing the Pentagon and domestic agencies.

How much spin can you pack into one sentence?

The deal to ease those cuts for two years is aimed less at chipping away at the nation’s $17 trillion national debt than it is at trying to help a dysfunctional Capitol stop lurching from crisis to crisis.

Actually, our unfunded liabilities exceed $100 trillion. But that isn’t a crisis.

It would set the stage for action in January on a $1 trillion-plus spending bill for the budget year that began in October…

The sequester (AKA the ‘Law Of The Land’) capped federal spending at $967 billion. So they are increasing spending by more than $40 billion dollars.

The measure unveiled by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and his Senate counterpart, Patty Murray, D-Wash., blends $85 billion in spending cuts and revenue from new and extended fees — but no taxes or cuts to Medicare beneficiaries — to replace $63 billion in cuts to agency budgets over the coming two years…

Except, as usual, the spending cuts are in the future and are spread out over the next ten years. While the $63 billion spending increase starts immediately.

"Our deal puts jobs and economic growth first by rolling back … harmful cuts to education, medical research, infrastructure investments and defense jobs for the next two years," [Sen. Patty] Murray said…

"Tonight’s agreement represents a step toward enacting a budget for the American people and preventing further manufactured crises that only harm our economy, destroy jobs and weaken our middle class," [Nancy] Pelosi said in a statement.

So you know it’s a good deal for the country, with those two endorsements.

"This agreement makes sure that we don’t have a government shutdown scenario in January. It makes sure that we don’t have another government shutdown scenario in October," Ryan said…

And never mind that nobody outside of the Beltway even noticed the government shutdown. Which actually seems to have helped the economy and the jobless rate.

The Republicans are determined to take away the sequester and the government shutdown as issues for the Democrats. But this deal won’t do that, since the media will still hang those things around the GOP’s neck anyway.

Instead, this deal will neuter the only attempt there has been to reduce the increase in government spending. Which is the only Republican accomplishment in recent memory.

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4 Responses to “Republicans Agree To Neuter The Sequester”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I think there was a mixup at the Editor’s desk. That lede is supposed to read ‘Republicans Agree to Neutering Themselves

  2. Petronius says:

    I hate to belabor the obvious, but does the Republican Party still serve any useful purpose?

    • captstubby says:

      they are allowed to win some elections…

      who else could the Democrats blame,
      “its Bush Fault!”
      Filibuster Gridlock.
      “The poor Childen”
      Global warming.

  3. mr_bill says:

    “The deal to…help a dysfunctional Capitol stop lurching from crisis to crisis.”

    Somehow, I don’t think this administration wants to stop “lurching from crisis to crisis.” That’s nerobama’s entire style of governing. When has he ever spent 5 minutes on any legislative agenda item that wasn’t portrayed as a “crisis?” We all know Rahm’s emphatic declaration on the usefulness of a “crisis.”

    This whole “slow death of the Republic” thing is getting old.

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