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‘Restore Honor’ Rally Has Massive Turnout

From a deeply annoyed Associated Press:

Beck says US has `wandered in darkness’ too long

By Philip Elliott, Associated Press Writer
August 28, 2010

WASHINGTON – From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck told the tens of thousands of activists he drew from around the nation Saturday that the U.S. has too long "wandered in darkness."

We’re sure “wandering in the darkness too long” will sound racist to somebody. Which is undoubtedly why the AP chose to highlight the line.

His rally’s marquee speaker, Sarah Palin, praised "patriots" in the audience for "knowing never to retreat."

The two champions of the tea party movement spoke from the very spot where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech 47 years ago. Some civil rights leaders who have denounced Beck’s choice of a venue staged a rival rally to honor King

We like to think that Mr. King would have had more in common with the Tea Party than with the Reverend Sharpton. After all, he believed that there was more to a person than the color of his skin.

Beck, pacing back and forth on the marble steps, said he was humbled by the size of the crowd, which stretched along the Washington Mall’s long reflecting pool nearly all the way to the Washington Monument

It is amazing to get such a turnout where so many of the populace in adjoining states work for the government.

"For too long, this country has wandered in darkness," said Beck, a Fox News host. He said it was now time to "concentrate on the good things in America, the things we have accomplished and the things we can do tomorrow."

Neither Beck nor Palin made overtly political comments

Palin honored military members in her speech. She likened the rally participants to the civil rights activists who came to the National Mall to hear King’s historic speech. She said the same spirit that helped civil rights activists overcome oppression, discrimination and violence would help this group as well…

"Look around you. You’re not alone," Palin told participants.

The crowd — organizers had a permit for 300,000 — was vast, with people standing shoulder to shoulder across large expanses of the Mall. The National Park Service stopped doing crowd counts in 1997 after the agency was accused of underestimating numbers for the 1995 Million Man March…

Somehow we suspect that this “vast” turnout numbered more than in the “tens of thousands.”

In any case, conservatives are just not the kind of people to attend these kind of rallies. (We know this from personal experience.) So such a gigantic turnout is a quite a testimony to the mood of middle America.

Civil rights leaders protested the event and scheduled a 3-mile plus march from a high school to the site of a planned King memorial near the Tidal Basin and not far from Beck’s gathering…

In the interest of building bridges and bringing people together, of course.

Beck has said he did not intend to choose the King anniversary for his rally but had since decided it was "divine providence."

Apparently, it was also the only available date. But the AP wouldn’t want its readers to know that. It might undercut their subtle message that this is all one big racial taunt.

For, naturally, our media masters are doing all they can to discredit this event as racist and hateful. It’s all they have left.

And goodness knows they don’t like to see such people exercising their right to peaceably assemble. Who knows what that might lead to?

You can see the rest of the rally at YouTube.

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53 Responses to “‘Restore Honor’ Rally Has Massive Turnout”

  1. proreason says:

    Beck has been a bit disappointing lately. In a way, a rally that is not “overtly political” is more or the same, but putting half a million or more patriots on display is certainly a good thing.

    imho, highbrow dissent is not the way to go.

    If we aren’t in a situation today that merits white-hot anger, then there can be no situation, and the country is doomed.

    People who value freedom should NEVER shy away from describing the enemies of freedom exactly as they are: unprecedented criminals (for the US), contemptible cutthroat killers, and arrogant, generational destroying oligarchists.

    They can’t be reasoned with. They can’t be persuaded. They can’t be mitigated. They can’t be absorbed.

    They have to be destroyed.

    • ptat says:

      I agree–I, too, am “pro-reason”.

    • U NO HOO says:

      Exactly, stow the recession or depression talk, Obama is anti-American, anti-America, and evil.

      Stick to basics.

      And repeat, repeat, repeat…

    • confucius says:

      Also, stow the “light,” “darkness” and “fire” references. Leave that for the Sunday sermons and 7th grade English classrooms.

    • confucius says:

      On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Beck said the first message from the rally was for the politicians. Ergo, the rally was political.

      Why else was the rally held in Washington D.C. and not Philadelphia where the Constitution was signed?

  2. RightWinger says:

    AP reporting at its typical worse. They low ball the turnout, like they did last year when the Tea Party rallied to meet in Washington. Their standard “tens of thousands of activists”. No. It is hundreds of thousands of AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    Then you notice that the AP has neglected to mention that Dr. King’s niece gave a speech there. I guess the AP can’t spin this as a racist event if they have to report that little tidbit of information. I also saw in their last revision of the story, that people were handing out pamphlets of Obama with the Hitler mustache. Of course they did not mention this was probably the Lyndon LaRouche kooks who hang out in front of Post Offices trying to sell the same literature for a few bucks.

    I also noticed in the pictures they have posted, its tight narrow shots of groups of people. Its only when you go elsewhere and you can see the actual photo of the memorial and the pool from end to end, nothing but a sea of people as far as you can see. Hardly “tens of thousands”. I wonder what magic the photographers from the AP will do to show the 200 or so people that show up in support of Al. They’ll probably squeeze them altogether for a group photo and then report the turnouts and both rallys were equal.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    My main concern is that the groundswell of discontent, though huge by any estimation, will be nary enough to sway the “average” voter. By that I mean “controlling the flow” of the tide of who votes for whom. In reading David Limbaugh’s book, I am startled to learn that many conservatives voted for the boy, for various reasons with the main one being that they were duped by his “intellectualism” and it appealed to their snobbish instincts as opposed to that embarrassing troglodyte Bush.

    On another note, I think the time has arrived when the alphabet media can no longer ignore the huge turnout. They can scoff and name-call but there are tons of people there. One of best friends drove from NC, had to take a day of vacation to do it, is there right now.

    As for the non-political slant, they are engaging in a very clever tactic. None of the speeches given will be able to be used against them, in spite of the need for calling a spade a spade (so to speak) and the enormity of the crowd makes a statement all by itself. I hear Yogi Berra now, “Rallies? Nobody goes to those things; They’re too crowded”.

    What they are doing is cleverly standing in the face of socialists while simultaneously denying them the satisfaction of bastardizing any language or activity. Some say that infiltrators will do their best to make a problem that the socialists will then splatter all over the news 24/7 but that is unlikely. By remaining “un-political” the socialists cannot claim that the organizers or Beck himself or any of the participants fostered or encouraged any bad behavior. Therefore, any anomalies that pop up will be pretty obvious as to who and what they are up to. At least, after a fashion.

    It’s a great plan, really, to take the wind out of the sails of any group that is there to agitate. In fact, it’s quite brilliant. Much like the guy who, when looking for a guilty type, just stands there and keeps glancing at the one he thinks is guilty and nothing else. After a while, it drives the guilty guy bananas and he reacts, usually poorly.

    In this case, by not being political, no emotions get aroused,and the only people who would react to a very tame rally would have to be agitators who will be exposed the second they “react”. Brilliant.

    • proreason says:

      Good post rusty, but one quick counter-point.

      The Founders were political. This country wouldn’t have been created if they hadn’t taken a stand against tyranny, a tyranny that was considerably less controlling that the one we currently exist under. They didn’t say “in the abstract, we philosophically disagree with some of the principles other people, not to be named, seem to espouse from time to time”.

      Instead, they wrote the Declaration of Independence.

    • BillK says:

      I hate to say it, but I have in the past, and that’s the number of people at this rally or the entire Tea Party membership combined is far less than the Democratic votership of just New York and Los Angeles combined.

      It’s wonderful to see people upset, but those suckling at the Government teat is far too large a number to ever be denied their goodies.

    • proreason says:

      “the entire Tea Party membership combined is far less than the Democratic votership of just New York and Los Angeles combined.”

      well, I think you misunderestimate.

      People showing up for any one rally or set of rallies is just a fraction of the people filled with anger.

      The 300,000+ who showed up for the Beck event are certainly 95% from the surrounding 200 miles, so you can multiply that number by at least 20 to get a real feel for who might have attended if the travel was not prohibitive. Of course, that still comes to only 5 million or so.

      But there must be many more who aren’t moved by an essentially religious message, so that 5 million must be much larger. I would speculate at least twice as many.

      But even that doesn’t begin to count the people who are just not ralliers, or who live in conservtive regions without many libwits to overthrow. There must be tens of millions more who fit those criteria.

      We will know in November.

      I think the turn in congress will be 100 seats. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of the passion. I’m afraid the senate will remain Democratic because the table must be completely run to change it, but the number of seats changing hands in the House is going to be a thunderbolt like the country has never seen before.

      People now understand two simple things:
      1. The country has been subverted.
      2. If not now, then never.

      We are in the midst of a civil war. Nobody thinks so because the bullets aren’t flying.


    • confucius says:

      It’s a real turn off when someone starts mixing politics with religion. Ditto for music, slam poetry or anything else “artistic.”

      Just the facts please.

    • wardmama4 says:

      If either one of had a job right now – I’d have been there. With no job and not foreseeable until after the first of the year – I just couldn’t justify the expense of going to DC – we use the money we’ve saved for little things – like food & gas.

      I know a lot of people (some of my family here in OH) that are in the same situation either picking up some make work job after losing theirs or hit once or twice by big expenses this year – and afraid to spend their savings on anything but a true necessity.

      I am hoping that I am right – in that for every person there – there were at least 3 back home – who couldn’t do it for one reason or another.

      God Help America
      A Proud American Infidel

  4. hushpuppy says:

    I was going to post a link to the AP article published on FOX’s web site – and in reading the article, the original three authors names were scrubbed – and a nice, non-islamic name was inserted instead.

    However – the link provided to the article (above), here are the proper names of 2 of the 3 authors that still appear:


    No wonder the article sounds cranky… an ever so helpful moose limb is helping shovel the taqqiya.

  5. canary says:

    On Glenn Beck’s show A Black Reverend said talked about people need to come out of the darkness and come into the light, and explained it’s meaning as it is found in bible such as the book of John. This was on the evening of Aug 27, 2010 in which Glenn Beck hosted several minisiters discussing something about being a Christian a collective issue.
    Forgot, one minister said no.

    “For too long, this country has wandered in darkness,” said Beck

    • hushpuppy says:

      I remember a black minister on Beck’s show shortly after joining FOX – and he said the reason Obama won the election was due to white guilt and black racism.

      I wish I could remember the fellow’s name…

    • ptat says:

      It could have been Thomas Sowell.

    • ptat says:

      Or Shelby Steele.

    • canary says:

      I can’t find the elderly gentleman’s name it, but I watched Friday night to make sure Glenn was still alive, among all the threats against him. I was really worried about him, but then we are told that is the point of terrorists like black panthers and that is to terrorize.

      Not to long ago, the niece of Martin Luther King was on Beck’s show, and she looked and spoke beautifully as she was in the lightness & explained the difference in her Uncle and leaders strong armed aggressiveness we are experiencing in America today.

    • wardmama4 says:

      His name was C. L. Jackson – he meant evil for the darkness – it was an interesting show.

  6. sheehanjihad says:

    I can see it in the White House now…..

    “Hey Rahm, did the AP report the number of people like we told them to?”

    “Yeah, and it’s a good thing too.” ” Did you guys see how many were really there?”

    “No kidding!” ” We are lucky as hell to have the media in our pockets, or we’d be toast”

    “There were hundreds of thousands of people there!!” ” How are we gonna fight that?”

    “We aren’t!” ” We don’t have to!” As long as we have the media, we have the country”

    “I don’t think so Rahm….our media did everything they could to discredit this rally, and they still got close to a million people showing up!” “Hell, Sharpton only managed a couple of thousand, and he says we still owe him what he paid to get them to show up!”

    “Don’t worry….Beck has been labeled a racist today, and that’s worked beautifully for us so far!” I don’t subscribe to Journolist for nothing, you know”…

    “yeah, but still”. “I got a baaaaaad feeling about this” ” I am headed to the DOT…you still want those tickets to France for November 5th?” ” You do?” “me too….I don’t want to be caught here if those people find out about how we plan to rig the elections….get Stern on the phone, we need to go over the next phase…”

    THAT is why I don’t give a rat’s patuty about what the media says anymore…..even liberals know that a low ball number from them means a huge ground swell of conservative opposition is about to exercise their right to vote….and they are plenty scared.

    Let’s see how many can “Franken” their way into office without getting called on it this time.

  7. wardmama4 says:

    Dr Alveda King is called an anti-abortion activist in the Politico article (I have to wonder as to why Drudge links to such garbage) – She is actually a member of Priests for Life.

    The articles I read do not mention how many people of color (did any of them mention the Native Americans) that were part of the program.

    And the minister who gave the benediction was a Vietnam Vet who was burned when a phosphorous grenade exploded in his hand.

    Amazing people dismissed because the Left want to bash their two favorite punching bags – Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin. I have a t-shirt – I am Sarah Palin – I am a sober alcoholic (as is Beck) – these two people are me – and the majority of America – just average people trying to do the best they can at raising a family, doing the job they chose and being patriotic about their country.

    For the media & the Left to diss them – they are dissing me – and most of the people I know & love. I wonder how they can claim the mantle of tolerance – with a straight face. But then I forget – they are use to lying.

    The Restore Honor Rally was not what I expected (and I watch/listen to Glenn regularly) – but it was a very good thing to happen right now in America.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  8. U NO HOO says:

    Obama mentioned Leviticus as an example of cruelty to children…aint Leviticus an “Old” Testament book?

    Just a Christian asking.

  9. ThreeBus says:

    re: hushpuppy “I wish I could remember the fellow’s name…”

    Was is Levon Yuelle?

    http://www.joshuastrail.org ?

    I listen to his radio show via webstream on sat mornings. Sounds like him.

  10. Mithrandir says:

    The liberal marketing firms news media must set this up however they must:

    ‘Low’ turnout reported: ✓

    Liberal blacks milling around to claim harassment ✓

    Reports of racially tinged rally ✓

    Sour grapes comments from professional left ✓

    Claims that this rally is destroying the country ✓

    Quotes or photos from liberal plants acting as supporters? (still waiting)

  11. Steve says:

    Glenn Beck Rally Attracts Estimated 87,000 – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

  12. misanthropicus says:

    I’m not much of a Beck fan, but I respect his talent – loved the Van Jones episode, and hope that he’ll strike again –
    Having said this, the number of people coming there shows that the discontent is really, really serious, and that more and more people seriously think that the libs and Obama’s cohorts have run the boat aground –

    But there is more to the discontent of this year(s) than the crappy economy and unemployment – these probably will ameliorate sooner or later –
    There is a pervasive feeling around that, even if these two problems will self-correct – yes Virginia, no need for Summers and Geithner or Obama to dash for receiving accolades – the country as a whole is not heading in the right direction, and many, many other ills will continue, if not addressed, to corrode it –

    Maybe, hopefully, Glenn Beck will be the one which will give the Tea Party the edge that both Dems and republicans fear –

  13. canary says:

    I saw a photo on a liberal blog that looked like much more than 100,000, but I didn’t want to link it. I’ve never seen such hate towards a patriotic day celebration.

    Near by rev Sharpton spoke with anger and threatens they are going to “SUCKER PUNCH” us. That’s means dirty cheating fighting. Such in your face violent talk.


  14. Rusty Shackleford says:

    On my local news, the video bite they decided to use was of Jesse Jackson, in anger, yelling, “They want to take this day away from us. This is ourday!”

    How absolutely arrogant. And, for the record, “Waahhhhhh” Here’s your binky.

    In then same news report, they did slip up and say “hundreds of thousands were in attendance” though.

    • confucius says:

      Jesse Jackson wasn’t even in Washington. He was in Detroit marching for jobs. (Don’t ask me to explain how marching gets someone a job. I thought you had to apply.)

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well, I thought I was wrong when I wrote it, to be perfectly frank. But, as I was flicking channels, I only caught that one video bite. I apologize. I don’t know who it was. Was it Sharpton? In any case, I thought the absolutely livid comment made was more important than the commenter. I will edit….

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Edit feature currently inoperative…checking the web, it was Al Sharpton who said it, along with a lot of other inflammatory, racially divisive rhetoric.

      My apologies

    • Steve says:

      Sorry, Rusty, but the editing feature seemed to be slowing down the entire site. So I have done away with it for the time being.

    • confucius says:

      Rusty, I think you saw Al Sharpton.

      No need to apologize. Jackson and Sharpton are almost identical. Both are hateful race-baiting reverends/hucksters re-living a time long gone.

  15. Natural Born Citizen says:

    I do remember Jesse Jackson being interviwed on TV about the Beck rally. His remarks were pretty much the same as Al Sharpton’s, (that Beck was hijacking the civil rights movement). My initial thoughts were WOW what a hypocrite. This is the same man who claimed MLK Jr died in his arms, and that along with Al Sharpton has made a living off of hijacking MLK Jr’s goals of not judging on the color of skin but by the contents of their character. Unfortunately if you listened to Al Sharpton’s rally (before a predominately minority crowd) it was the same thing, ( how can non-minorities or Glen Beck steal civil rights and MLK Jr’s legacy from us?), MLK Jr’s neice had it right, “we are all one human race”.

    • confucius says:

      The reverends would do well in remembering that we are all children of the same God and brothers through Christ.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      It’s entirely possible that the reverend Al-Jackson or Jesse Sharpton, who whomever, is afraid that they will be exposed for the circus-tent criers that they are. Therefore, the gravy train will end and their rich, tax-cheating existence will as well.

      Additionally, MLK was a truly gifted writer and speaker. Inspired, intelligent, gifted. Neither of the other two are. The difference being that a gifted, intelligent speaker can tell you something you don’t want to hear but you cannot escape the logic of their statements and at least see some reason in it.

      Jack-ton, et al, use the “easy to get agreement with anger” method. He pokes at his listeners with a stick and gets them to respond, not through thought, but through emotion.

      In MLK’s case, it’s where the mind leads the heart. In the other two clowns’ case, it’s all emotion and the mind is cut off from the ability to reason. This was something I was taught long ago in order to make a convincing argument in preparation for adulthood. The two “reverends” obviously never grew up.

  16. artboyusa says:

    I don’t care much for Beck. I don’t like how he’s on the verge of tears every two minutes, I don’t like his elementary school approach to American history and I really didn’t like how he told Geraldo Rivera that he’d asked God to help him fund this event and two days later, a miracle! The money had rolled in. People who think they have God’s private phone number make me nervous but, that said, I wonder who funded Al Sharpton’s spoiler counter rally? God or the DNC? Now that would be an interesting money trail for our watchdog media to follow…

  17. hushpuppy says:

    Artboyusa- that’s why so many people love and appreciate Beck – he’s 100% genuine American patriot who wears his love for America on his sleeve. Whenever he sheds tears over something it’s because he cares very deeply.

    He’s doing America a huge favor showing us in a modified classroom setting the truths of our history – and exposing the liberal revisionist’s lies that are full of politically correct poppycock. Remember Glenn saying it was his daughter asking him a question about some president that started it all? He said he didn’t know the answer to her question but that he’d research it and give her the answer…..and he found out that what’s being taught to kids is a lie. So he’s giving everyone the opportunity to learn what he’s learned.

    Put it this way – his tears are genuine… the same kind of tears you’ll see in veteran’s eyes. They’re not the ‘tears’ of hucksters.

    Cut him a little slack, he has to deal with serious threats on his life and hire round the clock security for himself and his family. Yet the love he has for his country means more to him than his life. And because of that – that raises the esteem I have for him a thousand times. I’m truly, deeply frightened about his safety – as are millions of Americans.

    He’s a national treasure, and one that is admired.

    • confucius says:

      Beck is an alcoholic with bipolar tendencies who has said Chinese people have “funny eyes” like Joe Biden.

      I’m sorry you admire him and think he’s a national treasure.

  18. proreason says:

    “Beck is an alcoholic with bipolar tendencies who thinks Chinese people have “funny eyes” like Joe Biden.”

    How disappointing.

    Glenn Beck is hardly perfect, along with the rest of us. But I give him extra credit for being a great entertainer and turning a lot of people onto conservatism because of the his humor and creativity.

    If you had to divide the page in half, one good, one bad; Pelosi, Reid, Obamy and just about every liberal in the country would be far to the left on the bad side. I’ll leave open the possiblity that there may be some who would approach the middle, Mr. Beck would certainly be far to the right, by any standard, even yours I would expect, confucius. I didn’t hear the funny eyes quote but even if he said it, it might have been in jest. Even if he meant it, it wouldn’t be enough to lump him with arrogant ruling class apparatchiks like Pelosi.

    We shouldn’t spend much times arguing about the good guys. It’s exactly what the bad guys are trying to get us to do.

    Personally, my only complaint with Beck is that I want him to be even more relentless in exposing the marxist criminals.

    • confucius says:

      Beck made the statement in the first hour of his show the day after the vice-presidential debate. I heard it, and I heard it real good. I twice e-mailed him for comment; twice, I got no answer.

      Since that time, Beck has gone on to make a few other derogatory comments about Asians–and in specific, our physical features.

      Beck has also hired substitute hosts who like to make fun of Asians. Chris Baker said Joe Biden was “turning Japanese” referring to Biden’s eyes. Doc Thompson refers to us as “yellow.”

      This is neither entertaining nor enlightening. It is also not the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. It’s racist.

      I don’t consider Beck a good guy, a conservative or a Christian. I consider him a racist–like Obama. (BTW, did you know Beck changed his mind and no longer thinks Obama is a racist?)

    • confucius says:

      There’s more. From the Hartford Courant:

      Station Apologizes For Mocking Asians

      by Stacy Wong
      October 20, 1995

      Under pressure from activist groups, a New Haven-area radio station agreed Thursday to apologize for broadcasting a sketch that offended Asian Americans and for ridiculing a man who called to complain. …

      The negotiations between the station and the groups began as the result of a call to the station in August from Zhihan Tong, a 28-year- old computer network technician.

      Tong was driving from his New Haven-area home to his job in Danbury when he tuned in to the station, commonly known as KC101, for a traffic report.

      Instead, he heard Alf Papineau, the morning show’s executive producer, pretending to speak Chinese to a bewildered Asian-American owner of a Chinese restaurant supposedly for sale. The piece was a canned segment. Neither the restaurant nor the owner was real; they existed only as taped dialogue from a comedy service subscribed to by the station.

      When Tong telephoned WKCI- FM to protest the broadcast as a racial slur, disc jockeys Glenn Beck and Pat Grey made fun of him. The two played a gong in the background several times, and Papineau, the executive producer, mocked a Chinese accent.

      Zila herself apologized in writing, as did L. Lowry Mays, president and chief executive officer of the station’s parent company, Clear Channel Communications Inc. of Texas. The station hopes the agreement ends an embarrassing situation that it admits was its own fault.

      “All along, we knew we had made a mistake, said WKCI Program Director Steve Wilson.

      The apology was scheduled to air Monday, but was rescheduled because Beck is away on a family emergency, Wilson said. Grey has since left the station for another job in Salt Lake City and could not be reached for comment.


      I believe this ends the debate on Beck’s racism.

  19. hushpuppy says:

    To confucius:

    My, my, my are you so perfect that you take upon yourself the right to condemn Beck as being (in your mind) a zero? I guess you don’t believe in redemption or second chances. Beck went through recovery in the mid 1990s. That makes for at least 20 years sobriety.

    What you’re doing is not being judgmental as being condemnational and only God has that right. Remember Christ forgives sin and mistakes when we repent from the heart; the Scriptures says a righteous person falls 7 times and gets up again.

    When the woman was taken in the act of committing adultery and the mob dragged her to see Christ – waiting for Him to condemn her, Jesus stooped down to the ground and began writing in the dust. One by one her accusers, reading what He had written left quietly. At last when all her accusers had left, Christ asked her where her accusers were and told her to ‘go and sin no more’. She was given a second chance at her life.

    I don’t need you to feel sorry for me, why do you think I need your fake sorrow about whom I choose to admire?

    I guarantee there are a lot of people who are overcoming alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking, whatever, and trying to make amends in their lives.I guess by your way of thinking they are zeros.. and Christ said that whoever overcomes will be in His Kingdom… and since He said ‘all have sinned’ this means you too. So kindly put away your self-righteousness as well as your condemnation of all those you disagree with. It isn’t flattering you one bit.

    A lot of people think he’s a national treasure. A lot of people admire him. A lot of people agree with what he has to say and that’s evident by the amount of people that turn out to see him. He is a success story: successful author, entrepreneur, raconteur, hosts a radio and television program as well as going on tour with O’Reilly for the Bold Fresh Tour.

    Exactly what have you accomplished again?

    And one last thing – Beck is not bi-polar. He suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s a chemical imbalance that many are helped by prescription medication. Bi-Polar disorders are completely different – they’re forms of a type of depressive mental illness.

    Evidently that’s also something you condemn: mental illness. Well, you’ve really hit the jackpot and condemned millions of recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and those with mental illness. What a petty little person you are.

    • confucius says:

      To hushpuppy:

      You’ve misread my reply to your post. Nowhere did I say I was perfect, condemn Beck as being a “zero” (whatever that means) or disbelieve redemption.

      Speaking of judging and condemning, be careful. You might be guilty of judging and condemning, yourself. In fact, you might be doing it in the worst way–hypocritically.

      I thank you not to tell me when I’m faking something. Faking would be me complimenting you on a wonderfully insightful post. See? Nonetheless, I don’t do fake.

      Here are some other things I don’t do: self-righteousness and self-flattery. I’m not you.

      As for your comment about me condemning those with different views, I caution you once again on the very good chance of you being a hypocrite. (If you’re counting, that’s two strikes.)

      As for my accomplishments, here you go:

      –I put myself through college. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude in two departments.
      –I put myself through medical school. (And despite me having a funny last name, I graduated from an American school.) More specifically, I graduated from University of Chicago (Pritzker) with honors in medicine and surgery.
      –After residency, I took a job as a doctor in a tertiary care facility (that’s “hospital” to you). Initially, I was someone’s employee. A few years later, I opened my own healthcare services company and became my own boss. I also became payroll master, risk manager, late-night contract reader, chief light bulb changer and master toilet cleaner.
      –At the hospital where I work, I am Chief of two departments, Chief of the Medical Staff and one of the Board members for the rest of the hospital.
      –On a national level, I was a member of the Congressional Business Advisory Council, Business Roundtable and Physicians’ Advisory Board. For my work on the Advisory Board, I was made Honorary Chairman, got a nice little plaque and got to meet President George W. Bush, Majority Leader Tom Delay, Congresswoman Sue Myrick and Congressman Rick Renzi. I also got a plaque for my work on the Business Advisory Council. Both awards were highlighted in the Wall Street Journal—twice.
      –On a personal level, I bought a house for my family and another for my parents. Both are paid-in-full and without government help. (Crazy, right? I mean with me being a minority and everything.) Of everything I’ve done, I’m the most proud of giving my parents a house.

      I look forward to hearing your accomplishments soon, hushpuppy.

      Speaking of mental illnesses, how do you know Beck is not bipolar and suffers from ADHD? If you’re his doctor, you shouldn’t be revealing his medical history. It’s a felony. By the way, there is no medical evidence that ADHD is due to a chemical imbalance. I should know, I’m a doctor. Furthermore, bipolar illness is not a form a “depressive mental illness.” (Again, I’m a doctor.) It falls in the category of “mood disorders” of which depression is one and bipolar another.

      In closing, my post does not condemn alcoholics, drug addicts or those with mental illness. It says what it says—nothing more, nothing less.

      P.S. You really shouldn’t jump to conclusions. You know what they say about jumping to conclusions, don’t you? It makes you an a**. Maybe even a little petty.

  20. Steve says:

    Please, ladies and gentlemen, let us not bicker about Beck.

    There are so many bigger and better targets for our wrath.

  21. artboyusa says:

    Okay, I promise to not make fun of Benn Gleck.

  22. Chase says:

    @ Hushpuppy, no matter Beck’s humanity, and questions about his background, I too admire him for the back to basics and teaching that he does, vs the standard sniping of others.

    @artboyusa and confucious – on religion and faith, I would say this –

    The Founding Fathers were careful to provide for a proscription of a state church (being all too familiar with the misuse of religion by the State in the Old World), not to limit or eliminate the influence of religion from political discourse, but to insure that it was an independent voice to monitor the government and to mold the moral climate of society. (Which is why the gays’ infiltration of Christian pulpits and their assault on religion as a whole makes marriage a target – an attempt to eliminate or marginalize that voice, which is about the only one shaking a finger at their behaviors.)

    (Journalist) M.J. Sobran wrote, “The Framers of the Constitution…explicitly forbade the Congress…to abridge the ‘free exercise’ of religion, thus giving actual religious observance a rhetorical emphasis that fully accords with the special concerns we know they had for religion. It takes a special ingenuity to wring out of this a governmental indifference to religion, let alone an aggressive secularism.”

    So, the Founding Fathers’ aim was to ensure the free flow of religious ideas and practices for the betterment of the state and its citizens. They could not foresee the current efforts to silence the voice of religion in public discourse. Ingeniously, however, the government they established protects those who believe in God – and those who do not – to practice their beliefs freely.

    Athiests will never be denied the right not to believe but, as more and more portests are made agains the public practices of those who do believe, religion becomes singled out as the one accepted voice in public life, which was not the intention of the Founding Fathers. Let us all believe and believe together, but that means that we must not require religion to go underground. We must not insist or allow others to insist that all elements of religious belief, such as prayer, or Beck’s references to basic human principles, attributes, weaknesses and experience, all which are demonstrated in Scripture and history books, be eradicated from public activity.

    I personally understand the aversion, given the antics of Jim and Tammy Faye, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts, Robert Schuller, Ted Haggerty, and the congregation-challenged Revs Jackson and Sharpton, to organized religion that some use as an excuse to ‘stand free.’ I also understand that same excuse as a reason to not submit, not be involved, not sacrifice, or be asked by any to do anything. This is part of Beck’s message – that we all need to be more humble, swallow our pride, contribute to our communities through real charitable avenues, re-discover the God of both the Old Testament and his dealings with mankind as He prepared them for the message of Christ and His sacrifice. If we are refusing to go, in some fashion, to be humbled and reminded, forgetting or shunting the Sabbath observance while pursuing the Almighty Dollar and distracting recreational activities, we will be fighting a losing battle against secular progressivism, and the despair and inhumanity it seeks too impose universally.

    • confucius says:

      Beck’s formal education consists of high school and one theology class at Yale.

      Beck has not been ordained by any church to teach anything religious.

      Beck practices Mormonism–a faith viewed by many Christians as not Christian.

      In conclusion, Beck shouldn’t be teaching/lecturing Christianity to anyone.

  23. pennalto says:

    A minor nit-pick on the comment about those in charge of the park no longer taking head counts. Legally they have to so as to inform medical and emergency services what to expect in case something breaks out. Pickity, pickity, pickity……..

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