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Reuter Cites Radical Leftist Study On Voter ID

From an unquestioning Reuters:

Voting laws may disenfranchise 10 million Hispanic U.S. citizens: study

By Patricia Zengerle | September 23

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – New voting laws in 23 of the 50 states could keep more than 10 million Hispanic U.S. citizens from registering and voting, a new study said on Sunday, a number so large it could affect the outcome of the November 6 election.

The Latino community accounts for more than 10 percent of eligible voters nationally. But the share in some states is high enough that keeping Hispanic voters away from the polls could shift some hard-fought states from support for Democratic President Barack Obama and help his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

The new laws include purges of people suspected of not being citizens in 16 states that unfairly target Latinos, the civil rights group Advancement Project said in the study to be formally released on Monday.

This is the only mention in this entire article of the group behind this "study." More about them below. Apparently, it is now a ‘civil right’ for illegal aliens to vote.

Laws in effect in one state and pending in two others require proof of citizenship for voter registration. That imposes onerous and sometimes expensive documentation requirements on voters, especially targeting naturalized American citizens, many of whom are Latino, the liberal group said.

Nine states have passed restrictive photo identification laws that impose costs in time and money for millions of Latinos who are citizens but do not yet have the required identification, it said.

There is nothing onerous or expensive about getting a photo ID. In most states, they are provided free.

Republican-led state legislatures have passed most of the new laws since the party won sweeping victories in state and local elections in 2010. They say the laws are meant to prevent voter fraud; critics say they are designed to reduce turnout among groups that typically back Democrats.

Gosh those Republicans are horrible. Wanting honest elections and all that.

Decades of study have found virtually no use of false identification in U.S. elections or voting by non-citizens

This is also a blatant lie.

Nationwide, polls show Obama leading Romney among Hispanic voters by 70 percent to 30 percent or more, and winning that voting bloc by a large margin is seen as an important key to Obama winning re-election

And, after all, what is more important? Re-electing Obama or preserving the integrity of the ballot box?

For the record, here is some background on the Advancement Project, via Discover The Networks:


AP was founded in 1999 by veteran civil-rights lawyers seeking “to dismantle structural barriers to inclusion, secure racial equity, and expand opportunity for all.” Its major initiatives consist of the following:

Right to Vote: AP asserts that while the U.S. Constitution and the 1965 Voting Rights Act prohibit discrimination on account of race and ethnicity, individual states may nonetheless pass “arbitrary” and discriminatory election rules “with vast consequences.” …

Voter Protection: Fighting for “fair elections on behalf of voters of color,” AP collaborates with other voter-registration groups to “develop processes for verifying that applicants are indeed placed on the voting rolls as well as means of investigating unsuccessful applications.” Its coalition partners in this effort include the AARP, the ACLU, ACORN, the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, America Votes, the Brennan Center for Justice, Citizen Action, Common Cause, Democracy Rising, LatinoJustice/PRLDF, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the League of Women Voters, the NAACP, the National Education Association, the National Lawyers Guild, Project Vote, the Public Interest Research Group, the SEIU, the Sierra Club Foundation, UNITE HERE!, and the United States Student Association.

Felony Re-enfranchisement: Lamenting that African Americans constitute a disproportionate share of those individuals who cannot vote due to prior felony convictions, AP has initiated an “advocacy campaign” to “eliminate this discriminatory barrier to voting.”

Redistricting: To “build power in communities of color,” AP supports the creation of majority-black and -Hispanic congressional voting districts, so as to virtually ensure that members of those demographic groups will win election to the House of Representatives.

Immigrant Justice: In an effort to unite “the oppressed people in this country” in a broad struggle for “social, racial, and economic justice,” AP calls for the creation of “multi-racial and multi-ethnic alliances” between native-born blacks and illegal immigrants. According to AP, “immigrant offenses” should be decriminalized in a manner that “recognize[s] the dignity of all people,” including the “undocumented.” Further, the organization contends that border-control initiatives unfairly “demoniz[e] people of color while diverting attention and money from the systemic issues that are much more serious threats to our national security”; that laws “target[ing] immigrant populations for harsh treatment” are “modern-day equivalents to ‘Jim Crow’ laws”; and that “claims that undocumented immigrants are a drain on social services” are “overblown” and “counter-factual.” …

In 2012, AP urged the Department of Justice (DOJ), headed by Eric Holder, to investigate Florida election officials’ efforts to remove the names of non-citizens from the voter rolls of their state (where the names of many tens of thousands of non-citizens and deceased people had already been identified). As AP saw it, the Florida initiative was a thinly veiled attempt to block African Americans and Hispanics from voting. In May 2012 the Justice Department complied with AP’s request and ordered Florida to halt the name purge. When Florida secretary of state Ken Detzner defied the DOJ mandate (saying “we have an obligation to make sure the voter rolls are accurate and … ineligible voters cannot vote”), AP co-director Judith Browne Dianis accused him of being “recalcitrant.” …

A key funder of AP National is George Soros’s Open Society Institute, which in 2009 alone gave $500,000 to the organization.

But Reuters doesn’t think their readers deserve to know any of this.

They want them to believe their propaganda.

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3 Responses to “Reuter Cites Radical Leftist Study On Voter ID”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Radical Left is dead center to the media

  2. ilzito guacamolito says:

    ~ When Florida secretary of state Ken Detzner defied the DOJ mandate (saying “we have an obligation to make sure the voter rolls are accurate and … ineligible voters cannot vote”), AP co-director Judith Browne Dianis accused him of being “recalcitrant.” … ~

    Well, Judy, I accuse this administration of being recalcitrant…you know, in regard to that pesky Constitution.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Obama claims more illegals; sorry documentation challgenged, have been deported. Yeah, I know one. HE’S AUSTRALIAN & HE’S MARRIED TO AN AMERICAN! NOT TO MENTION A VETERAN, (which really shook up our ICE officials cause, Lord knows we don’t want some Australian born army vet who’s handy with a fire arm).

    The guy’s back in Australia & may have to wait up to a year to get back to HIS WIFE!!!

    If only he’d claimed he was Obama’s distant cousin.

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