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Louis Farrakhan Calls For Bush Impeachment

From the teary-eyed reporters at Reuters:


Farrakhan calls for impeachment of Bush

By Kevin Krolicki

DETROIT, Feb 25 (Reuters) – Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Sunday angrily denounced the war in Iraq and called for the impeachment of U.S. President George W. Bush in an appearance billed as his final public address.

What should they do about a man who has been lying to America?” Farrakhan said. Then, turning to face Rep. John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat who chairs the House Judiciary Committee and shared the stage in Detroit, he added: “If you won’t impeach him, sanction him.”

Farrakhan, 73, was released from a hospital last month after undergoing a 12-hour abdominal surgery related to prostate cancer.

There had been widespread speculation Farrakhan would use what supporters called a farewell speech to name a successor or to shift his movement closer to mainstream Islam. But Farrakhan instead devoted much of a wide-ranging, two-hour address to a critique of Bush’s foreign policy, which he linked to prophecy of the apocalypse.

“Why did they invade Iraq? Why did they kill Saddam? Why did they kill his sons?” Farrakhan said. “The real story is Saddam Hussein became an economic threat.”

He compared America’s decision to go to war with Iraq as being as one-sided as former boxing great Muhammad Ali, a black Muslim, “fighting a quadriplegic.” But he said the war had touched off a cycle of violence that would end with “cities destroyed … not by a terrorist but by God.”

Farrakhan also said the United States had no right to deny nuclear power to Iran, saying, “International law says Iran has that right.”

He urged his almost exclusively black audience to resist the calls of U.S. military recruiters, who he said targeted young people lacking education and opportunity.

“I’m here to tell you brothers and sisters that’s the worst decision you can ever make,” he said. “This is going down, and if you join it you go down with it.”

Thousands of Farrakhan’s supporters listened from chairs on the playing field at Ford Field, home to the Detroit Lions football team.

Farrakhan took the stage in the end zone after an introduction featuring Grammy-winning R&B singer Anita Baker, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and Conyers. He was embraced when he took the stage by Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

He concluded his address by urging followers to read a range of books, including recent works by former President Jimmy Carter and leftist scholar Noam Chomsky.

Farrakhan handed over temporary control of the Nation of Islam to a board last year because of an illness he said had taken him to “death’s door.” “My time is up,” he said on Sunday.

Farrakhan’s career has been marked by controversy, provocation and charges of anti-Semitism.

He once called Judaism a “gutter religion” and praised Adolph Hitler as a “great” man. He was barred from entering Britain in 1986 because the government said he espoused racist views.

Farrakhan said on Sunday he had never been “anti-gay” or “anti-white,” saying those labels had been applied by people looking to discredit him and incite his murder.

Farrakhan’s address was part of an annual Saviours’ Day event marking the birth of the Nation of Islam’s founder, W.D. Fard.

Active membership in the Nation of Islam is estimated to number in the tens of thousands. Its emphasis on racial separatism and deification of Fard have kept it at odds with mainstream Islam in the past.

You see, it’s all about “unity.”

Lest we forget, Minister Farrakhan is (or was) the paid stooge of Muammar Kaddafi, and almost certainly other Middle Eastern leaders.

And why not? He hates the Jews almost more than they do.

Luckily in a past "Saviours’ Day" speech, the self-appointed minister told us the truth about 9/11:

I hasten to tell you that the precious lives that were lost in the World Trade Center was a cover, a cover for a war that had been planned to bring a pipeline through Afghanistan to bring oil from that region, oil owned by Unocal of which Dick Cheney is a stockholder." — Saviour’s Day Speech, Chicago, 2/23/03

And speaking of lies, it’s a wonder he didn’t gag on this one:

Farrakhan said on Sunday he had never been "anti-gay" or "anti-white…"

From some of his more upbeat remarks on whites:

Katrina should have taught us that the government of the United States is not our friend. Katrina should have shown us the cold-hearted nature, not of white people, but the cold-hearted nature of the rulers. There are white people who want to see something good done. But they are hamstrung by white people who don’t want to see something good done. — Saviours’ Day, Chicago, Illinois, 2/26/06

White people are potential humans…they haven’t evolved yet." — Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/18/00

According to a journalist’s account, "Farrakhan called ‘the white man’ the ‘anti-Christ’ to rousing applause." — Jackson, MS, 9/19/97, Clarion-Ledger, 9/21/97

And of course there are similar quotes about his feelings towards homosexuals.

It’s a miracle he didn’t deny he was anti-Semitic as well.

Ever notice how chronic liars tend to call everyone else "liars"? Of course being a pathological liar is probably the least of this murdering racist hate-mongering lunatic’s faults.

But what does it say about Rep. John Conyers and the other politicians and celebrities who honored him like a hero?

These people would have lined up to kiss Hitler’s feet and called him "Saviour."

By the way, the "Saviour" of "Saviours’ Day" [sic] is Wallace Fard Muhammad, whose real name was Wallace Dodd Ford. The holiday marks his birthday.

(Someone really should straighten out the NOI about the spelling of savior and the proper use of possessives.)

Mr. Ford Fard was a drug addict and ex-con.

And just like Louis Farrakhan (who was born Louis Eugene Walcott), he was a dangerous pathological liar and racist lunatic who preyed upon ignorant blacks — for profit and glory.

Goodbye and good riddance.

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