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Reuters: EU Won’t Agree To ‘Tougher’ Sanctions

From Reuters:

Obama opens crisis talks in Europe as Ukraine pulls forces from Crimea

By Justyna Pawlak and Aleksandar Vasovic | March 24, 2014

THE HAGUE/FEODOSIA, Ukraine (Reuters) – – U.S. President Barack Obama began crisis talks with his European allies on Monday after Ukraine announced the evacuation of its troops from Crimea, effectively yielding the region to Russian forces which stormed one of Kiev’s last bases there.

Obama, who has imposed tougher sanctions on Moscow than European leaders over its seizure of the Black Sea peninsula, will seek support for his firm line at a meeting with other leaders of the G7…

Now that is sad, if Obama’s pathetic sanctions on a handful of bureaucrats are tougher than the EU’s.

In what has become the biggest East-West confrontation since the Cold War, the United States and the European Union have imposed visa bans and asset freezes on some of Putin’s closest political and business allies. But they have held back so far from measures designed to hit Russia’s wider economy…

Such as kicking Russia out of the G-8, which they could do with the stroke of a pen.

Western officials are now focussed [sic] less on persuading Putin to relinquish Crimea – a goal that seems beyond reach – than on deterring him from seizing other parts of Ukraine…

Yep, they have already moved on to the next battle. And they are planning how best to surrender them, while saving face.

Persuading Europeans to sign on to tougher sanctions could be a challenge for Obama. The European Union does 10 times as much trade with Russia as the United States, and is the biggest customer for Russia oil and gas…

Of course, Mr. Obama could offer to increase our gas and oil production and to fill any gap from Russia. Which would help our economy and get Europe out from under Russia’s thumb.  (Just kidding. That is the last thing Obama would ever do.)

"Europeans are committed to do something," said Jeffrey Mankoff, an analyst at the Center for Strategic International Studies. "I think it’ll be difficult to convince them to go anywhere near where the United States would like to go." …

In other words, the Europeans are committed to doing nothing. As always.

Meanwhile, from the Associated Press:

Obama aide: ‘Possible’ Russia could enter Ukraine

March 23, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top White House aide says it’s possible that Russia could invade eastern Ukraine, and even U.S. military assistance would be unlikely to prevent it.

Deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken [sic] says Russia seems to be trying intimidate Ukrainians by massing thousands of troops along the border.

What a perfect name for Obama’s national security advisor.

But Blinken also tells CNN’s "State of the Union" that "it’s possible they are preparing to move in."

He says the U.S. is looking at providing military assistance to Ukraine. But he also says "it’s very unlikely to change Russia’s calculus and prevent an invasion." …

In other words, ‘Go ahead Comrade Putin. We won’t do anything to stop you.’

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2 Responses to “Reuters: EU Won’t Agree To ‘Tougher’ Sanctions”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Scardey-Cat .. meet Fraidy Cat

  2. canary says:

    The US and European country leaders had to have seen and known ahead of time what Russia was doing, and they did absolutely nothing about it.

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