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Reuters: Muslims Rush To Restore Church

From those tireless defenders of the (Muslim) faith at Reuters:

Muslims rush to restore torched Egypt church

By Sami Aboudi Wed May 25, 2011

CAIRO (Reuters) – Mohammed Fathi worked his brush gently over an icon of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, removing soot from its surface inside a church gutted in an attack by Islamist militants this month

The 26-year-old is one of a vast group of mostly Muslim craftsmen tasked with restoring St Mary’s Church in the Cairo suburb of Imbaba after militants set it on fire on May 7.

"Militants"? We thought that was the word Reuters used for terrorists? In reality, hundreds of local Muslims attacked this church because they claimed a Christian woman was being held there against her will because she wanted to convert to Islam.

In the process they killed at least 12 Coptic Christians and injured at least 232 more. But Reuters chose to omit these minor details from their story.

Egypt’s military rulers have ordered its restoration at a time when tensions between Christians, who account for about 10 percent of Egypt’s population, and Muslims are on the rise.

Note how Reuters portrays the ongoing Muslim slaughter of minority Egyptian Christians as if both sides are equally to blame.

Also note that was no "rush" by Muslims to restore this church. The headline makes it sound like a group of Muslims volunteered to rebuild the church as an act of contrition.

But they are just workers who were hired under orders from Egypt’s military rulers, who want to keep the billions in American aid flowing into their pockets.

Attacks have triggered protests and pose a challenge for Egypt’s new rulers, under pressure to impose security while seeking to avoid the tough tactics against Islamists used by deposed President Hosni Mubarak.

Yes, they don’t want to be too tough on these Muslim murderers. That wouldn’t be in keeping with the ‘Arab Spring.’

The ground floor of the four-storey church was gutted in the fire, destroying 10 out of 27 old icons beyond repair.

Wednesday, a team of mostly Muslim restorers — working for one of Egypt’s biggest construction firms known as The Arab Contractors — huddled in one corner, using special chemicals, paint and brushes to rescue the remaining paintings.

Given that the country is "mostly Muslim," is there any real significance in the restorers who have been hired being "mostly Muslim’? Whey does Reuters choose to employ this phrase twice?

In fact, we would suppose that the Copts would rather have had some of their own hired for the job.

The May 7 attack caused an outcry in a country grappling with growing crime and lawlessness after an uprising forced Mubarak from power in February.

Really? Who cried out – apart from the Egyptians Christians?

Egypt’s ruling military council has vowed to punish those behind sectarian violence and promised to protect Christians by tightening security around places of worship.

Sectarian tension grew during Mubarak’s three decades in office and accelerated in the chaos that followed his overthrow. Many Christians say the military-led government is being too soft on the Islamist radicals who whip up inter-faith hatred.

In fact, sectarian tensions diminished under Mr. Mubarak. But they have increased dramatically since his glorious ‘overthrow.’

The governorate of Giza, where Imbaba is located, has pledged to pay for restoration of St Mary’s church, expected to cost around 6 million Egyptian pounds ($1 million).

Will they pay any ‘blood money’ to the relatives of the Christians who were murdered? (Just kidding. Only Muslims get ‘blood money.’)

For now, workers are busy plastering and painting its walls and sweeping out the dust, pushing to finish their work as quickly as possible.

"This work would normally require up to three months. We are doing it in 21 days," Ibrahim Mahlab, chief executive of The Arab Contractors, said while inspecting the work.

Which sounds to us like they are doing a slapdash job.

"We want to show that no intruder can create a rift between Muslims and Christians."

What "intruder" would that be? This church was attacked by local Muslims. Not any outsiders.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, May 26th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

6 Responses to “Reuters: Muslims Rush To Restore Church”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    If Christians had torched a mosque, you could have lit a cigarette (with no matches) at the Israeli
    border between Egypt. That’s how hot things would have gotten.
    This is not the end of this by no means.
    Peaceful mooselimbs just won’t have it!

  2. Right of the People says:

    “We want to show that no intruder can create a rift between Muslims and Christians.”

    When you’ve got the Mooselimb Brotherhood, you don’t need an intruder. Ah, the religion of pieces. I’m sure they want to restore the building so it will be in good shape when they finally rid themselves of all the infidel Christians and they can convert it to a mosque.

    • Chase says:

      “good shape”?!

      You gotta be kidding me. Islamic artisans? I have been in several of the palaces built for Saddam in Iraq and they were falling apart of their own shoddy work and poor materials, and in less than 10 years following completion.

      There are historical reasons for The Green Line – there is nothing in the Mooselimb ethic about hard work, honesty, integrity, or accountability that would ever have me hiring one for any kind of “honest day’s work.”

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “islamic artisans” is like saying “rap musicians”.

  3. canary says:

    Obama has given the orders for revolutions allowing al-Qaida to win every revolution in middle-east countries.
    This explains Obama cleaning his ear with his pointed finger for a half-minute, before reaching out to shake Israels PM with the same hand, after Israel’s PM told Obama of his demand “it’s not going to happen”.

    The Washington Post: Egypt to reopen Gaza border crossing, raising Israeli concerns

    By Ernesto Londono and Joel Greenberg, May 25 2011

    CAIRO — Egypt will permanently open its border crossing with the Gaza Strip this weekend, the government announced Wednesday, underscoring how dramatically the uprisings that are roiling the Arab world could reshape the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Egypt’s interim military leaders, who had been instrumental in implementing the blockade under orders from then-President Hosni Mubarak, appeared to be responding to an increasingly vocal and empowered constituency that wants Egypt to decisively back the Palestinian cause.

    The move comes as President Obama is stepping up pressure on Israel to acknowledge the new realities that the ongoing revolutions in the Middle East may bring.

    Ghazi Hamad, the deputy foreign minister of the Hamas government in Gaza, said in a telephone interview that Egypt linked opening the border to the recent reconciliation pact it brokered between Hamas and Fatah, the mainstream Palestinian faction that administers the West Bank.

    The formal announcement Wednesday set the timing and terms and made clear that the initiative has the backing of the military generals who are serving as the country’s interim rulers until elections later this year.


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      trillions of acres of craptacular desert to live in, and the sand-people want the few square miles that belong to Israel. Even Hambone has to be aware that something is skewed here. But then, in the land of reality where the rest of us have to live, we see the things that Hambone cannot or will not. Again, it’s confirmation to me that he lives in a world in his own head. So you can add psychotic to the list of his many “issues”. Perhaps that scar on his skull is indicative of something we all need to know about; was it a time when a large metal object he was climbing as a child toppled and fell on him, where he got a free ER visit and tens of thousands of dollars worth of public-funded brain surgery, where the doctor said, “Well, he may turn out ok but to be honest, he’s going to have some serious psychological problems the rest of his life.”

      That would be my guess.

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