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Obama Is Too Handsome To Caricature

From a besotted Reuters:

Obama too handsome for good satire: caricaturist

Posted Wed Jan 21, 2009

New US President Barack Obama is too good-looking to provide inspiration for cartoons in the same way former president George W Bush served as fodder for some of their most biting commentary, a caricaturist says.

"It’s never a gift for a caricaturist to draw a handsome man," said Pierre Kroll, from Belgium, which prides itself on its comic book culture, including Tintin.

"Somehow, we prefer overweight people, people with a beard, huge noses, ridiculous glasses … If caricaturists could elect presidents, we would choose people with faces we enjoy drawing, and not a playboy like him," said Kroll, whose works appears in the Belgian daily Le Soir.

Kroll said positive public sentiment towards the incoming US president might also make it harder for caricaturists, whose portraits have to underline a person’s weaknesses and flaws.

"Caricaturists like to be a bit nasty and here he comes with a lot of sympathy; it’s harder for us to do our job and mock him while Bush had become a favourite target for cartoonists," he said.

Obviously love is blind.

We think his purple lips alone make him quite, er… distinctive.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, January 21st, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

22 Responses to “Obama Is Too Handsome To Caricature”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    Oh – my sides – how anyone could write or say this with a straight face is beyond me.

    Thanks SG for the laugh – great way to start the day.

  2. A Mad Pole says:

    What about the One’s EARS???

  3. oki2 says:

    (I Am Not A Caricaturist) but… I would probably start by emphasizing the browline (pull it out and down a bit more), expand on the ears a bit and extend the pointy finger bit.

  4. The Redneck says:

    How DARE you criticize the holy ears?

    You, sir, are obviously a racist!

  5. Colonel1961 says:

    Thanks, SG – I had not wanted to step on the ‘purple lips’ landmine, myself…

  6. oldswimcoach says:

    Given the picture above, E.T. comes to mind – and E.T. came from an advanced civilization and yet he was still lost and surrounded by children trying to help… Hmm… I definitely see some parallels!

  7. Confucius says:

    Don’t forget that cancerous mole hill on the side of his nose. And his man-boobs. And his shaved chest.

    And what about his mannerisms? Like how he shoots the basketball (and misses) like a girl . . . correction . . . like a little Belgium girl. Or like how every third word he utters is “uh,” “er,” or “and.” Or how a Southern accent appears whenever he’s in or near Selma. Or how an urban accent appears whenever a homie is in the audience.

  8. Deana says:

    Oldswimcoach –

    That is hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh.

  9. proreason says:

    If he’s not wagging his finger at you, he’s waving them in front of your face.

    And I’m tired of the pursed lips and furrowed brow as well.

  10. hugo says:

    I do cartooning, and I would say that the photos that have been made available of Mr. Obama are usually too worshipful to be of much use to a caricaturist. While the press took great delight in any good ol’ fashioned human goofiness Mr. Bush cared to exhibit, the same cannot be said of Mr. Obama. He is too busy looking mercifully benevolent, or heroic, or gazing prophetically into the skies. It’s like trying to cartoon Greek statuary, for pete’s sake. It doesn’t help that he’s prettier than his wife – what I think of as the “Dharma and Greg Effect.” Historically, the toughest people to cartoon are the very ordinary or the very plain. President Ford, God love him, was the best example of that.

    Belgium gave the world Tintin and the Smurfs. I’m not sure what their history is regarding caricature.

    • proreason says:

      I don’t buy your argument.

      Look at the ears, lips, skinny angular frame, feminine features, pursed lips, long fingers waggling around, rurrowed brow, mouth always open and wagging, lies flying out of his mouth like moths. What’s NOT to caricature.

      The only reason they don’t want to do cartoons, is because the cowards know that the liberal racists will go through the roof.

      Maybe he needs a name symbol like Prince, so we don’t even have to utter his name.

    • JohnMG says:

      How about a Gravatar?

  11. TickTock says:

    Jug-eared race-baiter.

  12. Dr.D says:

    Something to emphasize the falsehoods seems appropriate, I think.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      A God that lies? Zues, Thor, Odin, Apollo, Ares……all mythical Gods but they never lied!
      Perhaps a flat nose of african descent that grows wider instead of outwards when the lord of lords lies straight faced.

  13. Anonymoose says:

    Handsome? Playboy? For the love of……..

  14. take_no_prisoners says:

    “What, me worry?”

  15. lt matt says:

    OK….hunt down a picture of OSAMA BIN LADEN. Hold it up and to a picture of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Put a long gray beard on Bama Boy and a little swirly turban….see we’ve been hunting all over Pakistan…..and he was in Chicago all along….guess where he is right now….1600 Pennsylvania Ave….a chill just went up my…back! Seriously those two men favor more than you can imagine…skin tone, facial structure, thin nose and lips, brow line…I double dog dare you to compare….

  16. chidis says:

    You got it wrong man. Osama looks pretty much white, except for his skin. And he is more capable. Get the implication? Bama boy on the other hand is an atavism.

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