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Reuters: Post Office Cuts Threaten Black Jobs

From Reuters:

U.S. Post Office cuts threaten source of black jobs

By Mary Wisniewski | January 21, 2013

CHICAGO (Reuters) – … The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service has eliminated 168,000 jobs since 2006, and more cuts could result as it struggles to avoid its own "fiscal cliff." As the United States honors Martin Luther King’s civil rights legacy on Monday, many African-American workers may be facing new obstacles to achieving and maintaining a middle-class life style.

African-Americans represent 13.1 percent of the U.S. population and 11.6 percent of the labor force, according to a 2012 U.S. Department of Labor report. Nearly one in five African-American workers hold government jobs such as mail clerks, firefighters and teachers, the report said.

So having a public sector government job is now a civil right?

"There’s a long tradition of the public sector being more friendly, or less hostile, to African-American workers," said Robert Zieger, emeritus professor of history at the University of Florida in Gainesville. "The Post Office is the best example."

African-Americans make up about 20 percent of U.S. Postal Service workers – and are the majority in some urban centers, representing 75 percent to 80 percent of the 5,000 letter carriers in the Chicago area, according to Mack Julion, president of the Chicago branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Doesn’t this prove that there is discrimination in the public sector, especially in the Post Office?

But the public sector has cut nearly 600,000 jobs since 2009, due to shrinking government budgets and a range of other issues, according to the Bureau of Labor Relations…

Does anyone believe this? By every measure the public sector has been growing by leaps and bounds.

With no action by Congress, the postal service is losing $25 million a day, by some estimates, and could run out of money by October.

And we can’t allow that to happen. Not with all those Obama voters.

Why are there so many African-Americans in the Post Office? Because historically it was less prone to racial discrimination than other employers and offered a way out of poverty, says Rubio, a former postal worker and author of the book "There’s Always Work at the Post Office: African American Postal Workers and the Fight for Jobs, Justice and Equality." …

That’s funny. It sounds like the Post Office is actually more prone to racial discrimination to us. Where is the outrage? Where are the lawsuits?

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3 Responses to “Reuters: Post Office Cuts Threaten Black Jobs”

  1. USSFreedom says:

    The first to go in the recent shake-up at the PO were custodial workers. Former Postmasters are being demoted to clerks in rural offices, with hours cut and additional broom and mop duties that can only be accomplished by doing the work on off the clock time, if the mail is to be processed according to strict schedules of availability. The meltdown of many PO workers gained headlines years ago with scenarios of shootings between staff and supervisors. God forbid a return to that mindset of wearing a bulletproof vest when picking up the weekly circulars to be deposited in the recycling bins now provided for the PO to sell to those still in that business. One such event in today’s anti-gun atmosphere and millions more will be paying even their garbage bill online. I hope those in the ranks of recent PO unemployed, having pulled the lever for O based only on racial affiliation, have awakened to the fact of the “Change” not being quite what they expected. Just keep watchin all the TV programs and Hollywood movies with “The black man or woman in charge” as you wait for that unemployment check.

  2. untrainable says:

    I’m confused. The post office is losing $25 million a day (That’s 7.8 $Billion a year) and they’re GOING to run out of money? African Americans make up 20% of the postal service, but a cutback would only be bad for THEM? What about the other 80% who AREN’T African American? They just get a pass? I’m so twisted up I can’t even tell who the “RACIST” is in this scenerio. The post office, the union, or Reuters. I’m going to go with all of the above.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Let’s play the Fair Percentage Game!

    Blacks make up 12% of the US Population re: 2010 Census

    But they’re 20% of the US Postal Service workforce?

    Some sort of favoritism or racial bias is at work. We need to eliminate that extra 8% – or – out of 546,000 employees I demand the USPS eliminate 43,000 blacks from their employment.

    In order to be Fair and Balanced. Don’t want one racial group favored over another. WE MUST cap Black employment at the USPS at the 12% US Population they represent, or, 65,520 out of 546,000 jobs. Currently they’re 109,000. That’s favoritism. 43,000 jobs have to be filled with whites or Hispanics or Indians or some such, but blacks are over represented.

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