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Reuters: Raise Taxes, Don’t Cut Spending

From the Democrat media operatives at Reuters:

Deficit-cut panel convenes amid skepticism

By Kevin Drawbaugh [sic] and Donna Smith Wed Sep 29, 2010

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With just two months left before it has to issue a final report, a U.S. commission looking at ways to cut the federal deficit was to meet again on Wednesday amid questions about its hard-headedness.

Is Reuters worried that the committee might not be stubborn enough about insisting on raising any and all taxes? They have nothing to fear on that score.

Getting the government’s budget out of the red and back into the blackafter years of costly wars, tax cuts and recessionwill require spending reductions and tax increases, according to most analysts looking at the issue.

Yes, we must save the government from those costly tax cuts. Also notice that we will never hear any further mention of "spending reductions" — except for reducing benefits for ‘the rich’ from programs which they have been paying into all their working lives.

But in a highly charged pre-election political climate, making hard judgments on these fronts may be too much to ask of the panel set up in February by President Barack Obama, said the same analysts, who have watched the commission closely.

Which is why this commission’s report won’t be issued until after the November elections. And, of course the “judgments” will not be “hard” at all. 

They will be the same “judgments” Democrats always make: increase taxes, invent new taxes. Take from ‘the rich’ (people who work) and give to ‘the poor’ (people who won’t work).

Politicians from both parties and a handful of business community figures are led by former White House chief of staff Erskine Bowles and former Senator Alan Simpson on the 18-member National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform…

All the politicians and business figures are from the Ruling Class. By the way, notice the conspicuous absence of any mention of Mr. Andy Stern.

As if the panel’s job weren’t tough enough, the National Organization for Women and other activists plan to picket outside Wednesday’s meeting to demand Simpson’s ouster.

He angered women’s groups last month when, in an email to a critic, he likened the national Social Security retirement pension program to "a milk cow with 310 million tits."

One can see how NOW would feel this remark was hitting a little too close to home. Especially since NOW probably only has about 155 members these days.

Social Security is one of several areas being eyed by the panel for changes. Others include Medicare, the defense budget and a range of tax policies, including popular tax deductions for mortgage interest and charitable giving, analysts said.

Translation: the age for Social Security and Medicare will be upped, and the benefits (which were actually paid into) will be slashed so that people who have never paid into either system will get more benefits. The defense budget will be slashed. Mortgage deductions and deductions for donations to charities will be taken away from ‘the rich.’

And, of course, Reuters fails to note that several new taxes ideas will undoubtedly be ‘put on the table,’ such as the VAT.

Virtually every item on the commission’s hit-list has a political constituency that is bound to be angered by any attempts at reform, said Maya MacGuineas, director of fiscal policy at the New America Foundation, a think tank.

That’s what happens when a problem like the budget deficit is left to fester for so long. Easy solutions fade away until only the tough choices remain. "There’s no fix now that doesn’t include political third rails," MacGuineas said

There is a very easy fix. Reduce government spending. Start with an across the board reduction of at least 10%. If they can do it in socialist Europe, we can do it here.

But such an idea is not even mentioned in this entire article – and you can bet it will not occur to the ‘National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.’ In fact, spending cuts are only mentioned here, in the penultimate paragraphs:

A Reuters/Ipsos poll last week showed that 57 percent of Americans see cutting the deficit as a better way to help recovery than raising government spending, although many economists warn spending cuts now could hurt the economy.

A group of 300 economists, including former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, earlier this month signed a statement warning of "a grave danger that the still-fragile economic recovery will be undercut by austerity economics."

Thank Allah we are ruled by “economists” like the brilliant Robert Reich, rather than stupid Americans.

But just look at how “austerity economics” is killing Holland and Germany every other country that has tried cutting government spending.

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6 Responses to “Reuters: Raise Taxes, Don’t Cut Spending”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Stupidity has no zenith when it comes to those in charge (lawyers) on the Hill.
    How about we stop all the billions of tax dollars going to rogue regimes that seek our demise. Did you all know that the rich in Pakistan pay nothing in taxes but we pay for their schools and infrastructure? 300 million to Hamas for what? Billions and Billions go out to other countries with no accounting as to where or what this money is being spent on.
    We as a nation cannot allot another dime to the U.N. paper tiger because of the known corruption and contempt it shows towards its’ host.
    We are broke…..plain and simple! For us to cut our own throats all the while buying friends elsewhere is utter foolishness.
    A flat tax makes more sense to me than ripping SSI and Medicare which are payed into by “workers”. Get rid of pork barrel spending because lobbyist are corrupting the system and rendering “We the people….” mute and politicians deaf.
    I wish I was suave like proreason or a wordsmith like Petronius but I think you all get my drift. Sorry for the long rant but these things to bring reckless spending under control are not hard.

  2. Right of the People says:


    The bitch is no matter how much money we spend, the countries we send the money to will never be our “friend”. If we stopped sending money overseas and giving to the UN we could reduce the deficit rather quickly. It’s time to stop caring what other countries think about us a start caring about taking care of our own problems.

  3. proreason says:

    Every dollar slashed from government bureaucracies will add at least five to the economy.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    At the end of the day, no matter how they want to justify or rationalize it, a democrat wants to tax and spend.

    They know no other way.

  5. Mae says:

    How about every Reuters employee from maintenance to chairman donate 50% of their salary to the feds. Lead the way, Reuters!

  6. JohnMG says:

    …..”He angered women’s groups last month when, in an email to a critic, he likened the national Social Security retirement pension program to “a milk cow with 310 million tits.”……..”

    Calm down girls, and read what he said. Obviously what got their panties in a wad was what they THOUGHT he said–“with 310 million twits”.

    I can see where they might take offense at that. ;-}

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