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Reuters Saw “Bodies In Street” At Haditha

A report filed the day after the alleged "massacre" Reuters:

A frame grab from a video provided to Reuters on March 21, 2006 by Hamourabi Human rights group shows a body being carried, which Hamourabi says was loaded onto a truck with bodies of a family shot dead in their home in Haditha, in western Anbar province, Iraq.

US details Haditha shoot-out

Last Update: Sunday, November 20, 2005. 9:15pm

A roadside bomb that killed a US Marine in the restive town of Haditha on Saturday also killed 15 Iraqi civilians and led to intense clashes with insurgents.

The powerful bomb detonated as a US military convoy was passing through the town, which is 220 kilometres north-west of Baghdad.

The US military says immediately after the blast, gunmen opened fire on the convoy.

US and Iraqi soldiers returned fire, killing eight insurgents and wounding another in a firefight.

A cameraman working for Reuters in Haditha says bodies had been left lying in the street for hours after the attack.

He says the town has been virtually shut down for the past two days as US and Iraqi forces try to impose order.

US troops have been trying for months to quell the insurgency in Haditha and other Sunni Arab towns on the Euphrates.

It was suspected several months ago that Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was hiding out in the area.

The casualties from Saturday’s blast raised the death toll from attacks across Iraq over the past three days to at least 166.

Sunni-led insurgents are stepping up their battle against US and Iraqi forces ahead of parliamentary elections in December.

The cameraman from Reuters was very possibly Ali Omar Abrahem al-Mashhadani, shown here after his recent release from prison:

At the time of the Haditha incident, al-Mashhadani had just been released from a year in detention by the US and Iraqi government for his ties to the insurgency.

And yet even al-Mashhadani reports that there were bodies "left lying in the streets."

We have subsequently been told that the Marines went from house to house (now up to 20 houses) and killed people "execution style" in each house. For instance, that is stated in the caption for the video grab above.

Why would there be "bodies had been left lying in the street for hours after the attack"?

And didn’t the Reuters cameraman take photos? Why haven’t we seen them in the eight months since?

Aren’t they important?

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