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Reuters Says ‘Congress Fails To Break Impasse’

From Reuters:

U.S. government shutdown begins after Congress fails to break impasse

By John Whitesides | October 1, 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government began a partial shutdown on Tuesday for the first time in 17 years, potentially putting up to 1 million workers on unpaid leave, closing national parks and stalling medical research projects.

You see? The evil House Republicans are going to keep the federal government from curing cancer.

By the way, in the last (and longest ever) government shutdown (from Dec. 16, 1995, to Jan. 6, 1996), ‘only’ 284,000 federal workers were furloughed. Do we really have so many more government workers now?

And never fear. No matter how many get furloughed, they will all be paid eventually. It’s in their union contracts. So this is just a paid vacation for them.

Federal agencies were directed to cut back services after lawmakers could not break a political stalemate that sparked new questions about the ability of a deeply divided Congress to perform its most basic functions.

‘Control of the purse strings’ is the Houses Of Representatives’ most basic function. Why shouldn’t they get to say what gets spent on what? When the Democrats controlled the House that was never questioned.

After House Republicans floated a late offer to break the logjam, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rejected the idea, saying Democrats would not enter into formal negotiations on spending "with a gun to our head" in the form of government shutdowns…

This was the third Republican compromise. Wherein they submitted a CR that removed Congress’s Obama-Care subsidy. But Reuters doesn’t dare mention that fact, because like all the other Republican suggestions such as delaying the individual mandate, it is wildly popular.

Instead, Reuters like Harry Reid, sees the Republicans offers to compromise as hostage taking.

With an eye on the 2014 congressional elections, both parties tried to deflect responsibility for the shutdown. President Barack Obama accused Republicans of being too beholden to Tea Party conservatives in the House of Representatives and said the shutdown could threaten the economic recovery.

Once again, Obama tips his hand. That is what the shutdown is all about — demonizing the Tea Party before the 2012 midterms. After all, it was the Tea Party that caused the GOP to win its historic landslide victories in the 2010 midterms. And Obama doesn’t want that to happen again.

And after the sequester didn’t work, the Democrats had to come up with a way to discredit the Tea Party. And that is why they want a government shutdown, so they could blame the Tea Party for it.

This is all an effort to make the GOP denounce the Tea Party, which is their only chance for victory. And the GOP almost fell for it.

The political stakes are particularly high for Republicans, who are trying to regain control of the Senate next year. Polls show they are more likely to be blamed for the shutdown, as they were during the last shutdown in 1996…

Not really. Even the poll Reuters cites later in this piece shows that the GOP would just get 6% more blame than the Democrats. And that is all due to the news media. Eventually the truth will out and the public will see who is refusing to negotiate.

The shutdown, the culmination of three years of divided government and growing political polarization, was spearheaded by Tea Party conservatives united in their opposition to Obama, their distaste for Obama’s healthcare law and their campaign pledges to rein in government spending.

Obama refused to negotiate over the demands and warned a shutdown could "throw a wrench into the gears of our economy." …

So why doesn’t he stop it? Why doesn’t he demand that the Senate accept the House’s reasonable proposal? After all, we wouldn’t want to slowdown our juggernaut recovery.

In the hours leading up to the deadline, the Democratic-controlled Senate repeatedly stripped measures passed by the House that tied temporary funding for government operations to delaying or scaling back the healthcare overhaul known as Obamacare. The Senate instead insisted on funding the government through November 15 without special conditions…

Once again notice how Reuters and the rest of the news media refuse to report that the Republicans wanted to delay the individual mandate and to take away Congress’s taxpayer subsidy for Obama-Care. Why is that?

A Reuters/Ipsos poll showed about one-quarter of Americans would blame Republicans for a shutdown, 14 percent would blame Obama and 5 percent would blame Democrats in Congress, while 44 percent said everyone would be to blame.

So it’s 25% would blame the GOP versus 19% who would blame Obama and the Democrats. A 6% difference. Big deal.

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