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Reuters: Israel Has Been “Rocked By Scandals”

From the terrorist loving, Israeli hating folks at Reuters:

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, second right, chairs the weekly Israeli cabinet meeting in Jerusalem Sunday Aug. 20, 2006.

After the war: scandals rock Israel

Aug 20, 2006

By Jeffrey Heller

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The president is locked in a sex scandal, the justice minister is quitting over a purported stolen kiss, the prime minister is haunted by a property deal and the country's top general is under fire for stock trading.

Welcome to Israel, after the war…

No criminal charges have been filed in any of the cases. But suspicions of sleaze at the top have darkened the public mood in Israel, where many have begun to question their leaders' conduct of a costly month-long conflict in Lebanon.

Some of the allegations:

— A former employee at the official residence of President Moshe Katsav says he coerced her into having sex with him. Katsav has denied the woman's allegations, which police are investigating. The scandal is unlikely to have any significant political impact as Katsav's post is largely ceremonial.

Justice Minister Haim Ramon announced on Friday he would resign after the attorney general said he was considering indicting the veteran politician over allegations by a former government employee that he forcibly kissed her.

A Justice Ministry statement said the woman accused Ramon of "kissing her on the lips while inserting his tongue without her consent". Ramon denied the charges and said he would prove his innocence in court.

Israel's top government watchdog has confirmed it is examining the terms of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's purchase of a Jerusalem apartment for $1.2 million in 2004

Olmert's popularity has already taken a beating in the polls, part of a public backlash over his handling of a war in Lebanon that failed to deal a fatal blow to Hizbollah or stop nearly 4,000 rockets from hitting northern Israel.

"The significance is clear: politically, Olmert is a dead man walking, " political commentator Ari Shavi wrote of the property row in the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper last week…

Gee, the media in Israel sounds just like the media in the US.

I guess they wouldn't want to get their hair mussed investigating any of the real scandals in the neighboring areas, such as Lebanon, Gaza or Syria and Iran.

It's far better (and safer) to stick to what is important. Like someone buying an apartment. Or "inserting a tongue" without consent.

After all, it's just the fate of Israel as a nation that's at stake.

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