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Reuters Sobs: Disgraced Sanford Wins House Seat

From Reuters:

Disgraced South Carolina ex-governor Sanford wins House seat

By Harriet McLeod | May 7, 2013

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) – Former Republican Governor Mark Sanford made a stunning political comeback on Tuesday, rebounding from a sex scandal to beat Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a personality-driven election for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives that put a national spotlight on South Carolina.

What a nice unbiased headline. Has Reuters ever described Bill Clinton as "disgraced"? Besides, didn’t Mark Sanford do what he did ‘for love’? (Which is something Clinton could never claim.)

Aren’t we supposed to forgive anything and everything, if love is involved?

Sanford regained the First Congressional District seat he held from 1995 to 2001 before serving two terms as governor, the second of which was marred when he tried to hide an affair by falsely saying that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail.

In case you may have missed that story.

He earned 54 percent of the vote to 45 percent for Colbert Busch, a businesswoman and first-time candidate whose brother is television satirist Stephen Colbert.

Which is quite a landslide. Especially, since our media guardians made it look like Stephen Colbert’s sister was a shoo in.

"I just want to acknowledge a God not just of second chances, but third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth chances," Sanford told cheering supporters in Mount Pleasant. "I am one imperfect man saved by God’s grace, but one who has a conviction on the importance of doing something about the spending in Washington, D.C.," he said…

What a disgusting person, to mention God after what he has done.

Sanford, 52, had trailed Colbert Busch, 58, by 9 points two weeks ago in a poll taken soon after revelations that his ex-wife had accused him of trespassing at her home…

It’s almost as if the news media’s polls are purposefully not accurate. For the record, our media guardians never once reported on Stephan Colbert’s sister’s own messy divorce and arrest back in 1988. (See below.)


Sanford gained momentum in the final weeks of the race as he shifted some of the focus off his personal lapses by depicting his opponent as a liberal in lock-step with national Democrats who are unpopular in the Republican-leaning district…

Telling the truth about a Democrat is now always characterized as an ‘attack’ by our one party news media.

The district, which includes the city of Charleston and parts of four rural counties and stretches south along the coast to wealthy Hilton Head Island, has not been represented by a Democrat since the early 1980s…

You see? He’s from a district that is all rubes and rich people.

By the way, Reuters also fails to note that Sanford was outspent by Stephan Colbert’s sister by more than 5 to 1.

Here is a blurb on the Stephan Colbert’s sister’s arrest, via the Examiner:

Media silent on arrest record of Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch

By Joe Newby | May 6, 2013

On Tuesday, voters in South Carolina’s First Congressional District will choose a new congressional representative. Although the media has been all over the extra-marital affair that haunts Republican Mark Sanford, very little has been reported about the 1988 arrest record of his Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch. On Sunday, the Independent Sentinel reported that Colbert-Busch spent time in jail on contempt-of-court charges during a messy divorce.

A Google search, however, finds very little reporting on the incident outside of conservative blogs.

According to the Sentinel, she "has been making some hay out of Sanford’s escapades with an Argentinian reporter he is now engaged to. She says things like, ‘This isn’t Argentina.’”

"Maybe Sanford should start saying, ‘I don’t have a mugshot!’” Sara Noble wrote.

Not only has Colbert-Busch worked to hide her arrest record, Noble said she has been keeping her views from voters by turning down most interviews…

Meanwhile, here is a brief sample of some of the tolerant liberal reactions to Sanford’s victory on Twitter, via Twitchy:

New tone? Liberals unleash hater-ade on ‘stupid rednecks’ who voted for Mark Sanford; Update: The h8 keeps coming

May 7, 2013

RC deWinter @RCdeWinter: "Fuck me running backwards in my grandmother’s dress! I can’t believe #Sanford won! Stupid rednecks!"

wes long @WesWeslong: "SC has got to be the most idiotic state to elect a lying SOB. Fuck SC’s damn shithead voters. Fucking idiots!!!!"

Brianna Johnson @justbri223: "Why the fuck was Mark Sanford elected? Nothin but dumbass ppl in SC."

Closer to Far @PrepareAFace: "Mark Sanford won. SC, you scare the fuck out of me."

HOPE from nyc @nycHope: "horrible news out of South Carolina: looks like that scumbag Sanford’s gonna win…what the fuck is wrong w/SC voters??"

Snniw Air @TheYankeei3: "@RichBolen fuck SC"

Scandalous Hussy @ScandalousHussy: "Mark Sanford spent taxpayer dollars on his affair & was AWOL for days. And South Carolina is totally cool with it. #wtf #SC01"

Thundercleese @RARE_KING: "There’s a lot of women in South Carolina voting for Mark Sanford…. SC republican women are freaks." …

How many of these people (and we use the term loosely) still idolize Bill Clinton?

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2 Responses to “Reuters Sobs: Disgraced Sanford Wins House Seat”

  1. mr_bill says:

    So Sanford is “disgraced,” but we’re supposed to be excited about Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife running for president?

  2. Petronius says:

    Steve: “Aren’t we supposed to forgive anything and everything, if love is involved?”

    Good point.

    Apparently the chief argument advanced for homosexual marriage is that the two partners love one another. By love they really mean sensuality or carnality, which is a poor basis for any marriage. In fact, it is a poor basis for anything lasting more than twenty minutes.

    But if — on the basis of love — we are expected to accept homosexual marriage, then surely we might also accept a little adultery with the Argentine hussy.

    And certainly the type of people who use such filthy language (above) could accept it. One would think they would accept anything.

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