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Reuters Tries To Split Anti-Corzine Vote

From the DNC’s helpful handmaidens at Reuters:

Independent stirs up New Jersey governor contest

By Ellen Wulfhorst

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey (Reuters) – An independent candidate stressing New Jersey’s economic woes is attracting surprising voter support in the governor’s race, which features an unpopular Democratic incumbent and a Republican challenger with ties to former President George W. Bush.

The independent, Chris Daggett, is a former federal environmental official who is not expected to win Tuesday’s election for governor in New Jersey, which backed President Barack Obama in 2008, but he could affect who does.

Daggett said at a campaign appearance this week he has found unhappy voters across New Jersey, the nation’s most densely populated state.

"It’s a lousy economy. It’s a stimulus package that hasn’t stimulated. It is jobs that are lost. It is homes foreclosed," Daggett told Reuters. "It’s all added up to this anger that is really widespread and, I think, national in scope." …

In his third campaign visit to New Jersey on Corzine’s behalf, Obama talked on Sunday about the importance of creating more jobs as the U.S. economy begins to turn around.

He told a crowd of about 5,000 people in Camden that Corzine was "not going to rest until not only is Wall Street doing well, but Main Street is doing well, and businesses are hiring again."

"We are two days away … from making sure that New Jersey has the kind of quality leadership it deserves," Obama said.

He sought to defend Corzine’s record by telling the crowd that Bush and his Republican allies in Congress were to blame for the nationwide recession.

"Listening to Jon’s opponent, you would think that New Jersey was the only state that’s having a tough time right now," Obama said. "He doesn’t seem to mention that we’re coming out of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. And guess what, that crisis didn’t start under Jon’s watch."

A Monmouth University/Gannett poll showed Christie edging out Corzine, 43 percent to 42 percent, while Doggett’s [sic] support dwindled to 8 percent.

Even though Daggett’s support appeared to have declined since he polled a high of 20 percent, it is seen as draining votes mainly from the Republican side.

"As an independent, Daggett doesn’t have some of the baggage that being a Democrat or being a Republican has," said Joseph Marbach, a political science professor and dean of New Jersey’s Seton Hall University.

"On the national level you have sharp and divided partisanship, particularly over stimulus issues or healthcare issues and now foreign affairs," he said. "Daggett represents a change from that."

Independents seldom poll as well as Daggett has, said Douglas Muzzio, a public affairs professor at Baruch College in New York. "He’s tapped into some anger, some fear, some distrust, but overall a dissatisfaction with the incumbent and his Republican challenger."

A Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters from October 20-26 showed Corzine leading Christie at 43 to 38 percent, with Daggett at 13 percent. The poll of 1,267 likely voters had a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points…

What the race is not, however, is a referendum on the Obama administration, observers said.

Instead it is centered on local issues, namely property taxes, and on Corzine’s record, none of which reflects what Obama is doing on the national stage, they said.

"There is only one issue in New Jersey, and has been for years, and that is real estate taxes," said Maurice Carroll, a pollster at Quinnipiac University. "This is not a referendum on Obama."

Mr. Christie must really be gaining on Mr. Corzine, if Reuters is willing to spend so much time trying to promote Mr. Daggett so as to split the anti-Corzine vote.

Funny, how they never seem to do this when the party affiliations are reversed.

"We are two days away … from making sure that New Jersey has the kind of quality leadership it deserves," Obama said.

Man, Mr. Obama must really hate the denizens of New Jersey.

By the way, New Jersey now has one of the highest tax rates in the land, if not the highest. And that has been the core issue during the campaign.

Each of these candidates has been claiming the other will raise taxes and increase wasteful spending. Just like they are doing in all of the other races. Just like they always do.

Still, it really is sad that the only time the Democrats (and too many Republicans) will admit what voters really want is in the weeks immediately before an election.

The rest of the time the public hears just the opposite from the DNC and their media (and RINOS). The other fifty one weeks of the year we get a steady drumbeat about how everyone wants higher taxes and more government programs.

Which is why election day is about as far away from April 15th as the calendar will allow. (Five and a half months.)

There are no accidents in politics.

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10 Responses to “Reuters Tries To Split Anti-Corzine Vote”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    I really do not understand the citizens of New Jersey. The ones that “are working” are paying the highest taxes in the nation which the present governor is in favor of. Why not earth would you re-elect this guy? To keep up the present tax system? Less taxes will bring in small business by the 1000’s and they will hire. I kinda like to have a job that is “un-going” instead of high taxes and unemployment.

    • JulieJ says:

      Watch Reuters and AP spin, spin, spin for the Demo losers. Of course “it is no reflection on Obama” – the One does not have responsibility for anything except for world peace, universal love, lollipops and rainbows! What has me worried about NJ is the fact that, unfortunately, a large swath of the public is benefiting from burdensome taxes and may want to remain on the public dole for the rest of their lives. Corzine is a disgrace – he ridicules Christie for being rotund – well, I laugh at Corzine’s BALD HEAD. Repeat after me: Goldman Sachs is worse than Halliburton!

  2. proreason says:

    “Which is why election day is about as far away from April 15th as the calendar will allow. (Five and a half months.)

    There are no accidents in politics.”

    Very insightful

  3. ilzito guacamolito says:

    As a red citizen of one of the bluest of blue states (NJ), this election sickens me as much as any we have ever been subjected to. Corzine is as typical a limousine liberal as there has ever been. He has had his eye on the White House for a very long time. He cannot afford to lose tomorrow.
    From what I have heard, there is one question that Daggett refuses to answer. That question is whether he has a job waiting for him in a Corzine administration should he win re-election. Enough said.
    To those citizens of the Garden State not yet committed to voting for Christie, PLEASE consider what another Corzine term would mean to your taxes. Also, vote NO on Public Question Number One.

  4. Laree says:

    The war on the news will be televised just not on any channel anyone is watching ;)

    Selling the Drama, Who’s Competing For Your Attention? Cable News War.

    I added a link to Rob Bartlett’s Blog he put up everyone’s top 5 favorite books.

    I can come up with 2 so far :)


  5. canary says:

    Obama’s entire focus and spending millions of taxes on governor campaigns because he wants control of the states, as in doing away with states independance..

  6. Tater Salad says:

    Next on the Obama lending machine: Small business’s! He is going to get them sucked in so they have to borrow money from the Federal government. Guess what happens then? “You do this my way because you are now owned by us, the Feds”. Same as AIG, GM, and the rest. Small business………….don’t buy into this one….please!

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Damn!! Barry sucks as Prez……why would anyone vote for him as gov?

      Oh …. that’s right …… he can’t get out of the campaign mode.

  7. VMAN says:

    I didn’t have to read past the first paragraph “a Republican challenger with ties to former President George W. Bush.” It’s all George Bush’s fault!!!!! It is it is it is it is!!!!!! Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush!!!!! The man child in chief and his minions can’t get off that.

  8. Georgfelis says:

    I want to see a commercial like this:

    (voiceover) Governor Corzine has done some big things for New Jersey. We currently have one of the biggest budget deficits in our history, we have the biggest outstanding bills, big unemployment numbers, big taxes, and big debt. And now Governor Corizine is spending big money, millions of dollars of his own money to remain in the Governors mansion, so he can continue to make a big mess of New Jersey.

    It’s going to take a big man to fix this big problem. And we have one of the biggest. Vote for Christie for Governor today. In this case, bigger is better.

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