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Rev Al Threatens Congress Over Holder Vote

From the Houston Chronicle:

Civil rights leaders condemn GOP for attacks on AG Eric Holder; Al Sharpton singles out John Cornyn

Alexa Walczak
June 26, 2012

A group of prominent civil rights leaders today condemned House Republicans and Texas Sen. John Cornyn for their sharp criticism of Attorney General Eric Holder.

At a press conference held at the National Press Club, the group, which included the Rev. Al Sharpton, denounced the impending vote in the U.S. House to hold Holder in contempt of Congress for declining to turn over all requested documents in connection with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ Operation Fast and Furious…

“Holder is not in contempt of Congress, he is in contempt of the narrow political agenda of some of the House leadership,” said Wade Henderson, CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

Sharpton, a New York minister and MSNBC TV host, called the contempt charge a “reckless and morally contemptible act” motivated by politics and went on to chastise Cornyn, saying the Texas Republican called for Holder’s resignation because the attorney general has used his position to fight for civil rights, as seen in his forceful opposition to Voter ID laws.

Sharpton suggested that race is an issue not because of the color of his skin — Holder is an African American — but because of “the issues he fights for.” …

Apparently, Americans don’t have the ‘civil right’ of not being killed by drug dealers who have been given guns by the Obama administration.

Ben Jealous, president of the NAACP, called for Congress to “stop using its powers to delay and defer justice.” “Holder has cooperated at every turn,” he said, adding, “This is motivated by base, anti-civil-rights politics.” …

Now that is irony. By the way, we will once again ask, where are the Hispanic rights activists? Hundreds of Mexicans have died as a result of Fast & Furious. Where is their outrage? Where are their calls for justice?

Oh, wait, they are attacking the investigation of ‘Fast & Furious,’ too:

Paloma Zuleta, director of communications for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) labeled the whole affair “reckless political theater.”

Melanie Campbell, President of the National Coalition on Black Civil Participation, added, "Congress needs to get back to the American people’s business.”

In other words, we need to ‘move on.’ These people are nothing, if not predictable.

Sharpton concluded by speculating that Congress had chosen to have the vote on Thursday, the day that the Supreme Court is expected to rule on health-care reform, to keep press scrutiny off of the contempt charge so they could “do it in the dark.”

And never mind that this contempt vote was scheduled early last week, long before it became known that the Supreme Court’s ruling would come tomorrow.

To that, Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson, chairman of the Conference of National Black Churches, replied, “We are watching you.”

But their threats don’t stop there.

From the Daily Caller:

Sharpton has secret ‘activities’ planned for Holder vote

Michelle Fields

Rev. Al Sharpton met with African-American and Latino civil rights leaders in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, warning that he has “activities” planned for this week in anticipation of House Republicans’ vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

Sharpton kept mum about the details of those “activities” but predicted that a contempt finding could “energize a lot of people around the country to stop this naked type of, uh, political exploitation.”

Here is our transcription of Mr. Sharpton’s exchange with a reporter from the Daily Caller. (Video at Daily Caller link):

SHARPTON: … I think Dr. Richardson left it that we will be watching your series of activities leading up to Thursday to let the country know about collective concerns.

DAILY CALLER: What do you think will happen on Thursday?

SHARPTON: I think the Republicans have the majority, they can get a vote, but I think that they will have to deal on the fact that vote may energize a lot of people around the country to stop this naked type of, uh, political exploitation.

DAILY CALLER: And will you guys be organizing activities?

SHARPTON: Yeah, there’ll be many activities between now and Thursday and after.

DAILY CALLER: And what will they entail?

SHARPTON: We’re not going to lay that out at this point.

DAILY CALLER: You’re not going to lay it out?

SHARPTON: Not at this point, no.

DAILY CALLER: Is it a secret, or…?

SHARPTON: Well, we’re not going to lay it out at this point.

Lest we forget, Mr. Sharpton is a professional journalist. He even has a news program on MSNBC.

He is also the head of a non-partisan 501c3 charity which owes untold money in back taxes.

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7 Responses to “Rev Al Threatens Congress Over Holder Vote”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    I am not sure which is more pathetic?

    ~Sharpton’s racist, toothless threats


    ~That some in Congress or in America would actually listen to this?

    Isn’t it crystal clear that any “threats” these people make just blow up in their face every time? (Jessie Jackson “counseling” Bill Clinton on his affair while Jackson himself had a love-child in the oven? “Republicans will PAY for this impeachment!” –Uh, no they didn’t at all actually)

    People outside the bubble of Washington can barely look up from their porn, X-Box games, facebook profiles, or text messaging to give two hoots about the inner workings of some buffoon whipping up a Class-E political side-show.

    And who the **** cares! Blacks are going to vote 98% for Obama no-matter-what anyway, who cares about whether they are mad or not? If the Sharpton fools are mad, Republicans SCORE points in my book, not lose points.


  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Well, surprise, surprise, surprise.

    The cry of racism led by none other than the banner carrier himself.


    If that’s the only defense he can offer, and, by the way, Sharp-tongue is in no way privy to any of the details of F&F anyhow. He’s the bystander in the rain watching the car wreck while busily trying to get a cigarette lit. He’s a distracted fool whose motivation starts and ends with racism…and as pointed out in a PJMedia article, it’s the “universal accusation”.

    Disagree with a black man? Racsim
    Find fault with their spending habits? Racism
    Can’t seem to fathom their violent actions? Racism
    Laugh when they do something stupid? Racism
    Consider them to be not-so-brilliant? Racism

    Anything to avoid the reality of their failures. Objectivity and reason fly out the window when it comes to criticism of anyone of color. Failure to pay taxes, Al? That’s racism too, right?

    Let’s talk about Tawana Brawley….http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/ballot_box/2003/09/the_worst_of_al_sharpton.html

    You’re nothing but schlock, Sap-ton. Nothing but schlock.

  3. Petronius says:

    The shopworn antics of Sharpton, Jealous, et al. have turned the once feared accusation “racist” into a badge of honor.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Being threatened by Al Sharpton is a rite of passage and a mark of honor

  5. AcornsRNutz says:

    Does the charge of racism even have teeth in it anymore? I’m reminded of the boy who cried canis lupus. These idiots need to realize that the people who buy into this crap are largely shallow, appeareance driven fad following pop culture types, and this racism thing is falling out of fashion very quickly.

  6. canary says:

    Are Republican lawmakers afraid of Obama’s DOJ whose first “issue” was to call white American’s cowards. Tell that to a vast growing majority of U.S. Military soldiers, Time for a quota.

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