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Abu Ghraib Due Was To White Supremacy

A little love note from the Reverend Doctor Jeremiah Wright to our soldiers and elected representatives, via his glorious newsletter, The Trumpet (pdf file), for the Memorial Day weekend of 2004: 


Sunday, May 30, 2004

The American government historically and currently has been marked what Dr. Marimba Ani calls “Rhetorical Ethic.” Rhetorical Ethic according to Dr. Ani is defined as: Culturally structured European hypocrisy. It is a statement framed in terms of acceptable moral behavior towards others that is meant for rhetorical purposes only. Its purpose is to disarm intended victims of European cultural and political imperialism. It is meant for “export” only. It is not intended to have significance within the culture. Its essence is its deceptive effect in the service of European power.

When we think about the history of this country with respect to its imperialistic actions, such as stealing of various lands, mistreatment of people, and total disregard and disrespect for other people and cultures, we see how acutely accurate Dr. Ani’s description is. However, if we move from the past to the present, we will continue to see how accurate her analysis is, especially with regard to this current Presidential administration. This administration has clearly shown its rhetorical ethical characteristics by stealing elections, overthrowing a democratically elected president in Haiti, and now with the prison scandal in Abu Gharib.

This Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has known for approximately 2 years that his administration has been pushing policies and practices that qualify as war crimes. As early as January 25, 2002, the Resident Bush was warned by White House counsel that there was a “threat of domestic criminal prosecution under the War Crimes Act.” Bush was advised to invent a legal technicality that would reduce the chance of prosecution. This legal technicality would allow Bush to declare detainees in the war on terror to be outside of the strictures included in the agreements put forth by the Geneva Conventions, which govern the rules of engagement. When laws are in the way of European power, they find ways to use laws as “export only,” meaning the laws are used to govern others, but not themselves—rhetorical ethic.

Take this a step further. The War Crimes Act, which was passed in Congress in 1996 provides for the criminal prosecution of Americans for actions that violate the rights of prisoners and civilians by the Geneva Conventions, and for outrages on personal dignity. This is the binding law of the land. However, this law appears to be subject to the rhetorical ethic of Resident Bush. We have seen horrid photos and videos over the past few weeks of the American treatment of civilians and soldiers in Iraq. George Bush calls this scandal “failures of character” of American soldiers. However, based on the advice of White House counsel in January of 2002 when the armed forces were only in Afghanistan, it becomes clear that this Administration always planned on using torture tactics in interrogation beyond Afghanistan. White House counsel stated in his advice to the President to “hold open options for future conflicts.” Bush knew and knows about the tortuous acts of the soldiers, and had the pictures not come out, he and his administration would still be condoning the acts of torture on the Iraqi people.

Because the demon of white supremacy is more concerned with possessing a disabling power than respect of people, it finds ways to implement its supremacist practices on people regardless of who it affects negatively, as long as it is does not disserve white supremacy. Rhetorical ethic is the hypocritical exercise of white supremacy used to service the same. It sets laws that are only to be adhered to by others. But if those laws or structures get in the way of white supremacist actions of power, they will not apply. Such is the history and current state of this American government.

Of course Mr. Obama says he never heard or saw any of this America-hating gibberish from his “spiritual mentor.”

And we believe him.

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