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Randi Rhodes Quits After Anti-Hillary Rant

From the back pages of the (evil) Wall Street Journal:

Air America Host Quits After Anti-Clinton Remarks

April 11, 2008; Page B8

Randi Rhodes, the last high-profile host on liberal talk-radio network Air America, is leaving the company after a firestorm over offensive comments she made at a public event about Sen. Hillary Clinton.

In a statement on its Web site, Pendulum Media LLC’s Air America Media said Ms. Rhodes told the company last night that she had “chosen to terminate her employment with the company.”

Last week, the company suspended Ms. Rhodes for profane comments she made about Sen. Clinton and former vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro March 22 in San Francisco, when she appeared at an event sponsored by Air America’s local affiliate, KKGN-AM. The event wasn’t broadcast, but video later appeared on YouTube…

Ms. Rhodes said Thursday the incident in San Francisco brought pre-existing disagreements over her contract to a head. She never refused to apologize for the remarks, she said…

One hopes that if Ms. Rhodes did indeed quit, she only did so under the threat of being fired.

But probably that is too much to expect from Air America. (Make that, almost certainly.)

And of course, once again, it was S&L who started the aforementioned “firestorm” that eventually laid Ms. Rhodes low.

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