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Rich Nations Cheating Poor On Climate

From the Times of India:

Confidential document reveals industrialized countries cheating the world on climate

Nitin Sethi, TNN 18 December 2009

COPENHAGEN: The industrialized countries are cheating the world. A confidential document of the UN Frame Convention on Climate Change secretariat prepared on December 15 shows, contrary to what the rich nations might claim, even if they come true on their current pledges to reduce emissions the world is headed towards a 3 degree temperature rise by 2050, not two degree Celsius – the tipping point.

The document, an authoritative assessment by the UN itself, still kept a secret from the 192 country delegates presently at Copenhagen says, “Unless the remaining gap (of the emissions required to be reduced) is closed and parties (countries) commit themselves to strong action prior and after 2020, global emissions will remain on an unsustainable pathway that could lead to concentrations equal or above 550 ppm (parts per million of carbon dioxide in air) with the related temperature raise around 3 degree Celsius.

The UN global group of scientists – IPCC – has long ago warned that if the global temperatures go more than 2 degrees above pre-industrial era the world would tip over into irreversible natural calamities.

The 2 degree target is considered the beacon for how much emission cuts the industrialized countries and others should undertake. The industrialized countries, such as US and Europe have made some offers and claimed it is enough to prevent disaster. The UN secret document now shows that the targets the rich countries have unofficially claimed they could take are just not enough.

The rich countries have even 12 hours before the heads of the states meet at Copenhagen, refused to put even these numbers as part of their official positions.

The rich countries have taken commitments under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce their emissions to keep temperatures stable. While the rich countries are not on track to meet their targets even in the first phase that ends in 2012 they have so far refused to commit to deeper action as required by science in the next phase of the Kyoto Protocol starting 2013. They, instead, want the Kyoto Protocol to be killed completely.

Is there no honor among thieves?

Undoubtedly this ‘revelation’ was carefully timed to put add further pressure on shakedown of the so-called ‘rich nations,’ like the United States in the name of ‘Climate Justice.’

Still, isn’t irony ironic?

All of those billions of dollars the ‘rich’ United States will be giving to China and India in the name of ‘climate justice’ will have to be borrowed from ‘poor’ China and India, since we are flat broke.

In fact, instead of being a ‘rich nation’ the US is now the world’s biggest debtor nation.

But this is just another example of the general insanity surrounding ‘global warming.’

(For what it’s worth, you can read the full confidential draft here.)

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6 Responses to “Rich Nations Cheating Poor On Climate”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    One word describes the entire thought process of this President: Pathetic

  2. Perdido says:

    Faux leak. They meant to get that out.

    Publish that crap straight out and no one pays two seconds attention.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Astonishing. Breathtaking. Amazing. Mind-Blowing in stupidity, culpability and fraud.

    Maurice Strong is at the bottom of this boon-doggle. He makes Soros look like a piker in comparison. Canadian oil billionaire crying wolf for decades so that money literally leaps out of the Yuppie Generation and Hippy Decade pockets into his. Making gazillions by stampeding the herd towards carbon credits. And guess who is more heavily invested in carbon credits than anyone else?

    The Communist Party of Red China, even as they are the world’s most egregious polluters. And where does Mo-reece live now that even the United Nations got rid of him during the Oil For Food scam?

    Why Beijing, of course. In a large well fortified compound surrounded by concertina wire and Red Army guards. Turns out Global Warming is, essentially, fascism on a global scale.

    Pied Piper of graft fraud and deceit. Amazing what can be done when that Piper plays the Flute-of-Guilt. All the white bread social guilty educated panty waists fall in line and head for the cliff.

    Amazing. All those non-conformists marching in lock step.

  4. joeblough says:

    The worst thing about America having become the world’s biggest debtor nation is that we haven’t individually borrowed that much money.

    It’s money borrowed in our name by the bastards and thieves in Washington.

    Talk about identity theft!

    No mere pickpocket could do me this much damage by simply running off with my driver’s license and Master Card!

  5. canary says:

    I think Maurice Strong was the one in Bejing, that on Jesse Ventura’s new show exposing the global warming myth his Asian investigator planted was chased down street, when he tried to visit Strong.

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