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“Right-Winger” Sarkozy Wins French Presidency

From a deeply saddened CNN:

Sarkozy wins French presidency

PARIS, France (CNN) — Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy has won France’s presidential election, beating his Socialist rival Segolene Royal by a comfortable margin, television projections said on Sunday.

Forecasts by four pollsters showed 52-year-old former interior minister Sarkozy won about 53 percent of the vote in the second-round ballot and will succeed fellow conservative Jacques Chirac, who was president for 12 years.

Turnout was predicted at about 85 percent.

Thousands of rightwing voters burst into applause and wild cheering after Sarkozy’s victory was announced at the concert hall where he was due to make a speech.

Royal, who was campaigning to be France’s first female president, immediately conceded defeat and thanked her supporters…

That was a pretty quick concession from Ms. Royal. The polls must have just closed.

Which makes one suspect that Sarkozy won in a landslide. If so, we won’t hear anything about it. We certainly won’t hear any mention of a “mandate.”

Only liberals get mandates.

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