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Rob Reiner Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To Hillary

From ABC News:

Rob Reiner Sings For Clinton

October 22, 2007

ABC News’ Eloise Harper reports: Rob Reiner sang a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday, Mrs. President” in honor of Senator Hillary Clinton at his Brentwood, California, home on Sunday evening.

Celebrities came to see to see Clinton, D-N.Y., and to celebrate in advance of the former first lady’s 60th birthday.  Although they didn’t bring gifts, celebrities from Jamie Lee Curtis, Magic Johnson, Ted Danson, Bridget Moynihan and Chelsea Handler raised a half a million dollars for the Clinton campaign and enjoyed cocktails and hors deouvres [sic] in return.

Despite the massive fires miles away in Malibu, guests were greeted by men dressed in head to toe white, with lavender bow ties saying with “Welcome to the Reiner’s,” as they shuffled up and down the street parking Bentleys, Porsches, and BMWs

“This is a tough time right now and we need the best woman qualified,” Reiner said.

Clinton thanked Steve Bing and other guests at the event before delivering her standard stump speech. About 250 people applauded as Clinton outlined her disapointment [sic] with the Bush administration.

Yet more aping of the JFK era by the trailer park Camelot set.

But still it’s not quite the same, is it?

And what, pray tell, is a “Chelsea Handler”?

Meanwhile, lest we forget this minor detail as noted in the all-seeing Wikipedia:

Happy Birthday to You

The company holding the copyright was purchased by Warner Chappell in 1990 for $15 million, with the value of “Happy Birthday” estimated at $5 million.

While the current copyright status of the song is unclear, Warner claims that unauthorized public performances of the song are technically illegal unless royalties are paid to them.

But did any of those Hollywood moguls worry about breaking the law and ripping off one of their own?

Of course not.

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