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Roger Simon’s Adolescent Anti-Romney Rant

From the Politico:

Mitt Romney needs running mate to replace flop

By: Roger Simon | August 2, 2012

Mitt Romney needs to announce his choice for vice president quickly. Very quickly. Like within the hour.

It doesn’t matter whom he chooses. Anybody will do. Even Sarah Palin. Hell, even Todd Palin.

Why? Because Romney needs to change the narrative, the conversation, the buzz, the impression left by his recent foreign trip that he can’t chew gum and chew gum at the same time.

A few days ago, I called Romney’s trip a disaster. I would like to apologize. It was a disaster wrapped in a debacle inside a calamity.

This is what is known as buffoonery wrapped inside of hysteria inside an absurdity. There have been no gaffes. If there had been, we would have heard about them.

The press is now being attacked for making too much of Romney’s “gaffes.” But why should we ignore what actually comes out of a candidate’s mouth when he’s forced to think?

Should we instead cover only the speeches meticulously crafted by his staff? Or the TV ads in which every frame is painstakingly edited and often focus-grouped in advance?

Notice Simon’s use of "we" here. Apparently, he considers himself to be a journalist.

But, once again, remember the grief that Daily Caller reporter got from the White House press corps and Roger Simon, for daring to ask Obama questions while he is giving a meticulously crafted speech.

A candidate’s traveling press corps has the greatest knowledge of what the candidate has been saying and, as much as possible, what’s going on in the campaign.

Which may be why Romney took only three questions from his press corps at the very beginning of his trip and stiffed them after that.

This led some reporters to act like reporters instead of sheep. After Romney participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw at the end of his trip, reporters began shouting questions at him as he was about to climb into his limousine.

Lest we forget, here are the probing questions these ‘reporters’ asked: “Governor Romney, are you concerned about some of the mishaps of your trip?” “Governor Romney, do you have a statement for the Palestinians?” And, “What about your gaffes?”

This is what passes for journalism in the age of Obama.

This was a point of maximum danger for Romney. He was, in campaign terms, “out of the box,” and free to say whatever he wanted. His staff simply could not risk this.

Er, which of the two Presidential candidates is famous for getting into hot water whenever he speaks off teleprompter?

So Romney’s traveling press secretary, Rick Gorka, yelled to the reporters: “Kiss my ass! This is a holy site! Show some respect!” That this made Gorka look rude and foolish was not the point. (The way to show proper respect at a holy site is to yell “Kiss my ass?”)

The point was somebody on the staff had to take the bullet for Romney. So Gorka was forced to engage in extraordinary behavior. (After Romney was successfully tucked away from reporters, Gorka apologized.)…

So stuff happens. Campaigners make mistakes. But Obama has never had a six-day period of mistakes like Romney just had — and especially not on foreign soil, where the stakes are always higher…

Again, this claim has no resemblance to reality. Mr. Simon is just trying to build up the media’s ‘gaffe’ fabrication. In reality, every one of Obama’s foreign trips has had more real life gaffes than Romney’s did.

Yep, Romney has to change the conversation and fast. Did I say Romney could name Todd Palin as his running mate? I apologize. He could name Bristol.

True, she’s currently 14 years too young for the office. But Romney isn’t that good with figures.

Roger Simon is POLITICO’s chief political columnist.

Is this supposed to be journalism or thoughtful punditry? In reality, it isn’t either.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Roger Simon’s Adolescent Anti-Romney Rant”

  1. Chinnubie says:

    This is insight to the fact that they know they are losing and losing big. They are manufacturing things that didn’t even exist and the people that actually pay attention and vote know these attacks are spitting into the wind. They are throwing everything they can at the wall to see if anything will stick. Romney has been running a pretty good campaign and this frustrates them to no end. They even enlisted the Brits to help out and for all intent and purpose that failed. We are watching a flailing, going down the drain, old dinosaur media in its death throws and they can’t stand it!!!

    • River0 says:

      All of Obummer’s credibility – and Biden’s – has been lost because of their gaffes, “57 states”, “Corpse-men”, Roosevelt’s “televised speech”, etc. Except for the Zombie Kool-Aid drinkers who march in lockstep with the rest of the communariat.

      America’s soul and entire future are suspended in the balance for judgment.

  2. untrainable says:

    This led some reporters to act like reporters instead of sheep. You mean they didn’t act the way they do around “the one”? No sheep have ever been so sheepish as those “reporters” who are allowed in the presence of Obama. They fawn, and giggle, and take whatever he says as gospel. They ignore obvious gaffes, 57 states, typical white people, bitter clingers, spread the wealth around, my muslim faith (little Georgy corrected him quickly there), right up to “You didn’t build that”. They tell us, he didn’t say what he said. Then they say he didn’t MEAN what he said. Then they say we’re just too dumb to understand the meaning of what he said. Then they point fingers at those who question what he said and do what they can to ruin them. Liberalism, the way it is practiced today in the media, would more properly be labeled fascism. If you don’t agree with the established facts (those presented to them on a silver platter by the regime) then you should be taken out of the discussion by any means necessary.

    In other words, Roger Simon is a tool.

  3. JohnMG says:

    …..”Obama has never had a six-day period of mistakes…..”

    No, more like three and one-half years of mistakes. As a matter of fact, Obama was likely a mistake…..of nature. Just think, Stanley Ann was ‘punished with a baby’, and we’re all being punished as a result.

    Tell me. Is Roger Simon an idiot, or does it just seem that way?

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    I had to read the whole article before it told me who Roger Smith was.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    Who is Roger Simon?

  6. mr_bill says:

    The nerobama camp is in full panic! They have no accomplishments to point to.

    The stimuless failed. GM would be bankrupt again if they weren’t selling cars to the government in an unending bailout. Chrysler is owned by the French. Unemployment shows no signs of dropping (depsite all the “adjustments”). nerobama insulted every business owner in the country. On top of that, he’s stupid enough to believe “the private sector is doing fine.” Forclosures are up, home values are down and he wants to push through a tax hike to put the final coffin nail in the US economy. So he can’t talk about any of that.

    His domestic policy isn’t any better: amnesty, murder, gun smuggling, cover-up, gay marriage, and unilateral usurpation of the SCOTUS. And that’s just the last 6 months. He sure as hell isn’t going to talk about nerobamacare, look what happened to the democrats in 2010 because of it.

    Foreign policy: apologies to every enemy of the US and alienation of every ally we’ve had for the past 200 years. I’m sure that iPod of nerobama’s speeched went straight in the Queen’s rubbish bin. Falkland Islands, Churchill’s bust, pre-1968 Israel borders, etc. He’s guilty of violating the War Powers on the Libya coup and he handed Egypt over to a bunch of muslim extremists who gang-rape women in the streets. nerobama can’t campaign on any of that.

    All they have is to attack Romney, but they have nothing to attack him on so they are lying through their teeth (enter Harry Reid, since he’s not up for re-election this year). Part of the reason that Cruz beat Dewhurst is that Dewhurst kept repeating the same old tired lies and his campaign was filthy. It turned people off because they knew it wasn’t true. nerobama is doing the same thing. They’re desperate, they stand to lose their precious progressive “dream” when nerobama loses.

    Roger Simon wants Romney to name a running mate so they have somebody else to attack. Romney isn’t going to play into their hands. He wants the nerobama campaign to keep spending big bucks on “opposition research” trying to come up with dirt on 50 possible choices instead of being able to focus their dollars on one person. The nerobama campaign ran in the red last month and Romney isn’t going to help them out. As a business strategist, he knows what he’s doing to them. I don’t expect an announcement prior to the convention. I wasn’t sure if Mitt had it in him to run a really smart campaign, but what I’m seeing is desperation from the left and Romney looks like he’s pretty calm. He isn’t swinging for the fences right now, but he really only needs a base hit. nerobama’s going to be in full melt-down mode by the convention and there isn’t enough money in Hollywood to save him this time.

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