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Romney Tells The Truth About Obama Voters

From an overjoyed Mother Jones:

SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters

When he doesn’t know a camera’s rolling, the GOP candidate shows his disdain for half of America.

By David Corn | Mon Sep. 17, 2012

During a private fundraiser earlier this year, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a small group of wealthy contributors what he truly thinks of all the voters who support President Barack Obama. He dismissed these Americans as freeloaders who pay no taxes, who don’t assume responsibility for their lives, and who think government should take care of them.

That is wrong. You can only call people who don’t have health insurance freeloaders. (By the way, Romney never used the term.)

Fielding a question from a donor about how he could triumph in November, Romney replied:

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax."

Oddly enough, David Corn left out the part in here where Mr. Romney said: “So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect.” Which makes it clear he was saying he is not going to be able to reach those people in his campaign by pledging to cut taxes.

And he is undoubtedly correct, at least for a majority of these people who will think lower taxes will just cut into their entitlement lifestyle.

Romney went on: "[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

This is probably all too true, as well. At least, the Democrats hope it is true, since it is what they are counting on. But whether it’s true or not, it is no more shocking than hearing Obama’s people announce that they have given up on the white blue collar vote.

But it’s also clear that Romney is talking about the campaign, and not how he will govern once elected. (We’re not so sure about Obama’s intentions towards the white blue collar voter.)

Mother Jones has obtained video of Romney at this intimate fundraiser… [which] was held at the Boca Raton home of controversial [sic] private equity manager Marc Leder on May 17…

Since this video has been available since May 17, would it be wrong to question the timing of it being brought now, when Obama’s foreign policy is in flames all around the world?

Also, it should be noted that this video was brought to the attention of Mother Jones by the grandson of Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter IV, who hopes to get a job doing opposition research for Obama.

At the dinner, Romney often stuck to familiar talking points. But there were moments when he went beyond the familiar campaign lines. Describing his family background, he quipped about his father, "Had he been born of Mexican parents, I’d have a better shot of winning this."

Obviously, that was meant to be a joke. But, unfortunately, it is also probably true.

Contending that he is a self-made millionaire who earned his own fortune, Romney insisted, "I have inherited nothing." He remarked, "There is a perception, ‘Oh, we were born with a silver spoon, he never had to earn anything and so forth.’ Frankly, I was born with a silver spoon, which is the greatest gift you can have: which is to get born in America."

All of which is also true. Mr. Romney gave his silver spoon to charity.

Romney told the contributors that "women are open to supporting me," but that "we are having a much harder time with Hispanic voters, and if the Hispanic voting bloc becomes as committed to the Democrats as the African American voting block has in the past, why, we’re in trouble as a party and, I think, as a nation." …

Once again, this obviously true. We will not survive as a republic if people vote based on race of ethnicity.

Here was Romney raw and unplugged—sort of unscripted. With this crowd of fellow millionaires, he apparently felt free to utter what he really believes and would never dare say out in the open.

He displayed a high degree of disgust for nearly half of his fellow citizens, lumping all Obama voters into a mass of shiftless moochers who don’t contribute much, if anything, to society, and he indicated that he viewed the election as a battle between strivers (such as himself and the donors before him) and parasitic free-riders who lack character, fortitude, and initiative.

There sure is a lot of projection going on here from the self-described socialist, David Corn. Besides, ‘if the shoe fits.’

But, in any case, we still don’t see the same level of disgust that we saw when Mr. Obama called those who opposed him ‘bitter clingers.’

Yet Romney explained to his patrons that he could not speak such harsh words about Obama in public, lest he insult those independent voters who sided with Obama in 2008 and whom he desperately needs in this election. These were sentiments not to be shared with the voters; it was inside information, available only to the select few who had paid for the privilege of experiencing the real Romney…

The truth is Romney should talk more openly about the country’s current split between the takers and the makers. We will have to face it sometime.

And if Obama wins re-election, this will probably be the last time the tipping point is still even slightly in the favor of the makers.

By the way, Mother Jones is published by the Foundation for National Progress, which is a nonprofit 501c3 ‘charity.’ They are prohibited by law from supporting any political candidates. A rule they are obviously being violated on practically every page of their recent issues.

And the last time anyone heard from David Corn, he was insisting that Valerie Plame was a covert agent. Which, of course, was untrue.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

2 Responses to “Romney Tells The Truth About Obama Voters”

  1. Petronius says:

    Romney has given a reasonably fair and accurate–even charitable–assessment of America’s current political circumstances.

    So what? Does the truth hurt?

    However, Romney might also have mentioned that the Democrats are the anti-white male party par excellence. And that we have currently a president who openly declares half the U.S. population his “enemies.”

    And after all, it was not Romney who set poor against rich, young against old, nonwhite against white, immigrant against citizen, and female against male. No, Nerobama did that by himself.

    • Mithrandir says:

      You will never find a more anti-white, bigoted, stereotyping, hostile bunch, than liberals, and ironically, white liberals. They are NOT INTERESTED in ending racism, they just shift it to the next group who are not organized enough to end it. democrats started the KKK, democrat police beat down gays, now-a-days, democrats have white men in their crosshairs.

      The only thing the democrats are embarrassed about, is that the number isn’t higher. 47%? Is that all? After decades of Cloward/Piven and Saul Alinsky tactics, we are only at 47%? They are embarrassed it’s not 97% by now.

      And isn’t that the ultimate goal of communism? To get the majority of the people to toil for the top party members and their families? The top 1% gets all the perks, privileges, access to black market and banned items? Just like Stalin, Kim Jung Un, and Saddam Hussein with his porn art on the walls behind his fully stocked liquor bar showing hollywood DVDs?

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