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Rudd: Kyoto And China Good – Iraq War Bad

From a joyous Reuters:

Australia’s new PM Rudd acts swiftly on climate

By Rob Taylor Sun Nov 25

BRISBANE (Reuters) – Australia’s new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, made climate change his top priority on Sunday, seeking advice on ratifying the Kyoto pact and telling Indonesia he will go to December’s UN climate summit in Bali…

Rudd, 50, presented himself to voters as a new-generation leader by promising to pull troops out of Iraq and ratify the Kyoto Protocol capping greenhouse gas emissions, further isolating Washington on both issues.

But while he intends to immediately overturn Howard’s opposition to the Kyoto pact, Rudd has said he would negotiate a gradual withdrawal of Australian frontline forces from Iraq.

Rudd, a Mandarin-speaking former diplomat, said he discussed Kyoto ratification with his British counterpart Gordon Brown, as well as Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono…

Rudd is expected to forge closer ties with China and other Asian nations and has said he wants a more independent voice in foreign policy, with past Labor governments more supportive of an energetic United Nations and global organizations

Rudd also pledged unity at home and an end to controversial offshore detention of illegal immigrants.

Labor would also care for Aborigines after a conservative intervention this year to seize control of remote outback indigenous communities with troops and police in order to stamp out child sexual assaults and alcohol abuse…

How preposterous this all is.

Anyone who thinks “global warming” is more of a pressing issue than the war on terror is not a serious person and should not be in any position of power.

Even so, let’s see Mr. Rudd ask the Chinese when they will stop putting coal-fired power plants online at a rate of one every ten days.

He can ask in “fluent Mandarin,” so there won’t be any confusion.

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