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Rule-Breaking Hillary Demands Her Delegates

From Associated Press:

Clinton: Give states their delegates

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) ...

By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER, Associated Press Writer Sat Jan 26

WASHINGTON – In a bit of political theater, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Florida Democratic Party clamored to restore convention delegates that had been stripped by the national party.

At stake: 185 delegates in a state where Clinton leads almost 2-to-1.

The presidential candidate said Friday — just four days before Florida’s primary — that she wants the convention delegates from Florida and Michigan reinstated. The national party eliminated all the delegates from those states — more than 350 in all — because they broke party rules against holding their primaries before Feb. 5. All the major Democratic candidates also made pledges not to campaign in those states before their primaries.

Clinton could claim most of the Michigan delegates because she won that state’s primary after the other major candidates pulled their names from the ballot

Many Democratic insiders believe the eventual nominee — whoever it is — will work to reinstate the delegates at the convention to promote party unity going into the general election, despite two overwhelming votes by the party’s rules panel to strip them.

Under the rules for the Democratic convention, the candidate with the most delegates at the convention will control who gets seated — if the delegates follow the candidate’s wishes…

Both political parties penalized early voting states in an attempt to gain control over an increasingly chaotic primary calendar, but they did it differently.

The Democrats allowed New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada to hold early nominating contests, while stripping all the delegates from Michigan and Florida

“The notion that you disenfranchise a large number of people in these two states is a terrible idea,” Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., told reporters on a conference call arranged by the Clinton campaign…

Clinton would have won most of the Michigan delegates after the other major candidates had their names removed from the ballot. Still, she received only 55 percent of the vote in the Michigan primary, with “uncommitted” garnering about 40 percent.

Most of the Michigan voters who chose uncommitted backed Obama or Edwards, who pulled their names from the ballot to avoid angering Iowa and New Hampshire, which didn’t like other states crowding to the front of the election calendar…

Let’s review.

The Clinton machine wanted the primary process compressed and moved forward so that:

Hillary would have the advantage, having more money and a well known name.

Hillary would not have to campaign very long, since she is a terrible campaigner.

Hillary would not be subject to criticism from the other candidates for very long, since she really cannot withstand much scrutiny, especially when it comes from other than the vast right wing conspiracy.

Hillary he could begin her campaign directly against the Republicans sooner and husband her vast war chest for that.

When the local affiliates of the DNC complained, it was decided that those states that moved their primaries up too far would be punished by having their delegates either discounted or diluted.

Indeed, the Democrat National Party instructed the candidates to ignore the worst offending states, such as Michigan and Florida — and to keep their names off of their ballots.

And, as the article points out:

All the major Democratic candidates also made pledges not to campaign in those states before their primaries.

As the article also points out, everyone else played by the rules and honored their pledges except for Mrs. Clinton, who put herself on the ballot in both of those states. (Though, hilariously almost as many people voted for “uncommitted” than voted for her in Michigan.)

And true to form, Mrs. Clinton is now insisting that since she won (and will win) these delegates that they should be seated at the Democrat convention — and help her gain her coronation.

And the sad thing is, as the article also notes, she will almost certainly get her way.

It was ever thus with Madam Clinton and her husband. The rules are for other people. The little people.

The suckers.

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