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Russia Delays Giving Iraq Nukes – Unpaid Bills

From an impatient Al Jazeera:

The Bushehr nuclear plant in the south of Iran.

Iran nuclear plant launch postponed

The September launch of Iran’s first nuclear power plant is to be postponed, the state-run Russian company building the reactor has said.

Russia will also not deliver nuclear fuel as planned this month to Iran’s Bushehr power station due to delays in payment, Irina Yesipova, a spokeswoman for Atomstroiexport, said on Monday.

She said: “The lack of financing from the Iranian side means that did not receive payments for two months.

“This means the timeframe has been moved and so the launch cannot happen in September, we simply cannot do it.

“If we can’t launch the station in September, then we cannot deliver the fuel according to the old timetable either.”

Moscow and Tehran have been publicly arguing over what Russia says are tens of millions of dollars in delayed payments for its work on Bushehr.

Three days of talks last week between Atomstroiexport officials and an Iranian delegation led by Mohammed Saeedi, the vice president of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, ended without agreement.

Iran denies it has missed payments on the plant…

You have to hand it to the Russians. They want their full thirty pieces of silver for selling out Western Civilization.

And they want it on time.

They have their principles.

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