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Russia Begins Nuclear Deliveries To Iran

From a delighted AFP:

The Bushehr nuclear power plant.

Russia starts nuclear deliveries to Iran

by Sebastian Smith

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russia on Monday announced the start of nuclear fuel deliveries for Iran’s first atomic power station, brushing aside US and Israeli claims that Tehran harbours secret bomb-making plans.

“On December 16, 2007, Atomstroiexport began delivery of the fuel for the initial installation at the future Bushehr power station,” the state-run corporation said in a statement.

The delivery process will take up to two months to complete, Atomstroiexport said, with the Russian-built station starting to generate electricity in approximately six months time.

The still-unfinished Bushehr is the jewel in the crown of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s nuclear power ambitions.

Iran confirmed the Russian shipment and in a fresh show of defiance toward the West, repeated that it would refuse UN demands to give up work on enriching uranium…

In addition to rejecting US calls for the suspension of Bushehr, Moscow has also sold Iran anti-aircraft missiles and other high-tech weapons reportedly deployed by Iran’s military in defence of nuclear installations.

Western powers, led by the United States, are pushing for a third UN sanctions resolution against Tehran to punish its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment — a process that could eventually lead to weapons-grade uranium.

Russia’s delivery of fuel makes the possibility of passing further UN measures increasingly unlikely however, analysts said.

“Russia and China, which were already against sanctions, will now be even more confident,” Lukyanov said.

Iran in any case shows no sign of buckling under the pressure…

Meanwhile, the Israeli daily Maariv reported over the weekend that a delegation left Israel for Washington last week “with the goal of proving to the Americans that the Iranian nuclear weapons programme is definitely still in development.”

How many hundreds of billions of dollars did we give Russia again? So they could become a representative democracy? A responsible member of the world community?

What a horrible joke.

And speaking of jokes, where are the outraged environmentalists?

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