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Russia, China Hold ‘Anti-Terror’ War Games

From an approving Reuters:


Russia, China start joint wargames

By Guy Faulconbridge

CHEBARKUL, Russia (Reuters) – Russian and Chinese military forces started wargames on Friday, using a joint land and air assault on a mock town held by “terrorists” as a showcase for their military prowess.

Fighter jets swooped overhead, commandos jumped from helicopters onto rooftops and the boom of artillery shells shook the firing range in central Russia as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Hu Jintao looked on smiling…

After the exercises ended, Putin said: “Today’s exercises are another step towards strengthening the relations between our countries, a step towards strengthening international peace and security, and first and foremost, the security of our peoples.”

Hu also praised the exercises and said: “I am convinced that the current exercise will definitely serve to stimulate the SCO to play a bigger role in the struggle against terrorism in the region.”

The SCO on Thursday sent NATO a thinly coded warning at its summit, saying the world must let the region resolve its own security. The West has been jockeying with regional powers Russia and China for influence over the energy-rich area.

General Vladimir Moltenskoi, the Russian commander in charge of Friday’s exercise, said the wargames involving 7,500 troops from the SCO members would help the grouping fight international and “internal terrorists.”

The aim of the operation is the freeing of the territory controlled by the terrorists and the destruction of the illegal group of terrorists if they fail to surrender,” Moltenskoi told the leaders…

General Xu Qiliang, the Chinese joint commander of the maneuver, told reporters the exercise illustrated closer relations between Moscow and Beijing. The historic rivals have been drawn closer by common interests including energy and opposition to U.S. dominance of global affairs.

Echoing the terrorism theme, images from the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington and subsequent bombings in Madrid and London were shown on giant video screens near the leaders

Western military attaches attending the exercise clicked away eagerly with cameras but some human rights activists questioned the wargames’ true intentions.

“The scale of the exercises suggests that they are aimed at controlling local populations and not just combating terrorism,” said the Uighur American Association, a Washington-based NGO that supports the Muslim Uighur minority in China…

Funny that they are calling their enemy “terrorists.” Aren’t we constantly told that the war on terror is an invention of the Bush regime?

I guess that is why for once we hear of complaints from “peaceniks.”

But of course this is really meant to warn the US and NATO that Russia and China want a piece of the Middle East. If not all of it.

Indeed, the official name of this exercise is “Peace Mission 2007.” However in Russian the word for peace “mir” is also the word for “the world.”

So whenever the Russians claim they “want peace,” it is always a mixed message.

They could just as easily be saying they want the world.

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