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Russia Not Leaving Crimea Despite US Demands

From the Washington Examiner:

Russia not budging on Crimea despite U.S. demands

By Susan Crabtree | MARCH 10, 2014

The State Department on Monday said it was “still awaiting” a Russian response to the Obama administration’s demands that it withdraw troops from Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula and stop promoting a referendum on seceding in the territory.

We hope nobody is holding their breath.

Reports said Russian forces had advanced further in the Crimean peninsula, ignoring U.S. calls to pull back and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial lines.

Imagine ignoring Obama and Kerry’s red lines!

Secretary of State John Kerry talked to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Saturday about the intensifying crisis, telling his counterpart that he wanted to see “a cessation of Russian military advances in Ukraine, including Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, a halt in the drive for annexation of Crimea, and the end of provocative steps to provide space for diplomacy,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement Monday…

Funny, but we don’t see any mention from Kerry about the Russians ‘withdrawing.’

Also from the Washington Examiner:

White House: Crimean referendum won’t be ‘legitimate’

By Meghashyam Mali | MARCH 10, 2014

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Monday said that the U.S. would not view a referendum in Crimea to leave Ukraine and join Russia as “legitimate.”

So what is the White House going to do about it?

Asked if the U.S. would be able to prevent the pro-Russian government in Crimea from holding the vote, Carney told reporters that he “can’t predict the future.” But he insisted that the referendum “won’t be viewed by the United States as legitimate.”

“It’s inconsistent with the Ukrainian constitution, which says that any changes to Ukraine’s borders have to be decided by all of Ukraine,” said Carney. “Other countries have made it clear it will be viewed as illegitimate as well.”

Somebody needs to tell the White House about our agreements guaranteeing Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Carney declined to say what measures the U.S. would take if Russia allows Crimea to go ahead with the vote, but cited sanctions Obama authorized last week that would allow the U.S. to target individuals found to be undermining democracy in Ukraine and the country’s territorial integrity…

Carney said the measures established by Obama were “flexible” and would “allow for action to be taken that holds people accountable.” …

"Flexible"?! We know what that means — unfortunately. No wonder the Russians aren’t even bothering to respond to Obama and Kerry’s ‘demands.’

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2 Responses to “Russia Not Leaving Crimea Despite US Demands”

  1. captstubby says:

    “what measures the U.S. would take …”
    scrape a-10’s, reduce awaks, cut military spending.

    Give me another one of those Bolshevik firecrackers. I think I fell asleep in the snow! ”

    The Eagle Has Landed

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Set-up all the way down
    Kerry is a thumb-puppet
    Obama is a bad amateur golfer

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