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Russia, Pakistan, N Korea Gave Iran Nukes

From a quietly cheering Washington Post:

IAEA says foreign expertise has brought Iran to threshold of nuclear capability

By Joby Warrick
November 6, 2011

Intelligence provided to U.N. nuclear officials shows that Iran’s government has mastered the critical steps needed to build a nuclear weapon, receiving assistance from foreign scientists to overcome key technical hurdles, according to Western diplomats and nuclear experts briefed on the findings.

Gee, now who would be those foreign scientists?

Documents and other records provide new details on the role played by a former Soviet weapons scientist who allegedly tutored Iranians over several years on building high-precision detonators of the kind used to trigger a nuclear chain reaction, the officials and experts said. Crucial technology linked to experts in Pakistan and North Korea also helped propel Iran to the threshold of nuclear capability, they added.

Remember how everybody laughed when President Bush called Iran, Iraq and North Korea the ‘Axis of Evil’?

The officials, citing secret intelligence provided over several years to the International Atomic Energy Agency, said the records reinforce concerns that Iran continued to conduct weapons-related research after 2003 — when, U.S. intelligence agencies believe, Iranian leaders halted such experiments in response to international and domestic pressures

Nobody believed that Iran had stopped its nuclear weapons program in 2003, except the mainstream media and the rest of the Democrat Party, and of course the UN. And even they were just pretending.

Although the IAEA has chided Iran for years to come clean about a number of apparently weapons-related scientific projects, the new disclosures fill out the contours of an apparent secret research program that was more ambitious, more organized and more successful than commonly suspected. Beginning early in the last decade and apparently resuming — though at a more measured pace — after a pause in 2003, Iranian scientists worked concurrently across multiple disciplines to obtain key skills needed to make and test a nuclear weapon that could fit inside the country’s long-range missiles, said David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector who has reviewed the intelligence files.

Thank goodness we have given up on our anti-missile defense program, at the request of the Russians.

(By the way, David Albright is no relation to Madeline Albright, apparently.)

“The program never really stopped,” said Albright, president of the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security. The institute performs widely respected independent analyses of nuclear programs in countries around the world, often drawing from IAEA data.

“After 2003, money was made available for research in areas that sure look like nuclear weapons work but were hidden within civilian institutions,” Albright said

Huh. Imagine. And just imagine all the nuclear research that went on within Iraq in the guise of other work.

[S]ome of the highlights [of the IAEA’s report] were described in a presentation by Albright at a private conference of intelligence professionals last week. PowerPoint slides from the presentation were obtained by The Washington Post, and details of Albright’s summary were confirmed by two European diplomats privy to the IAEA’s internal reports…

Albright said IAEA officials, based on the totality of the evidence given to them, have concluded that Iran “has sufficient information to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device” using highly enriched uranium as its fissile core

According to Albright, one key breakthrough that has not been publicly described was Iran’s success in obtaining design information for a device known as an R265 generator…

According to the intelligence provided to the IAEA, key assistance in [this area] was provided by Vyacheslav Danilenko, a former Soviet nuclear scientist who was contracted in the mid-1990s by Iran’s Physics Research Center, a facility linked to the country’s nuclear program. Documents provided to the U.N. officials showed that Danilenko offered assistance to the Iranians over at least five years, giving lectures and sharing research papers on developing and testing an explosives package that the Iranians apparently incorporated into their warhead design, according to two officials with access to the IAEA’s confidential files…

Iran relied on foreign experts to supply mathematical formulas and codes for theoretical design work — some of which appear to have originated in North Korea, diplomats and weapons experts say. Additional help appears to have come from the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, Abdul Qadeer Khan, whose design for a device known as a neutron initiator was found in Iran, the sources said…

But Russia is our friend. Pakistan is our ally. And North Korea needs our foreign aid or they will starve to death.

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2 Responses to “Russia, Pakistan, N Korea Gave Iran Nukes”

  1. River0 says:

    Before such forces bringing on Armageddon, we are powerless. Can anyone doubt the madness of the world?

  2. beautyofreason says:

    First Carter sits back while the Ayatollah comes to power, then Obama gives Iran a virtually free pass on their nuclear program. Is there any doubt that liberals are insane?

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