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Russia To Build Missile Defense System

From Germany’s Deutsche Welle:

A protester shouts during a rally against the visit of US missile defense chief Lieutenant General Henry Obering in Kiev, Ukraine. NATO ruled out Wednesday getting involved in talks between the United States, the Czech Republic and Poland on US plans to set up part of a missile defense shield in Europe.

Russia Proposes New Missile Defense System to Offset US Plans


While Russia said it intends to create its own missile shield in response to an American one planned to be based in Poland and the Czech Republic, NATO has warned that missile proliferation could split the alliance.

The head of the Russian air force said Tuesday that the country would begin developing a new air defense system after the US announced it planned to station two bases for its own missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, countries that used to fall under the former Soviet Union’s sphere of influence but are now NATO members.

“We are moving to the creation of a new system of anti-aircraft defense which will significantly surpass the capabilities of the S-400,” Gen. Vladimir Mikhailov said, referring to Russia’s existing anti-aircraft missile system.

As the United States has done in presenting its plans, Mikhailov stressed that the system would not be used to attack other countries.

“This is not an offensive but rather a defensive weapon,” he said…

Washington says the system is needed to defend the United States and European allies against the growing missile capability of “rogue states” such as Iran and North Korea and insists it would not be directed against its Cold War-era foe Moscow.

NATO, however, is concerned about the increasingly bellicose tones coming from Washington and Moscow. Some analysts have warned of a new Cold War following an impassioned speech criticizing US dominance made by Russian President Vladimir Putin at an international security conference in Munich last month.

NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said Monday that the US shield had the potential to split the alliance into countries it protects and those it does not.

“When it comes to missile defense, there shouldn’t be an A-League and a B-league within NATO,” he told the Financial Times. “For me it is the indivisibility of security that is the guiding principle.”… 

Of course the simple truth is the Soviet Union Russia has never stopped work on its missile defense systems. And it will continue to develop them no matter what the US does.

But they never could resist a propaganda point.

Just like Europe never passes up a chance to cower in fear.

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