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Russia Threatens To Seize US Property, Assets

From the Associated Press:

Congress rushing to put in place Russia sanctions

By BRADLEY KLAPPER | March 6, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress is rushing to put in place hard-hitting sanctions on Russia in response to its takeover of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, hoping Europe will follow the lead of the United States in upping the pressure on President Vladimir Putin’s government.

The U.S. sanctions push represents a rare case of broad agreement among the Obama administration and Democrats and Republicans in both houses of Congress…

Which will last about a week, or until our news media tires of the story. Whichever comes first.

The Senate is taking the lead with legislation that would combine loan guarantees to Ukraine’s fledgling government and measures against Russian government officials, state-owned banks and companies. The goal of the sanctions is to force Putin to withdraw Russian troops from Crimea. The bill could be introduced as early as next week.

We find it hard to believe that Harry Reid would allow such moves to be taken against a fellow ‘short-man syndrome sufferer’ and thug.

Meanwhile, House Republicans have circulated a bill paying for the loan guarantees, while the top Republican and Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee introduced a resolution Wednesday condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine and calling on the Obama administration to impose "visa, financial, trade and other sanctions." The committee will address the resolution Thursday after hearing testimony from State Department and Treasury officials…

Meanwhile, there is this from Putin’s official mouthpiece, Russia Today:

Russia prepares bill on foreign asset freeze in reply to sanctions – senator

March 05, 2014

A top Russian lawmaker has revealed he is working on a bill that would freeze the assets of European and American companies operating in Russia in reply to Western economic sanctions…

A team of lawyers are currently preparing a separate federal bill that would allow the Russian president and government to confiscate foreign owned property in Russia, including assets belonging to private companies, the senator told the RIA Novosti news agency.

Which is exactly what Fidel Castro did in Cuba, starting in 1959. No one seems to remember, but that was one of the main reasons for the US support of the ‘Bay Of Pigs’ invasion. And it is still the principal reason for the US’s embargo on Cuba.

The bill is in response to the major political crisis in Ukraine and the threat of sanctions against Russia coming from the USA and other countries…

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in its official comment that US politicians are losing an accurate perception of real state of affairs in the 21st century. “Moscow has explained to the Americans, repeatedly and demonstrably, why their one-sided punitive measures are not matching the standards of civilized relations between nations. If this fails to take effect, we will have to retaliate, and not necessarily in a mirror way,” the ministry’s spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said.

What’s this? The Russians are saying the US is using 19th century tactics? What a burn!

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