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Russia Threatens Response To Missile Pact

From the Associated Press as posted earlier by our resident news hound BillK:

Czech demonstrators shout slogans against a disputed missile ...

Czech demonstrators shout slogans against a disputed missile defense radar system during a protest in downtown Prague, Czech Republic, Tuesday, July 8, 2008.

Russia Warns of Military Response If U.S.-Czech Missile Defense Agreement Approved

MOSCOW — Russia will be forced to make a military response if the U.S.-Czech missile defense agreement is ratified, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

The statement came hours after U.S. and Czech officials reached an initial agreement on deploying elements of a missile defense system in the Eastern European country.

Russia says the system would severely undermine European security balances by weakening Russia’s missile capacity.

If the agreement is ratified, “we will be forced to react not with diplomatic, but with military-technical methods,” the Foreign Ministry statement said. It did not give specifics of what the response would entail.

In February, then-President Vladimir Putin said Russia could aim missiles toward prospective missile defense sites and deploy missiles in the Baltic Sea region of Kaliningrad, which borders Poland, if the missile defense plan went forward.

The U.S. has pushed the plan as necessary to prevent missile attacks by rogue nations, pointing to Iran as a particular concern. But Russia dismisses the likelihood of such threats.

BillK goes on to note: Russia threatens the US again – but the left has been laughing at such things for ages because “they’re our friends now.

”Seriously – look at reviews of the recent Get Smart movie where you see things like:

As for the humor in the film, in true Mel Brooks’s fashion they try to push the envelope. However, without writing credit from either creator the film is not able to deftly handle all of the outrageous humor. Updating the Get Smart series causes the most problems with jokes. The American people no longer see Russians as a major threat.

Of course this way the left gets to paint it all as (shocking!) Bush’s fault.

The funniest thing is that liberals and “scientists” constantly tell us that all missile defense systems are boondoggles, doomed to failure, they can never work, etc.

Yet there must be some reasons why, from SDI to this agreement, the Russians are so solidly afraid of them.

You’d think if they were as ineffective as the left paints them, the Russians would just laugh them off and would invite the West to waste their money.

Once again, Americans can no longer connect the dots in any situation.

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