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Russia Warns Newsweek About Muslims

From Russia’s Interfax:

Russian Newsweek warned not to incite ethnic, religious enmity

Moscow, November 18, Interfax – The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office has warned the Russian Newsweek magazine that publishing stories instigating ethnic and religious hatred is illegal and unacceptable.

The warning was issued to the editor-in-chief following an inquiry conducted by the prosecutor’s office of Moscow’s North-Еastern District, the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office said.

“Issue 40 of September 29 to October 5 2008 carried two stories entitled “He Who Comes with the Mosque” (a play on the phrase “He who comes to Russia with the sword will perish by the sword” and “Mosque Carriers,” in which Muslims and Christians are in opposition,” the prosecutor’s office said.

“The articles in question have captions satirizing the Prophet Muhammad, taken, among other photos, from the Danish newspaper Jullands-Posten, which provoked mass ethnic and religious disturbances in Europe back in 2005. The way the information was presented, as well as the illustrations and photographs attached, can sound insulting and humiliating for social groups professing Islam, shape a negative image of Muslims, and picture the Muslim and Christian cultures as opposed to one another,” the prosecutors said.

And, yes, Russia Newsweek is owned by the same group that owns the US Newsweek (and the Washington Post).

Of course it can’t happen here.

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7 Responses to “Russia Warns Newsweek About Muslims”

  1. Gladius et Scutum says:

    Expanding the definition of ‘hate speech’ to cover any criticism of the left is certainly a goal of the Anti-American Left. Their first victim of course, will be “hate radio”. Then loosely worded national “hate crimes” legislation. Then “necessary adjustments” to that bill. These steps might work concurrently with erasure of the second ammendment.

    It would not much surprise me if censorship eventually expanded to include the internet. After all, those who supported Obama also built the Great Firewall of China. Now an embryonic censorship is being suggested for Australia (which surrendered its firearms a decade ago).

  2. VMAN says:

    I find the lefts defense of Islam very curious. Islam is the antithesis of everything that the left claims to believe. Do they look to them as “enforcers” of a sort? Don’t they realize that they, the left, would be the first to be done away with if Islam took over? Gays would be beheaded or hung. Woman’s libers would be forced into submission. Atheist’s would be beheaded and so on. Just find it strange.

  3. Givemeliberty says:

    Radical Islam has undertaken social Jihad here and there. We have to wake up, stand up and not be taken prisoner by this poisonous religion.

  4. pinandpuller says:

    If they take out all the liberals let them keep everything north of the Mason Dixon line. I can live with that.

  5. Gladius et Scutum says:

    VMAN – The left supports radical Islam because, and only because, it sees Islam as a force capable of resisting globalization and capitalism. They call this “Jihad vs McWorld”

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    The left can beat their swords into plowshares if they want. They can roll over and expose their soft under belly to the Islam-o-Baddies for the sole purpose of showing our sworn enemies their intention for peace. When the left is led to the Altar of Sacrifice because of their dying need to be PC with our enemies, that will leave only the rest of us to take it to our enemies ass. Thus eliminating any chance of a Left middleman getting in our way. If you believe this as I do, I say; “Give Peace a Chance”.

  7. kurt says:

    Everyone get a glass of Obama kool-aid and drink…..kindly ignore the person making it and adding poison to it….

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