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Russia Will Ban US From Using (Our) Space Station

From Reuters:

Russia to ban US from using Space Station over Ukraine sanctions

In retaliation for imposing sanctions, Russia will also bar its rocket engines from launching US military satellites

13 May 2014

Russia is to deny the US future use of the International Space Station beyond 2020 and will also bar its rocket engines from launching US military satellites as it hits back at American sanctions imposed over Ukraine crisis.

We predicted the Russians would pull a stunt like this at their first opportunity. Thanks again, Mr. Obama.

But, heck, we didn’t even realize the US was depending on Russian rocket engines to launch its military satellites. For crying out loud. Can’t we divert some of the money NASA is using to study global warming and to do Muslim outreach towards building rocket engines?

Russia’s deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced a series of punitive measures on Tuesday against the US in response to sanctions imposed after Russia annexed Crimea.

The two countries have long cooperated closely on space exploration despite their clashes in foreign policy…

If you want to call us letting the Russians steal all of our space research and technology ‘cooperation.’ By the way, notice how Reuters never mentions that the US supplied by far the lion’s share of the cost of building the ISS.

According to the Washington Post, "The United States has poured close to $100 billion into the program and is contributing about $3 billion a year to the station’s operation."

The Space Station is manned by both American and Russian crew, but the only way to reach it is by using Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft.

Thanks to Mr. Obama killing off NASA’s manned space program.

The US is keen to keep the $100 billion ISS flying until at least 2024, four years beyond its original target…

And never mind that there are treaties involving the ISS, which would prohibit actions like this. Putin, like Lenin, believes ‘treaties are made to be broken.’

Moscow’s response would affect NK-33 and RD-180 engines which Russia supplies to the US, Mr Rogozin said. “We are ready to deliver these engines but on one condition that they will not be used to launch military satellites,” he said.

RD-180 engines are used to boost Atlas 5 rockets manufactured by United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Lockheed Martin and Boeing that holds a virtual monopoly on launching U.S. military satellites.

Mr Rogozin said Moscow was planning "strategic changes" in its space industry after 2020 and aims to use money and "intellectual resources" that now go to the space station for a "a project with more prospects"…

Let us guess: global warming and Muslim outreach. (Just kidding.)

He suggested Russia could use the station without the United States, saying: "The Russian segment can exist independently from the American one. The U.S. one cannot." …

But Russia is our friend!

Mr Rogozin said Russia will suspend the operation of 11 GPS sites on its territory from June and seek talks with Washington on opening similar sites in the United States for Russia’s own satellite navigation system, Glonass. He threatened the permanent closure of the GPS sites in Russia if that is not agreed by September…

That’s the way Russians negotiate.

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2 Responses to “Russia Will Ban US From Using (Our) Space Station”

  1. canary says:

    France is selling warships to Russia. The voting system Russia is using are old school paper ballots that have to be hand counted. Even the middle-east has more modern voting technology.

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