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Russian Beauty Contest For Nuke Girls

Buried in the “Science And Technology” section of ABC News:

Nuclear Beauties Wanted for Russian Competition

Miss Atom Takes Off Her Chemical Protection Suit


MOSCOW, Feb. 17, 2009 — Ask any little girl in Russia what she wants to be when she grows up and she’ll probably say an actress or a singer, maybe even a teacher. But it’s highly unlikely that nuclear physicist will be anywhere near the top of the list.

Russia’s nuclear industry has been trying to change all that in recent years, rolling out the annual Miss Atom Beauty Contest. The competition is open only to women who work in the nuclear world and, as the Web site describes, "Miss Atom is the first and only industry-wide, Web-based project for nuclear belles."

The goal of the competition? To show that smart women working with hazardous materials look pretty good when they’re not wearing chemical protection suits

More than 160 women have entered this year’s beauty contest and there is an eclectic range of impressive contenders…

Among the top prizes this year: week-long trips to Croatia, Cuba and Morocco, as well as digital cameras, diamonds and cosmetics. The winner of Miss Atom 2008, Yulia Nagaeva, went on an all-expenses paid, luxury tour of Italy. Nagaeva, who develops new markets for nuclear fuel, said she loved the experience of competing…

To enter the competition, nuclear belles need only fill in a simple questionnaire and send a photograph of themselves and, according to the Web site, "Slight retouching is acceptable." People can then go online and look at the various competitors and cast their votes. The winners are selected on the evening before Women’s Day (March 8th), which is a major holiday in Russia.

Needless to say, the competition has received some negative press outside Russia, particularly from those who believe it is sexist and demeaning to female workers…

Nagaeva, Miss Atom 2008, said she also thinks criticism of the competition is unfounded.

"I think this simply reflects a difference in social cultures," she said. "I do not see the competition as discriminatory. It gives you a chance to show yourself and your strengths and it adds some humanism to the nuclear industry." …

What does this tell you about the way the Soviet Union Russia thinks of nuclear energy and the way we do in the United States?

And which is the more healthy attitude?

Heck, even Sweden has been in the news of late because they are going to return to building nuclear power plants.

Think how many nuclear power plants the US could build with $800 billion dollars.

And, lest we forget, the whole notion of ‘global warming’ was invented by Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet to try to convince us to move toward using more nuclear power.

Oh, the irony.

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32 Responses to “Russian Beauty Contest For Nuke Girls”

  1. Right of the People says:

    I think more nukes would be great if only you could get the tree-hugging, bunny-lovers to agree unfortunately they live in a fantasy world where wind and solar power are the best and nasty old nuclear power is evil. They love their “renewable sources of engery” that is of course unless you live on either coast and they want to put those ugly windmill thingies where you can see them, then wind power ain’t such a great idea. Come to think of it, wood is a renewable resource, maybe we could cut down all the trees– nah, I don’t think they’d go for that one either.

    I for one think this pageant is a great idea, but then I’m a troglodyte. I wonder if Marissa Miller would like a job in the nuclear industry?


  2. proreason says:

    nuclear power generation is inevitable…..with one provision.

    the human race has to survive another 20 years.

    and with The Moron and libwits doing everything they can to obliterate us…..it’s a long shot.

  3. Colonel1961 says:

    I shoulda been a physics major…

  4. 1sttofight says:

    Think how many nuclear power plants the US could build with $800 billion dollars.

    With the buracruacy we have in the fed gov? One, maybe.

  5. MinnesotaRush says:

    What a great day to get confirmed with my password and invited into the S&L group .. and with this great photo shoot as well. Golly, .. thanks, Steve!
    I’ve watched and read the site for a long time now and finally got registered. I’m stuck here in the very blue state of Minnesota – the home of Al Franken’s episodes, et al – so it’s very refreshing and uplifting even, when I am able to escape into the S&L site. You folks are my kind a people and I love the lively (and insightful) exchanges from you all.
    Looking forward to visiting more often and being part of the discussions.

    p.s. When was that march on Washington? Whose coordinating? Will we be carrying plastic pitchforks or the real ones? Count me in! God Bless!

  6. catie says:

    I’m sure the feminists really hate this-smart and good looking women. I think this fine myself, I don’t understand women or men for that matter who hate beauty contests.
    On the flip side this is somewhat scary comparing the Ruskies to our own people who hate nuclear energy. One day this country will wake up-I hope.

    • oldswimcoach says:

      Feminism was invented to provide ugly women a path to power.

    • proreason says:

      Feminism was invented by ugly women as revenge on God.

      (Seriously, much of American politicals today is driven by revenge….blacks, gays, and feminists. And the anger of those groups is exploited by the ruling oligarchy to keep the oligarchy in power.)

    • yellarcan says:

      Feminism was invented to provide ugly women the right to date ugly men. Does m. obama ring a bell?

  7. mybrotherkeeper says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Beauty is skin deep: Two cliches.
    Ugly is a heart thing: My belief.

  8. Weasel says:

    If carbon based energy really is causing “global warming”, then we should switch to nuke power. (BTW, if there really is global warming, I think mankind has little, if anything, to do with it – the output of the Sun is a much, much bigger contributer to the heating and cooling of the Earth.)
    If we are headed for another ice age (these cycles have happen through out history, even before mankind and industrialization, deal with it!), then we will need lots of power to stay warm and nuke power is the only practical answer.
    If we just want to lower our dependence on foreign sources of energy, nuke power is also the only practical answer.
    And who is against nuke power? The looney left.

    As for nuke hotties, wasn’t Denise Richards a nuclear physicist in a Bond movie? That was believable…

    And those ruskies are just recycling our old ideas:

    • Steve says:

      “And those ruskies are just recycling our old ideas”

      Good find, Weasel!

      I should have known it was lifted.

      Probably another thing we can thank the Rosenbergs for.

    • Weasel says:

      If you liked that and are ever in Vegas with “nothing to do” (which means you really aren’t trying!), check this place out:
      It’s a fairly non-PC look at the good old days when we weren’t afraid to do what needed to be done to protect our way of life versus the bad guys.

  9. PC says:

    This memory is too good to pass up based on this article.


    • Weasel says:

      Nice! That does bring back memories of the good old days when we openly mocked the bad guys. This is OT, but if we still had any backbone, there would be a burka version of this on the air now. But that would be some kind of hate crime and you would have to worry about being beheaded or starting a riot…

  10. pinandpuller says:

    I voted for the three-breasted Miss Chernoble. At least the radiation burned off the hair on her upper lip. Who wears short shorts now???

  11. US Male says:

    This event is a major breakthrough in East-West relations. Think about the implications as it is broadcast internationally. When else in history will you ever hear about blue-collar, beer drinking, patriotic, American males saying “Thank God for Russian nuclear power…”

  12. Lurkin_no_mo says:

    MinnesotaRush, this is a GREAT site for conservative minded folks. I signed up during the Clinton administration. SG helps us get by during these low times when the inmates and demoncratps are running (and ruining) our Nation.

  13. Warmonger Infidel says:

    I haven’t posted in months but I couldn’t pass up commenting on this article.

    I’m currently in Ukraine (formerly Russia) working on a project for DOE (not Bambi, Department of Energy). Ukraine is one of the largest nuke power generators in Europe and is building new capacity even after the Chernobyl disaster. Power is cheap and they want more to eliminate the kinds of problems brought on by the Russian natural gas blackmail.

    But more specific to this article, my interpreter, Natasha, is a Ukrainian female that also works as an interpreter/translator at one of the nuke plants. Her father is a retired KGB officer. How times have changed. She’s probably mid-thirties and a knock-out. Like most of the post Soviet younger generation females, she looks like a model. Oh to be 36 instead of 63. I could get in a whole bunch of trouble.

    And in case your wondering, most of the locals I have to interact with here thought I was just another evil American spy until they got to know me. Now I have an unrestricted badge that allows me to go anywhere in one of their major airports with no escort. But if you want to know what a post Obama socialist society and infrastructure looks like, just make a trip to any former Soviet republic or territory. It’s very depressing.

  14. proreason says:

    Wish I had thought of your tag name Warmonger Infidel.

    You should email a picture of Natasha to Steve so we can judge her qualifications ourselves ;-)

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