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Russian Firing Into Ukraine, Hillary Says ‘Reset’ Worked

From the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. Says Russian Artillery Firing Across Border Into Ukraine

By Julian E. Barnes and William Mauldin | July 24, 2014

WASHINGTON—U.S. defense and diplomatic officials said Thursday that Russia is firing artillery across its border at Ukrainian military positions, an assertion that Moscow now is directly engaging in hostilities against Ukrainian government forces…

"Now"? The so-called separatists are mostly Russians and many of their leaders are Russian military or KGB. Moreover, there is no doubt that the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by a Russian supplied BUK surface to air missile.

Besides, t is almost impossible that it was not manned by Russian military. The ‘separatists’ would not know how to work it. And the Russians just don’t hand high tech weaponry over to people like that.

Russia has been firing across the border into Ukraine for "several days," according to a senior U.S. defense official. The U.S. has confirmed these strikes only within the last two days…

In other words, the Obama administration had been ignoring these Russian attacks until they decided to needed to act tough in the light of the MH17 shoot down.

From the New York Post:

Russia planning major missile shipment to Ukraine rebels: US

By Bruce Golding and Post Wires | July 25, 2014

Russia… is planning to give the rebels missiles that are even deadlier than the one that downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the US State Department said Thursday. “We have new evidence that the Russians intend to deliver heavier and more powerful, multiple rocket launchers to the separatist forces in Ukraine…” said State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf.

The stunning allegations were “just some pieces of info I’ve been able to get from our intelligence friends,” said Harf, who declined to provide details. “I can’t get into the sources and methods behind it.” …

The Russians have learned their lesson. They can get away with anything.

And then there is this, from the Atlantic:

Russia Accuses the U.S. of Faking MH17 Evidence

By Polly Mosendz | July 24, 2014

Today, Kremlin officials suggested that the United States has created fake evidence to implicate pro-Russian separatists in the shooting of Malaysia Airline Flight 17. Anatoly Antonov, deputy defense minister, said that U.S. intelligence did not do diligent research, and instead "mostly cited social networks." …

Russia’s ambassador to Britain, Alexander Yakovenko, also said the U.S. has no real evidence. "Russia doesn’t supply weapons to local de facto (separatist) authorities in eastern Ukraine…no evidence whatsoever has been presented that the Russian government has been doing this." …

Finally, we have this via the Washington Examiner:

With Russia on the rise, Hillary Clinton still thinks the ‘reset’ worked

By T. Becket Adams | July 24, 2014

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday that the 2009 “reset” with Moscow “worked,” a claim seemingly divorced from all reality considering Russia’s involvement in the violence in Ukraine and Syria.

“The reset worked,” Clinton said during an NPR interview. “It was an effort to try to obtain Russian cooperation on key objectives while Medvedev was president, and of course [Russian President Vladimir Putin] still pulled the strings but he gave Medvedev a certain amount of independence to negotiate, number one, a new arms control treaty which was absolutely necessary.

“We brought Russia around to understanding why we thought there needed to be international sanctions against Iran,” she added…

By the way, this isn’t a new claim from Hillary. She told BBC back in June: “I think it was a brilliant stroke which in retrospect it appears even more so, because look at what we accomplished." Which again reaffirms her position as the ‘smartest woman in the world.’

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One Response to “Russian Firing Into Ukraine, Hillary Says ‘Reset’ Worked”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I’m convinced that these people have drug-addled minds. Their patterns of reasoning (such as they are) most closely resemble those of addicts who rationalize and justify bad behavior with words that only seem logical and reasonable on the surface but do not bear cross examination.

    All these so-called highly qualified people are demonstrating repeatedly that they are out of their element.

    There are only two conclusions that can be drawn:

    1) That they are incompetent

    2) That they are intentionally undermining our system, using a tapestry of fabrication and subversion to make it seem that they are operating “in good faith”.

    With a possible #3: A combination of the two.

    In my military career, I often was involved in removing service members from duty who exhibited similar behavior as these “top” operators in our government. The law was quite clear and failures were evident and easily documented.

    In a world that made sense, obama, Hitlery, Reid would all have been up on charges by now. But the republicans, statists themselves, fear the court of public opinion (the media) and also desire to do all the things the socialists have done, but with the ongoing fantasy that they can somehow control it.

    It forces me to ask, “So how, if they refuse to oppose all of this, do they benefit?” And I can only conclude that in the shadows somehow they are reaping substantial rewards. It may be in the form of bribes or other favors, or may be just the continuing stay in DC. That is, they have been extorted to the degree that the socialists have threatened to “reveal” all their dark-shadows behavior and goings on.

    For all we know, McCain likes hookers and stays in DC to get his freak on. Or, the socialists have threatened to uproot other information through the media that cannot be disproven that will destroy his political career.

    Who knows?

    All I know in my joe six-pack world is that the place is a corrupt cesspool and should a huge asteroid rearrange the geology of Washington, DC, I would not shed a single tear.

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