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Russian Paper Claims Saakashvili Is Crazy

From Kommersant Moscow:

[KM caption:] Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili chews his tie.

Psychiatrists Made Diagnosis for Saakashvili

Aug. 19, 2008

Mikheil Saakashvili feels severe stress and cannot control himself, Prof Farid Safuanov from Serbsky Institute of Social and Forensic Psychiatry concluded based on a few incidents broadcast by TV, Interfax reported.

Professor Safuanov made diagnosis based on the BBC TV broadcast. In the first episode, Saakashvili sits in the office in front of the flags of Georgia and EU, chewing his tie as if oblivious of camera.

Saakashvili’s performance during August 11 visit to Gori is also interesting. During the interview, Saakashvili abruptly looked up to the sky, panicked and sprinted from his guards. The guards finally managed to catch up with scared president, knock him down to the ground and then push him to the armored car.

The emotional exhaustion of extreme extent and emotional instability are the reasons of such behavior, according to Safuanov. Any person may make uncontrolled movements in time of severe stress, but for the president, of course, Safuanov said.

And the same source, Kommersant, also has this report:

Georgia’s Special Service Plots Terrorist Actions in Russia

Aug. 19, 2008

The RF Federal Security Service (FSB) has the information that Georgia’s special services are plotting terrorist actions on Russia’s soil, said Alexander Bortnikov, who heads Russia’s FSB and National Antiterrorist Committee.

Bortnikov said he had ordered to take all necessary actions to ensure antiterrorist protection of public authorities, the facilities of transport, industry, power engineering, life support and the places where the people tend to crowd, Mayak broadcaster reported.

First of all these actions are to be executed in the South Federal District, Bornikov pointed out.

Russia’s PM Vladimir Putin signed earlier the ruling that sets limits on crossing Russia’s border with Georgia and Azerbaijan. The document specifies actions aimed at preventing penetration of foreign terrorist organizations to Russia, the delivery of weapons and subversive devices via Russia’s borders.

This is the same kind of propaganda that the bad old Soviet Union used to put out on a daily basis.

What exactly has changed?

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