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Russian Mkt Dive Due To Reckless Remarks

From Moscow’s Kommersant:

Foreigners Leave Russian Stock Market

The Russian stock market has not been able to stabilize for any considerable length of time. Yesterday, Russian stock indexes lost 10.7126 percent. Incautious declarations and actions by Russian officials are making rubles assets less attractive and nonresidents are leaving the Russian market. Russian stock indexes were worldwide loss leaders again. Trading had to be stopped at the very beginning of the day, and the selloff of Russian stocks continued when trading was resumed. Five minutes before the end of the trading day on the MICEX, trading was halted until November 13, or until it is resumed by order of the Federal Financial Markets Service. The MICEX index fell to below 650 points. RTS stopped at 725.89 points…

Everyone was selling yesterday, but no one more than foreigners, who started their sell-off Monday evening. Americans became conscious of growing political risks

Could our markets be effected by the incautious declarations and actions by our officials?

Is it possible?

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2 Responses to “Russian Mkt Dive Due To Reckless Remarks”

  1. proreason says:

    Barney Fife, Queen Nancy, Dirty Harry, King Paulsen, Obamy.

    These are all trustworthy, tight-lipped representatives…..except when they are involved in their personal criminal enterprises, lieing to cover their own arses, stealing votes, or making stuff up to answer a “journalists” question.

    When they drive the market down sufficiently low enough to be appealing to them and their friends, we shall see only tight lips and rosy optimism from them.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    What is a ruble worth these days…..2 tiger eye marbles and some pocket lint?

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